Love is Not an Emotion


Love is Not an Emotion – It is a Vibration!

I recently heard famous instructor, Dr. Bruce Lipton describe ‘falling in love as becoming fully conscious, whereas normally we are functioning in the subconscious level of our thoughts. He states, “People actually spend 95% of their day in the subconscious and only 5% in the conscious where we are at our optimal awareness of ourselves, our environment, and regulating how we react to it.

Falling in love creates feelings of exhilaration and joy and provides exciting total focus on the conscious level (that 5% range) of the brain because one newly in love is determined to make the new relationship their priority in order that they maintain it successfully. It is as if the new ‘baby’ in their life requires diligence and constant attention so living in the 5% of conscious thought shifts them out of the subconscious mind into that desired steady flow of consciousness. You hear people say, “I just cannot stop thinking about…her or him.” Though they seem in a contented dreamlike state, they are actually in a mental state of sharpness and clarity in pursuit of the new goal of a lover and relationship.

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They are myopic and see only the goal of the new aspiration of love and contentment coupled with fulfilling wholeness with their ‘other half.’ Such excitement and determination become a flow and ebb into a high vibrational energy field that seems ecstatic. The more the relationship is focused upon, the more successful it is, and the more fulfillment is enjoyed by both. Even people close to them experience the exhilaration of the energy that is spinning effortlessly around them. The couple is living deliberately and with zeal and it seems so easy it is surprising.

Now! Just for a moment, recall how you felt in that state of peace and contentment without a worry in the world. Your eyes get starry just thinking about your lover. You smile and maybe even wish you could feel that way again. Today, in our unlimited possibilities as spiritualists, we can create that same flow in our life with any goal or aspiration we may have. We do it by recognizing that it was not the emotion of loving and being in love. It was instead the energy created by our conscious deliberation of pursuing a goal with fervor and that heightened energy! Energy created by focusing on the vision of our own creation and then deliberately opening up to the energy our love of the goal has created. It is feeling truly alive!

Recently, while writing a manuscript with the Archangels entitled “Today’s Shaman” Archangel Raphael pointed out to me that love is the strongest energy in the universe and by merely saying, “I Love you” to a client during a session would increase their healing 10-fold. The vibration of love is that high!

Remember! Everything is energy! Including what we define in our humanness as emotions. Would it surprise you to know that angels have no emotions? They have made that clear to me. They do not operate in senses like the five we possess. They operate on logic, reasoning, and consciousness.

Stepping out of the monkey brain existence of the day-to-day practice of making a living and staying alive, we can begin to acquire more time spent in the conscious mind state in our prefrontal cortex and out of primitive brain or literally the subconscious hypothalamus thinking of survival and security. If 5% is the norm then imagine what 55% would create and sustain. Imagine feeling like you do when you encounter some new shiny thing that grabs your attention, and you feel the energy of it pulsing through your body. You feel exhilarated and alive. You feel the literal power of the energy of loving something, even if it is only an idea or opportunity. Normally, we can easily get distracted by every little shiny concept for a while…then it fades. Just like the excitement of a new love eventually fades into daily life.

But you see, now we are beginning to truly understand what consciousness is. It is living in a state of awareness and wakefulness. Awakened to the life we have the ability to create when we utilize the amazing power of love and keep our intentions and attention focused on the exciting new possibilities presented by our accepting responsibility to keep our dream alive consciously and lovingly. Nurturing your dreams is a fulltime commitment if you wish to reach your goals. Staying aware of the risk of looking at other shiny things as risky distractions which adulterate your commitment to the dream you love. That distraction, just like having an affair with someone outside your marriage is only injurious, and your dream will subsequently die. You may go back to revitalize it, but it takes even more loving energy to resuscitate something you left dying. As humans, it is easier to let the dream die and move on to the next shiny thing and the next. Sound familiar?

By now, I know you get it! You know that you are distracted and wish you could be more focused and would love to feel less stuck or moving in slow motion toward your transformation and success in the life you came to fulfill. You can do it when you learn to stop letting the resistance of your primitive brain thinking use you like a puppet to secure its survival. Think of your monkey brain as the destructive chattering gossip in your thoughts that keeps repeating the same renditions over and over again. If you realize that it only serves to keep you alive in a fight, flight or freeze scenario, then you can engage your conscious enlightened mind and think all things are possible!

Stop fleeing, fighting, or freezing. See Simply Psychology for more information

The Monkey Hates Change

Your purpose here is to become awakened in the overwhelming power of loving energy, Source Energy, and know that death is not the threat. But not fulfilling your dream and aspirations to discovering and living as your highest and best actualized self is. If that does not scare the hell out of you then decide what will and begin to think realistically about your unlimited source of creative abilities. Ask Source to deliver you from your fears and move on into your vision until it is your reality every day in every way.

So, dear ones, if you want to relive the ecstasy of falling in love then create your vision and focus on it like it is only thing in your life that matters because it is. Really? Yes, it is really the reason you are here. But then, you already know that!

To close: I have been guided to assist people to realize how to stay awake and conscious and you will want to look into my website for YouTube videos and podcasts that will follow this article.

Here is a hint! You can see differently by looking at the inside of your forehead, but that is for another article or time.

Be Blessed Always and Always Be a Blessing


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