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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

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Hi all,

Oof, with everything going on in the world right now, I am not surprised that this card from Shakespeare’s Oracle comes up – again! – as our Card of the Week. We have some interesting repetitions to note friends…

The Tower.

Rather than start typing about the Tower, I took the picture and procrastinated a bit by doing other stuff, the tech work I usually save for the end of writing, watching the doves eat bird seed from outside my window, ruminate on how eerily accurate this card is given some personal news I shared this morning.

I didn’t want to look at our figure falling from their high perch hit by lightning.

I didn’t want to think about the world crumbling around us, including my part in building the failed structures or living in complicity with them, like buying diesel – that I have no idea the origin of – to perform The Tarot Show at the first Hillboro Artwalk put on by 152 Artwalk last weekend. I would run on 100% biodiesel in a heartbeat! However, those stations are not easily available. And while I’m doing my part to change these systems, the ripple effects of a grain of sand being tossed in the ocean are small. They’re there, absolutely, but they’re small.

Yet denial does nothing helpful. It just prolongs the inevitable. The walls come tumbling down regardless, when the foundations are faulty. Our ability to get out of the burning building is aided by our preparations. Our fire drills, our go bags being packed, our escape routes planned out and coordinated with loving, trusted folx.

And sometimes we just might need to take shelter in a small root cellar for weeks with little food, while war rages above us – literally or metaphorically. How have you helped the people of Ukraine today?

There are a few things different in this illustration vs. Pamela Coleman Smith’s classic imagery.

In this one, our falling Timon is HUGE in the center of the card. Which asks the question – are we centering our own experience to much? Forgetting to think about how those around us, and those outside our immediate bubbles, are faring during these tumultuous times

And there’s a Peter Pan flying feel to this card as well.

Can we find joy in the fall? Enjoy the exhilaration? The feel of the wind in our hair? The wonder of seeing the world upside down?

What this imagery doesn’t show is that other systems and structures are being built. Are already in existence. Different economies, older ways of being with the Earth that is symbiotic rather than commodification.

Maybe we’ve been too focused on our own experience to see/find them.

Another aspect of The Tower is intentional demolition.

To pull an analogy from my own life: the satisfaction of tearing down a carpenter ant infested garage wall, burning that wood in a glorious fire, then building a new garage wall, with quality wood and labor.
Well sealed.
Ready for the next 7 generations.

So… what do you need to tear down this week?

What do you need to pick up from the rubble to carry forward?

More about the deck’s creator – A. Bronwyn Llewellyn. I didn’t find a lot about her through Google searches and she had not accepted my LinkedIn connection request.

To purchase this deck – I don’t have a favorite store or publisher link for this one as they’re not selling it on Llewellyn directly anymore. I always recommend calling your local brick & mortar first before heading online. Sadly, this is not one you can purchase through my Bookshop

Further recommended reading – Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. I’m reading this right now. What I mentioned about different economic systems already existing? More sustainable ways of life being in the world if we just open ourselves to them? Here’s one doorway in. This one is in my Bookshop, although ask your local mom & pop first.

PS ~ as The Edge Magazine returns to print – SO EXCITING!!! – there are going to be some changes to my column!

I’ll be shifting to a monthly tarot forecasting, that will be published in print first. Then released here during the appropriate month.

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All the b.e.s.t,

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