Chrysalis Soup


I can no longer tell Light from Shadow
What was Black is now White
The Left has now become Right

What’s Right is no longer Wrong
and how can it be that what is Wrong
is Right?

Who knows which way is Up?
Who knows what is Good
and what is Bad?

Who can discern Truth from Lies
the Fake from the Real?

Losing our grip on what we were so sure of
the threads of Belief and Conviction
that held our lives together
terminally fraying as it all comes apart.

One shouts it must be this way!
Another yells this is the only way!
All so sure
it’s my way, my way, my way!

We are all mistaken
if it is not Love’s Way

Every single thing is in Flux
as Love shakes us to our Core

And Now We are All
mushed up Together
dissolved into each other
like Chrysalis Soup

Honesty faces the Truth
that we are Clueless
and we come to Rest in the Heart

We will See
What kind of Butterfly Emerges.


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Andrea Gietz
Andrea Gietz is a multi-faceted creative, poet, writer, author and relationships coach. She has a deep and abiding love of the way poetry is able to connect and directly speak to the soul. She is the curator and editor of a poetry anthology, “The Awakening of Us”, the admin of the Facebook group Poems of Awakening, and creator of “The Moving Hearts Guide to Real Relating” at


  1. Thank you, Andrea. You certainly have a way with words – and these express how things are (or seem to be) right now. With love, and hope.


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