Pleiadian Message for March 2022


Beloved ones we greet you,

This is a moment of divine timing on Earth as a next step energetic phase begins. The magnetic core of your planet is ready to go through a series of expansive shifts, which is designed to reposition Earth in relationship to the Sun. The Sun has two faces, one face is bringing light warmth and nutrition to your planet. The second face holds a mirrored illumination of the light of your Higher Self. We refer to the second face of the Sun as the Sacred Sun.

This is the first time in the history of your planet that the true elementals of the sacred Sun are being revealed to humanity. The sacred Sun has a consciousness of its own and holds the capacity to mirror your brilliance to you through its rays by radiating a pure consciousness imprint directly into your Heart and through the cells of your entire physical body.

You can now embark on a conscious journey of self-birthing by engaging within the sacred Sun’s consciousness and by daily bathing within the pure frequency gift of the Sun’s higher consciousness. You are being asked to bring a daily conscious focus to the sacred Sun’s rays, allowing an expanded space of multi-dimensional light to enter through the doorway of your Heart.

The process will entail moments of you engaging while interacting through your Heart with the consciousness of the sacred Sun. This is achieved by you bringing your awareness towards the Sun while holding and interacting through your Heart.

Your Heart has always been available to play the role of an anchor for you, in Truth your Heart is the sacred core of you. The Heart is the doorway to your holy existence and the center of your universe.  All universal experience evolves and arises from within your Heart. Understanding that all multi-dimensional energetic interactions and communion takes place only through your Heart space.

The reality is you have never been separate from the consciousness of the sacred Sun. As you align to the Sun’s frequency you begin to return, to blend to become an aspect of Source. The sacred Sun is an aspect of the trinity of the One.

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Every cell recognizes the light frequency gifted by the sacred Sun’s rays and an accelerated awakening process is ready to begin within you. As you open consciously to the sacred Sun’s rays the consciousness of light within the rays can penetrate and awaken a transmitter which has been lying dormant within each cell of your body. The transmitter begins to radiate outwards your unique pulse of creation light within your energetic systems. The pulsing of your creation light creates a quickening within your Heart cells. Each individual Heart cell begins a self-realization process as the cell begins to hold the multi-dimensional potential of creation light of your higher self.

There will be a strong creation element building within your Heart’s multi-dimensional systems. You will be enabled to utilize this creation flow consciously by manifesting your Heart’s desire for yourself in your daily life. This is self-empowerment and is an essential next step for you to take. As you draw on your creation energy the Pineal is engaged and centers within your brain that have not been utilized in this lifetime will reopen. Activating and utilizing your creation energy engages your Heart on another level. This action by you accelerates the self-realization process of multi-dimensional rebirth through you on many levels. You are regaining your power!

This whole process shifts the energetic dynamic of light within your systems, like flipping on a light switch in a darkened room, the awakened transmitters in your cells transform your ability to activate and align to your sacred power. Your creation light is the direct expression of your Heart’s desire. This means that the link is reformed between that which you desire for yourself to become naturally made manifest in your life.

Your journey is to have a human experience and simultaneously to have an awakening into your sacred being. The whole aspect of your being is human and sacred combined. Destiny is to play a powerful role at this juncture on your planet strongly impacting your individual evolution of your Higher Self, allowing you to liberate yourself as you move back into becoming.

There is nothing you need to change about your human aspect to move forward now. As a human being you are ‘perfectly imperfect’, and you need to celebrate your imperfection. Begin this liberation by accepting your humanity, your imperfection and holding yourself with love and compassion within your humanity. Self-acceptance is self-love, this journey is all about you. Through the acceptance of your imperfection, you accelerate your potential for awakening.

You are being called forth now to begin a more complete and focused intentionality to move past the matrix of illusion that has held you in a place of limitation for lifetimes and to allow a repositioning of yourself beyond the illusion. This can be accomplished more easily through the recent shift within the energetic arena on Earth. With the deepening alignments to the sacred Sun there is a further transmutation possible at this time. Your higher aspect can be accessed and harnessed with greater ease. Your sacred flow has never been more accessible to you.

This is your time to move yourself into another state of consciousness and this is achieved by you choosing to let go of what you ‘think you know’ within the daily moments of living. Choose to open your awareness within the moment by linking into your Heart space and experience yourself from a new perspective. Your Heart is you!

Shift the old sabotaging cycles created through the illusion of your life by making small changes and breaking down the old ways of doing things. Seeking answers within the core of your Heart and not listening so much to the misunderstandings and misinterpretation of your Ego mind. Be willing to allow moments of experiencing spaces unfamiliar to you, allow yourself to be in a space of discovery!

Witness a feeling, an expanded sense of liberation and peace through letting go in this way. Focus on opening your awareness into moments as they unfold.  As you choose to merge with your Heart your higher consciousness light activates naturally, it is your Heart. You will gain moments of great clarity and then possibly moments of ‘not knowing’. The most important thing that you can do is to bring your focused intention to be consciously aware in moments. Sometimes the illusion of daily life may appear very strong, and in that moment, you are required to let go and open into your Heart space.

Work in moments of being still within your Heart, allow this inner transmutation to complete itself within your Heart cells. Within the stillness you can integrate the higher energetic resonance of the metamorphic shifts within you. Understand that there are different components within you waking up, your systems are going through an electrical upgrade. You may have confusion, or not be able to think clearly or find words to describe your present state. You are in the middle of mass transmutation and your process of unfolding energetically is not completed yet.

Most importantly remember you are not alone. You were never meant to complete this journey on your own. Activate the support you need now by giving your permission to the energetic alliances that you have pre-agreements. Know as you call them forward you can receive them through your Heart space.

Be in gratitude for this time and experience. Let go and allow your path to unfold before you. All is truly in hand. You have said “Yes” to being here and there is very little that you need to try and figure out. Your path is assured, there will be a successful conclusion to your journey.

PROCESS: Utilize Your Creation Energy, Activate Your Heart’s Desire

Before you start this process, you must have something you wish to manifest for your life. This must be something for you personally.

SACRED SOUND:  AENNN… (pronounced ay ennn)

  1. Bring both palms to rest on your entire chest area. (This is your heart space)
  2. Feel the pressure or the warmth of your palms on your chest and bring your awareness to this space.
  3. Take a Conscious breath and place the breath, like a soft wind into where you feel your connection to your Heart. (The Conscious breath is a breath taken in the mouth and then released out the mouth)
  4. You are going to utilize a sacred sound into your Heart space which will begin to activate and utilize your creation energy to move into a form for manifestation.Sound, AENNN… AENNN… AENNN… you always bring this sound within your Heart space 3 times.
  5. As you make the sounds, feel see or sense an energetic echo opening through your Heart space. Open your awareness into the space and take a Conscious breath into the space. You are going to continue build into the space of your Heart with these sounds, AENNN… as many times as you need until the space of your Heart is filled with the essence of the energy created by your sounds. This energy is your creation energy. The space that you see sense or feel may feel huge, flowing with light or color. Or maybe the space feels subtle, this does not matter, it is not reflective of being good or not ok. Wait until the space feels full…
  6. Now place the thought of what you wish to manifest, (your Heart’s desire) inside the space. As you place this thought of what you want into the energy, feel see or sense how the energy opens around the thought. Remember your thoughts are energy, they create. Build the thought of what you want, give it a color, detail, feel the joy this brings to you… open your awareness into the energy of what you are manifesting within this space.
  7. Place your Conscious breath right into your building of your Heart’s desire, witness how your Heart’s desire is coming alive with energy.
  8. Now place your sounds, AENNN… 3 times directly into the energy of your Heart’s desire and then continue to place your sounds into your desire until you see sense or feel your desire dissolve into the space of your Heart. This means your Heart’s desire has begun to manifest in your life on some level.
  9. Bring your awareness within the space of your Heart, breath and let go. Feel see or sense the space of your Heart.
  10. Release your hands from your Heart.

This can be utilized daily or as you feel called to work with the process. You will find as you simply touch your Heart space with the palm of your hand during the day you will be anchoring your creation energy deeper into the activation of your Heart’s desire. This process leads you into a self- realization and realigns you further within the path of your sacred Heart.

We witness you and honor you on your journey.

The Pleiadians


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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit


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