Reawakening our Innate Eco-Intelligence


Green Lifestyles Have Become Trendy

Green Lifestyles Have Become Trendy In today’s world, it has become somewhat trendy to live a “green life.” More and more people are beginning to create a “green lifestyle” by doing such things as using energy efficient light bulbs, recycling household waste, driving energy efficient cars, growing food organically, and taking simple steps to create a cleaner life. All of these actions are admirable and vitally important to our present day health and our ability to thrive (versus barely survive) in the future.

Exploring Our Deeper Human Need

Yet many of us, including me, have found ourselves feeling that checking off a list of green “things to do” is simply not enough. What we really feel the need to do is cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with ourselves and the earth that serve to foster our ecological wholeness. What we really feel the need to do, is to heed the deep desire within our hearts to live in harmony with the needs of our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls, as well as the natural world and all living things. What we really feel the need to do is pave a pathway for living, in which we truly “walk our green talk.”

Paving a New Path, Awakening Our Eco-Intelligence

Paving a path in life that harmonizes with all of life can be a challenge in a world in where wars rage on… and poverty and hunger reign… and rainforests burn to the ground… and species become extinct… and humans struggle with the symptoms of environmental illness. Yet, even though our lives on earth today may seem difficult, our overall experience of life doesn’t have to be — if we are willing to reawaken our innate eco-intelligence.

Defining Eco-Intelligence

Eco-intelligence, in case you’re not familiar with this term, is what I refer to in my work as: “The intelligence that you, and I, and all living thing are born with, that guides us to know our special place and function within the great web of life, and make choices that protect and sustain life within our bodies and the earth.”

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How Do We Reawaken Our Innate Eco-Intelligence?

So, maybe you’re wondering: How do we reawaken our innate eco-intelligence? How can we use it to create a healthier, saner reality upon the earth? How can we use it to put the world, our communities, and our families, in right order? In other words, wow can we use it to remember and honor our sacred birthright?

I believe that we reawaken our eco-intelligence when we connect with our heart’s wisdom for living well and living whole.

The human heart, it should be stated, formed first, before our brain, when we grew inside of our mother’s womb, according to Doc Lew Childre, president of the Institute of Heart Math. He says that the heart has an elaborate nervous system inside of it which generates at least 60 times more electrical energy than the brain, and potentially way more! In fact, if our heart’s connection to our brain were severed, it would keep right on beating!

Exploring the Heart’s Role in Healing Ourselves and the Planet

The human heart, Childre teaches, represents not only the most powerful organ in the body (it beats about a hundred thousand times a day, and forty million times in a year). It symbolizes the core essence of our beings, and it has the power to transmit the energy of love, compassion, and healing. In fact, when we allow ourselves to FEEL love and compassion towards ourselves, each other, or any living thing, we can actually send out a powerful electrical (healing) signal to them, using “the heart’s brain.” Love, I’m sure you’d agree with me, is the unifying force which holds together the entire universe, and it flows through us when we simply allow it to.

Yet, if we don’t allow it to, we create a lot of unnecessary suffering. The kind of suffering that we are witnessing in the faces of so many people and living things in our world today.

Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

Have you ever heard the phrase: “Pain is inevitable… suffering is optional?” (This quote has been attributed to the Dalai Lama.) I have experienced a great deal of pain in my life, and I’ve also allowed myself to experience suffering along with it. And what I have learned from pain (“a brilliant teacher”) is that, it’s usually a symptom of separation. When I say “separation”, I mean the feeling of being disconnected from one’s wholeness.

Healing Separation, Entering into “Right Relationship”

Healing separation, I’ve learned, is the result of entering into “right relationship” (ie; “loving relationship”) with all of the parts that make us whole. And in order to do this, it’s important that we embrace responsibility at every level of our beings. Our egos have a strategy for survival that is different than our heart’s strategy. The strategy of our egos is to satisfy “our wants.” The strategy of our hearts is to satisfy our most basic “human needs” — which are the need to be in a healthy relationship with one’s self, others, and life, and the need to be of service. How might YOU be using your eco-intelligence in service to yourself and the planet?



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