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Kimberly Meredith interviewed by The Edge

an interview with internationally known intuitive,
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How do you communicate with Spirit? How do you know when something “bigger” is speaking to you? Do your hands get hot, your ears start to ring, or maybe you see colors in the form of rainbows? For Kimberly, her eyes blink. Blinking eyes have been her connection to Spirit since she was a baby. As with many people who are intuitive, especially as children, Kimberly’s gifts were not in her mother’s wheelhouse. After bringing up the word “reincarnation” in school, at the tender age of seven, Kimberly was slapped by her mother and told to stop. Stop blinking. And so she did. “I really just wanted to make my mom happy.”

The journey begins. In 2013, Kimberly had a near-death experience. She left her body, but when she came back into her body, with a lot of pain and suffering, she realized she was blinking again. The gift she abandoned as a little girl was back. She was once again connecting to Spirit and experienced a miracle in which she was completely healed by the Holy Spirit. Now not only are the higher frequencies where she does her work, but it’s also where she lives. “When you hear about Einstein and Edgar Cayce and all of these phenomena and spiritual speakers and intuitives, they all work within dimensional frequencies and the paranormal.”

So how do you get there, to the higher dimensions? Can we jump from the third to the fifth? As Kimberly explains, “You’re not really jumping, you are understanding and that we are moving in and out of dimensions all the time and we don’t even realize it. It’s important to take responsibility for your own actions and the frequencies of what you want to live in. When you are living in fear and suffering, hostility and guilt, it separates you from other dimensional frequencies that you can go into. The third dimension right now is pretty ugly and dense and very fear-driven.” Could it truly be that all we need is love?

“I know, I feel like it’s a Beatles thing, all we need is love and to get into the fifth dimension is love.”

Kimberly’s blinking, codes, and many other gifts are fascinating. This many blinks means yes, this means no, this means cancer, this means tumor, and catching a tumor in its early stages can save a life. The fact that she’s never taken a class or been taught by anyone to do what she does is amazing. She truly has a gift and is generous in her offerings of how we can all live in the higher dimensions and not just on a spiritual level, but also physically. Sometimes when we are working on our spirituality, we forget that we actually have a body, a body that needs some attention and can also help get us to those higher dimensions.

Concerned about environmental pollutions, Kimberly recalls her grandmother cooking homemade meals and getting bottles of milk and water delivered to the house in glass bottles. But, soon the food industry was introducing processed TV dinners, fake puddings, jello, and red dyes. Water started being sold in plastic bottles. Getting back to making homemade foods, eating a sweet potato instead of a protein bar, could do us all some good. If you ever have a session with Kimberly, be prepared to answer a few questions about the foods you eat and the water you drink. Yes, it does matter. And be honest, remember, she is intuitive.

“My guides are so nosy and when I scan a body I’m like a private investigator and I go through every little thing in their body.”

Kimberly believes we can get there, as a society, to the fifth dimension and higher. It’s up to each of us to take responsibility to do what we can and come from that place of love, for ourselves and others. But we don’t have to do it without a bit of help, maybe even a bit of a blueprint.

how do you communicate with spirit?

In her book Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Kimberly spends the last half of her book giving prayers, affirmations, exercises, meditations, and a wealth of information that will lift your body’s vibrations. Kimberly wants people to feel they can have their miracle and believes we are here to experience miracles. As she so beautifully states,

“All we need is love and to get into the fifth dimension is love. That’s how we can heal ourselves, is by being in love.”


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