A Forgiving Heart is a State of Grace


Forgiveness. Such a big word that encompasses so much. And something so deep and simple that it needs no words.

Forgiveness comes from a state of Grace. It is not something that we can fool ourselves into, or fake. The letting go that is the result of forgiveness either truly and absolutely happens—or it doesn’t. We can’t affirm it, we can’t force it, we can’t pretend it’s happened when it hasn’t. Whatever the issue is that is asking us to forgive, it weighs us down. Often mightily so. We are the ones who suffer the most from what we are holding onto that hurts. We are the ones that are blocked inside by saying “No.”

There has been a great deal written about forgiveness, and it is certainly a subject that warrants much attention, exploration, and insight. It often seems so hard to do, and yet we continue to explore it because we need and yearn for answers. Whatever we are holding onto is hurting us. It pains us; it stifles our life force and brings us down. Often it hardens our heart—and that is the biggest pain of all. That squeezes our ability to feel our love at all, to be loving toward ourselves as well as others. We might even hurt so much that we create a thick shell around us to hide in and keep us safe from further hurt.

forgiving heart is a state of graceImage by Birgit from Pixabay

I believe that we are here to love. That we have beautiful, bright magnificent hearts that came to this planet to be loving, to feel our love flourishing, to share it and spread it around in whatever ways feel good and right to each of us. We each have a lot of love, and it runs strong and deep in us.

When we encounter something or have an experience, or come from experiences that have wounded us and left us sore and traumatized and aching, the call to our own loving rings out loud and clear. We must turn to ourselves then. We can hope that others will also care for us and nurture us, but it is ultimately our own loving that soothes us the most deeply and effectively. This forges the pathways for repair and healing to take place which then always eventually take us to that precipice of letting go: forgiveness. There it is again!

Are we ready? Are we honestly and truly ready to free ourselves up from this to move forward? And, if so, this is our own moment of choosing. It is a deeply personal and poignant thing. There is no expectation one way or another. This is just between us and ourselves.  Are we ready to let go?

The bottom line is that we need to do this in order to feel better, unfettered, and free—ourselves. Think about it. Would you feel lighter and better if you forgave?

Forgiving does not mean saying that something is right or okay when it isn’t. It’s not that at all, and we all know this. Rather, it’s about going inside and finding the pain within the pain and hanging out with it for as long as is needed. It is the act of the compassionate heart that is the only thing that can ultimately heal us. And it is love for ourselves that brings us this gentle freedom.

This kind of loving comes from our own state of Grace.

This applies to both situations with others, and with ourselves.

The Golden Remembrance bookPerhaps we have not understood clearly yet just how much love we have inside of us and how deep it runs. Perhaps we have not understood that our wellness and freedom lies in our love flowing freely instead of being restricted and bound up—for whatever viable reasons may have occurred.

No matter what, we are each given an opportunity in every moment of our lives to change and alter the course of our own personal momentum and patterning. We don’t need to keep on being the way we’ve been just because “that’s the way we’ve been.”

It’s our life, and we are free to choose. Perhaps it doesn’t always seem this way on the outside. (And, it may not be, for many). But inside, we are free to choose. Inside is where our state of Grace resides.

We are Grace. We are Love. We are living Love—because that’s who and how we truly are.

Forgiveness. If it seems too hard then at least allow some space for its possibility.

That is an excellent beginning. Opening up, making room for a miracle to happen, for something new and wondrous to come in. That is a great gift to self. An extremely loving thing to do—and a natural way to be.

It’s well within our capability if we take our head out of it and leave it up to the wisdom and guidance of our own beautiful hearts. They know. They will lead us. And their grace will tenderly envelope us and bring us home to our fullness once more.

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  1. Thank you for this Forgiveness article it is very pertinent for all of us. Forgiveness/ love/ letting go are seeds we plant in our heart. Sometimes growing easily. Other times, to grow and live; constant Light and nourishment. Often forgiveness includes weeding out negativity.????


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