Starcodes: March 11-17


Starcodes week of March 11-17, 2022

Battle lines and love affairs pivot on our philosophies. Action follows our hearts and our intentions as Venus, the symbolic arbiter of our emotions, conjuncts proactive Mars in communal Aquarius this week.

Over this last week we’ve been at an astrological and astronomical pivot point. The last cycle was unusually quiet, meaning that a lot of political change and searching for new answers never quite built the momentum it needed for lift off, the ideas were there, some change was accomplished but not as much as we’d hoped back in 2008. This cycle kicked in full time with a bang as the Russians invaded Ukraine. It looks to be a doozy, though we won’t know until it hits its maximum some time in 2025 or later.

Back to the Venus and Mars Aquarian conjunction, it encourages collective action in the community, family, country, or block of countries, and we can watch this play out in the global response towards the Russian Ukrainian war. Community pressure can really make a difference at home and abroad, for better or for worse. Let’s stay engaged and see how we can help.

With this conjunction it’s easy to be theoretically compassionate towards people far away but could be harder to be concretely sympathetic nearby. So let’s inventory the people close to us, consciously check in and ask what people need. Get the car’s oil changed and deal with the practical and emotional maintenance that allows us to stay involved. Choose to keep hearts open while staying aware of the global events.

The weekend begins under an introspective, cozy-seeking Cancer Moon which helps us appreciate our own home and sympathize with those being forced away from theirs far away.

Early next week we may not able to see far ahead as the Sun conjuncts Neptune and Venus and Mars semi-square both. It will be hard to get a clear picture of what’s going on the front lines, information could be missing from our understanding of the world or from our more personal situations.

One definition of anxiety is a misuse of our imagination. Throughout this week our imagination can work overtime, imagining the worst or escaping to the best, so let’s give it a job to do and keep it out of trouble. As with any Neptune transit it helps to proceed as if we’re walking in the fog, to remember where we’re going but take each step carefully and respond to the conditions of the moment.

Our focus clears a bit towards the end of the week though our nerves may heighten as Mercury sextiles Uranus and semi-squares Pluto under a nervy, intelligence-encouraging Virgo Moon, full next Friday morning. This combination encourages us to see clearly, be ingenious and seek new solutions, but can also leave us feeling depressed, more able to see what’s wrong with the world than what’s right. While this helps us see what needs fixing it can distort our perception and tweak our moods. Watch any tendency to list our own faults or rank on another. Instead, sort, edit, organize, and heal; give the Virgo energy a powerful place to go.

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, March 11: Emotions can feel overwhelming, and influx of news can leave us world weary. Work may be efficient, but many people need to process feelings and know they’re safe before they’re willing to proceed. It furthers to make practical changes that simplify and streamline our efforts. Tonight our brains may need to unwind and process, please don’t ask much of us.

Moon enters Cancer 12:24 AM, Moon trine Mercury 5:00 AM,

Saturday, March 12: We can idealize home, long for homelands, or feel existentially homesick and so empathize deeply with refugees. Nest. Put empathy into action and feel less overwhelmed as the Cancer Moon trines the Sun and Neptune. Let poignancy help us value what we do have, drop past resentment, and truly hold one another’s hands.

Moon sextile Uranus 12:37 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:06 AM, Moon trine Sun, 9:52 PM, Moon trine Neptune 10:24 PM.

Sunday, March 13: Morning resonates with spirit, compassion, and vulnerability as the Sun conjuncts Neptune under the sensitive Cancer Moon and as the Moon opposes deep Pluto. We feel the pain of the world which can bring existential discontent and compassionate action this morning, but also leave people personally defensive. Midafternoon the Moon enters expressive Leo and brings in an operatic edge; events, needs, emotions grow proportionately.

Sun conjunct Neptune 5:24 AM, Moon opposes Pluto 9:44 AM, Moon enters Leo 1:37 PM.

Monday, March 14: Tension can form between our personal needs and our global awareness as the Leo Moon opposes Venus and Mars in Aquarius and they all square Uranus. Expect some drama or trauma around relocation of people, places, and goods. Reel in polarized thinking and look for places where it can be a win-win situation. We don’t have to engage personal wars, we can model conflict resolution instead. Take turns; sharing can be a radical victory.

Moon opposed Mars 1:17 AM, Moon opposed Venus 3:59 AM, Moon square Uranus 1:01 PM, Venus semi-square Neptune 5:14 PM.

Tuesday, March 15: As the Leo Moon forms a frustrating opposition to Saturn, what we want can run up against our responsibilities and logistics. We may need to navigate tangential moments and flashes of self-centeredness and remember what’s important to us. If people are acting out, look for their honest needs and help them without rewarding the bad behavior. Our actions can become more productive if grow edgy as the Moon enters Virgo late tonight.

Moon opposed Saturn 4:55 AM, Moon enters Virgo 10:58 PM.

Wednesday, March 16: If uncertainty makes us irritable, if we can’t quite see where we’re going as the Mars semi-squares Neptune, it helps us to stop and do one thing right. And then another.  Rather than get cranky, celebrate every tick off the to-do list. Disagreements over dinner can turn into productive problem-solving later on. Notice how anger affects the health and tend to it. Watch for arguments early in the evening which can then slide into productive problem-solving late in the evening.

Mars semi-square Neptune 5:03 PM, Moon opposed Mercury 8:07 PM, Moon trine Uranus 9:24 PM.

Thursday, March 17: A good day to talk to the snakes; let this St Patrick’s Day be a day out of time, a day different as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Intuition, magic can be strong but our critical mind interferes as the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune -find a balance between magic and logic and let them support one another rather than neutralize each other out. Curtail dangerous escapist habits, limit the green beer. And watch for accidents of transportation this evening. Nervous energy, edginess, and general discontent can percolate later in the day as Mercury semi-squares Pluto and the Sun semi-squares Uranus. Let any discontent inspire productive action and repair.

Mercury sextile Uranus 6:13 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 7:43 AM, Sun semi-square Uranus 2:12 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 5:01 PM, Mercury semi-square Pluto 7:46 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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