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What is my purpose? How can I add more meaning to my life? How can I create more passion for the things I do? I get asked these questions by individuals every day. As a shamanic practitioner and spiritual coach, I help others maneuver through the unknowing so that it becomes known.

When we are born, we have a plan. Yes, you heard that right. We have a plan or goals, things we hope and dream of learning in this life. But we also come with sovereignty over our life. Having free will is why it is hard to know what choices to take to lead us to our life’s purpose. Our life outcome is not predetermined. Things get muddled and murky when we dive deeper into the depth of living. But that is what makes it so beautiful. We get to choose how this will all turn out. The twist and turns are not always in our control but how we react to those tests are.

Our challenge is to be fully grounded in our bodies, be present, and be in balance with nature and our surroundings. But unfortunately, so many of us live our lives in our heads and not our bodies, and this is where things start to break down.

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Shamanism teaches us that to live a balanced life, we need to be in a relationship with the spirit of all things. For true healing to take place, one needs to be in harmony with the rhythm and cycles of the earth.

To learn to live life at your zenith, you need to be firmly grounded to soar high. What does living your life at your zenith mean? It means living in union with your creator and understanding your purpose. To be one with nature and the environment as you strive to be balanced, grounded, and fully present in your life.

Start each morning by grounding yourself to the core of the earth. This is so you can get a sense of your energy connecting deep into the energies of the earth. Sit relaxed with your mind focused on the earth below you. Get a sense of it connecting to you as you drop your grounding cords deep into the core of the lower world. Go ahead and drop a larger grounding cord from your sitz bone. Make it as wide as your hips and make it a beautiful earthy color as you see the roots coming out of you and dropping deep into the earth. Feel the connection going ever deeper. Use the power of intention to be fully grounded and balanced in your body.

Then make time to quiet the mind through meditation or a gentle walk in nature. Ask the universe and your guides to give you signs to indicate what is your true path. Curious how to do this? Want to go deeper with shamanism? Ready to dive in? Join my year-long study program on shamanism. Classes start April 2 for women and April 3 for men. Many blessings as you flow in harmony with the energies of the universe.


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Mary Newstrom, Ph.D.
Mary Newstrom, Ph.D., is an internationally known Shamanic Practitioner, founder of Zenith High, and creator of Spirit Flow~ Shamanic Study Programs. She has spent over three decades studying with unparalleled shamanic teachers in the United States. Dr. Newstrom also works with the Shipibo Shamans living in the Amazon basin of Peru. Her studies in Peru have enhanced the skills Mary brings to her training programs. She holds a doctoral degree in psychology and is certified in Health and Wellness Consultation. Her commitment to the environment, animals, and the world is reflected in her policy work with GLBT civil rights, environmental and social justice. Mary is also a long-time volunteer in the Master Naturalist program. Based out of the Minneapolis, MN, area, Dr. Newstrom travels extensively, partnering with other visionary leaders to deliver life-changing shamanic experiences. Check out her website www.ZenithHigh.com.


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