Dark Night of the Soul


What is the Dark Night of the Soul? I didn’t know what it was or that there even was such a thing.

For years, I went through hell, and everything was going wrong. I felt like the devil was after me. I was broken.

One day I was on my computer and something popped up – it was an article about exactly what I had been going through. It was called ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’. I read it with tears in my eyes, and by the end, I was sobbing. I knew then that I was not alone; I wasn’t the only person in the world experiencing this!

I came to realize The Dark Night of the Soul isn’t you dying, it’s your ego or false self dying. It’s not God wanting you back – He has always been there with you. It’s your soul wanting God back. You are not alone, you are not dying – you are Awakening!

I learned through my experience that our ego is usually the one in control. The ego-self wants to protect us and keep us in the world we’ve been accustomed to and built around ourselves. This keeps us in the dark and prevents us from being able to see the light that we are.

The dark night of the soul is a blessing because it brings us back to our true essence, but it can be a scary experience (especially if you don’t know what’s going on).

dark night of the soul

I felt the need to share my experience because I want to help others on their spiritual journey. Just like the article I read saved me, I’m hoping my story can help you too.

I’ve always believed in God, Jesus, and the story of the Bible. But that’s what I thought it was – a story that happened a long time ago. I didn’t know that God is real and the Universe is a living and breathing entity here to help us on our journey of life.

We all still have our ups and downs, but they can be lessons for us if we choose to see them that way. One of the “downs” in my life changed me forever…

My husband came in from the field for lunch, and we got into an argument that quickly escalated. Before he left, my husband picked up his plate of food and slammed it on the breakfast bar. Food and glass were everywhere.

As I stood there in disbelief, I started to pick up the mess. When I looked down at my hands, both of my palms were bleeding. I was so hurt and felt so helpless. I threw my arms and head onto the breakfast bar and began to sob.

As I was crying I said, “God help me, I can’t do this anymore”. As soon as those words came out of my mouth I felt my legs let go and I dropped to my knees – knowing that I wasn’t doing this myself.

I cried out in pain and desperation for God to help me – and He did. HE dropped me to my knees, and at that moment, I knew then that God is real and always with us.

The rest of that day was a blur. I remember cleaning the kitchen in almost a numb feeling in my entire body and my mind. I just witnessed a miracle.

My husband and I worked out the problem and are still happily married and love each other more than ever. Sometimes things need to break to be whole again. Sometimes we need to know darkness to recognize the light.

I have found my calling by creating Souls Of Spirit Expos. I bring people together that are on their spiritual journey with others who can help them. I am a Soul Connector.


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