Yes, There is Evil in the World


This column was the hardest for me to write. There must be some divine timing around it, because I started it last May and today my Higher Self urged me to complete it. If you have read my first two columns, you’ll understand the importance of being a conspiracy theorist (researcher or truther) to your ascension path and you have been doing your research. After my first few months of researching, it was at this point in my conspiracy journey that I really started to struggle with the information I was seeing.

I kept thinking, there is no way that people could do these terrible acts. My world view was that people are kind, compassionate and loving. I didn’t even use the word evil, because I didn’t believe in it. I believed people did bad things because of addictions or they didn’t have enough money to provide a home and food to their family. If you took care of the addictions and money issues, they become good people again. Of course, there were a few people that were psychopaths, but they lived in small rundown houses with curtains closed over all of the windows and neighbors that say “I never saw them” or “I can’t believe someone like that lived next door”. The people doing these bad things were not priests, popes, politicians, government leaders, royalty, Hollywood stars, top musicians, our best athletes and more, as I was finding in my research. In my world, bad people were not the “Elites” of our world.

I was fortunate and had the ability to determine if the information I was reading was true or not. I had done psychic development work and had a daily connection with my Higher Self. So, I didn’t doubt the information when I found it, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what this meant. This meant there really was evil in the world. These were bad people, and they were in high strategic places within our government, religion, healthcare, the media and our entertainment industry. They were our role models. They had everything they needed and yet they were committing acts that could only be called evil.

It was at this time, I started reading The Law of One series1,2. The Law of One is 106 channeled conversations, called sessions, received by the L/L Research team between 1981 and 1984. The information came from a sixth-density group called Ra. Much of the scientific information provided was later proven as fact through the expansion of scientific knowledge. David Wilcock has done a significant amount of research in this area, and it is reflected in many of his works.

In the Law of One, it is explained that individuals are ascending through two paths: Service to Others or Service to Self. The Service to Others path was the only ascension path I had been aware of. You help others, be good to people, share your heart and you ascend to the next level. According to the Law of One, if 51% of your actions are Service to Others, you will ascend. The Service to Self is the exact opposite. Many on this path consider themselves to be Satanists or practice the Luciferian religion. Basically, these people are only concerned about their needs. Those worshipping Satan, Lucifer, Moloch or Baphomet may also need to harm others, such as child sacrifice, to please their God. If you have chosen the Service to Self path, your actions must be 95% Service to Self to ascend along the negative path. 95%! That means there must be some very evil people out there, if they are working to ascend, as we are.

Those that are on the Service to Self path are just as dedicated to their beliefs, as we are. Many of them worship Lucifer or Baphomet. Baphomet has a head of a goat and the body of a man with breasts. If you view images of him on the web, you will recognize him as making some appearances at the Super Bowl, Olympics and award shows. It is important to know that most people that worship these evil Gods, don’t feel they are doing anything wrong. They believe we are unenlightened and worshipping the wrong god. They feel they are superior to us and they have the right to harm and control us in any way that services them. We must understand and demand our sovereignty and demand the Law of Non-Interference, refusing their ability to control us.

In my efforts to understand this dark side, I read one of my favorite books; Lifting the Veil of Duality by Andreas Moritz.3 I realized, especially in the 3rd dimension, that both the dark and light side must be present for us to learn our most important lessons. This includes dealing with our own dark or shadow side. For it is God’s intent that he experiences all experiences both light and dark through us, as we are one with him. This also means that we have been Service to Self in other lifetimes. I recommend you read this book, if you are struggling with the concepts of light and dark and understanding how both are needed.

Suddenly I realized, I was back at a conspiracy theory that I wasn’t ready to believe. The Illuminati, which were sometimes called the Cabal, Deep State, One World Order or Elites. At a high-level, the conspiracy theory is the Elites of the world conspire to create a One World Order or government, where they control those that are not Elites. In this One World Order, they would tell you where to live, what your job is. You would own nothing and be happy about it. Is this the Service to Self individuals grouping together to control us, the Service to Others? In the last column, you learned about the ability of the media to lie to you and that the media is owned by approximately 6 companies. Do you think maybe this happened because these people might be Service to Self and want the ability to control you, so they took over the media?

Nothing made sense until I understood the global elite agenda and that there really are evil people in the world. It put all the puzzle pieces together. Once you understand the agenda, you can never unsee it. It makes everything make sense.

But this is just scratching the surface. There is a lot of research for you to do. By the way, use DuckDuckGo as your search browser, as other browsers hide this information.

  • What is Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030? Hint: check out the UN website.
  • What are the Georgia guide-stones and how do they tie together with Agenda 21/2030?
  • How many A-List celebrities and sports heroes can you find that have said “they have sold their soul to the devil”? There are images of them with one eye covered or a black eye. What does that mean?
  • Research bone structure differences between men and woman. Do Elites transgender their children as part of worship to Baphomet, who has both a penis and breasts? Is this seen in supermodels, many celebrities and Michelle Obama.
  • What symbols do they use to show their obedience to their controllers? Have you seen these symbols in corporate logos, magazine and album covers, photo shoots, half-time shows etc…
  • They believe they don’t receive the karma from harming you, if they show you what they are going to do to you. If you do nothing, you have consented, even if you were not aware that is what they were doing. Find the World Trade Center buildings on fire in the Simpsons show in 1996. Find Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash in the Simpsons and Chamberlain Heights. Movies and tv shows are often using to show us what they will do, as a way of “receiving our consent”.
  • Does the Covid pandemic have anything to do with the Agenda 21 goal to reduce the world population by 80–90%? Is there a hidden agenda on why governments are so intent on you getting the vaccine? Herd immunity or another way to reduce the population?

As with any of the information I have given you in my columns, look at with curiosity. Hold a space that it might be true. It is also okay to say “I don’t believe it, but I’m aware of what others might believe” and leave it at that. In my experience, most conspiracy theories are shown to be true over time. The truth will always reveal itself. When it does, you will have already done your research and will be able respond quicker.

To build your psychic/intuitive skills, check out the events calendar on the Edge or Community for Higher Consciousness to find practitioners that feature these classes/workshops. Need help with researching, follow me on Telegram and/or Gettr. Those are my most active platforms.

Sending love, light, healing and protection energies to all!



1 Law of One book on Amazon
2 Law of One website
3 Duality book on Amazon


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