A Medium’s Perspective on Family


As a medium, those on the other side that have passed have shared information with me about families. So, what happens when a loved one passes? Do their opinions change on things that happened here or do they stay the same? Is a family by blood or by a heart and Soul connection?

For me this has been such an interesting concept with such varying information coming from those on the other side. Some of the people that passed are still let’s say, stuck in the energy of the dynamics of the relationships they had here and still don’t see it differently even from the other side. These may be transgressions they felt they have endured. Some of them had said things to people here in life that weren’t helpful and maybe a little spiteful. Some of them are still the same. And have not let it go.

I don’t encounter as many of those souls that are still stuck in that energy of not moving forward but they are there.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I have encountered many more Soul’s on the other side who have seen and recognized the family dynamics and are viewing things from a different perspective now. Many that have passed have shown that they wished they would have understood what the true nature of what they came here to do was. My understanding from them is to work through family DNA cycles, frequencies to change and move the family and themselves forward. When I say forward it means to let go of traumas, victimhood, family cycles and make the family emotionally healthier.

I’ve had some that come through that were more like bullies in life, taking advantage of people, sometimes possibly angry and abusive. And those people tell me they came here to learn from the gentler people. Hoping that the gentler people, who the more self-centered people then took advantage of, would stand up to them. To give them the option to show how life can be when you don’t carry the anger and the hurt. Some of them figured it out here in life and some did not.

Many different souls from the other side let me know again and again, that family is meant to be the family of the heart not necessarily by blood. I call this your heart family. The heart family that supports you and loves you for who you are. These people may come into your life at key times that put you on a different trajectory in life. They may be a best friend, a co-worker or a person that you randomly meet that share needed information, help or support with you. These are people that you may feel an instant connection with. You may feel you have known them your entire life. When you feel this connection listen to your intuition and know you have met for a reason.

The blood family that does not support you, are sometimes in your life so you can learn to let them go. To find your personal strength to stand up for yourself. By letting them go you can now spend your time finding and spending time with your true heart family.

We are taught so deeply to always respect the family and that blood is thicker than everything. The messages I received from the other side tell the complete opposite. And there are many from the other side who will come through to thank the people here that did leave the toxic energy, situations and family dynamics. Because that is where our true strength is. Moving forward knowing you will only allow people in your life who are supportive of you. Gaining the strength within yourself to let those who don’t support you go, that may be an extremely close family member. That is the strength of the Soul and when the Soul shines the brightest. Taking care of your Soul gives others the strength to see what is possible for them too. Each individual person matters and makes a difference in the world.

By letting toxic family members go with love and compassion. Not supporting their behavior. You now create an energy, that if those family members are ever willing to step into, they can move themselves to a higher frequency, to also experience the freedom and release of toxic energy.

They have a choice and so do you.



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