Starcodes: April 1-7


Starcodes week of April 1-7, 2022

Happy New Year! This isn’t an April fool’s joke. Early this Friday morning we felt the first new Moon after the spring equinox- the Sun and Moon conjunct with Mercury and Chiron flanking them one degree apart on either side, all in impulsive Aries. This first new Moon of the astrological year is truly a time to launch new chapters. The Sun is flaring, aurora borealis hover in the northern skies and turn up the volume. So let’s get the party started.

The trouble is, not only good people with great intentions will initiate under this feisty, fiery, direct new Moon. Keep an eye on all the fires started this weekend, both those creative crucibles filled with potential, and those hot spots that could flame up close to home or around the world. Aries energy can inflame as well as initiate. Mercury entered Aries last Sunday, just hours before the Oscar kerfuffle. The Aries lineup can give us the bravery to move past conflict, but unless we use it consciously to do so, can just pour oil on the fires.

If you know your chart, look to where that 11° Aries new Moon lands in your chart to see what house is illuminated, where the sparks might originate. Choose what fires you want to feed, and where you could need a bucket of water.

With Aries energy coursing through our nervous system, it furthers to stay proactively goal-oriented, rather than react against others and let them set the paradigm. Sometimes, for example- when Russia invades a country- it is appropriate to react, but for most situations we can bypass unnecessary confrontations if we stay on track towards our goals.

As the weekend begins, with Chiron conjunct this new Moon we react if our old scars are re-triggered and inflamed and jump up and slap someone. The minute we feel that spike of heat or old wound inflamed, let’s look for an opportunity – not to re-inscribe an old pattern- but to see what still need healing and get to work.

With this Aries fire pulling our eyes to bigger stories, some of our friendships may feel threadbare and need attention. A phrase for this mood found on twitter: ”sorry I haven’t text you back in a month, the old world is dying and the new one struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters.” (handle: @SketchesbyBoze} 3/3/22). But with Saturn in Aquarius these two and half years – our friendships, our community safety net, can be what stabilizes us – so let’s spaciously check in with one another and take the time to return phone calls, do that social homework.

Over the weekend the mood stabilizes a bit as the Moon enters earthy Taurus and Mercury conjuncts the Sun. Next week Saturn encourages us to pull in our Martial extremes and add control to our enthusiasm, and Mars encourages us to energize our saturnine disciplines as Saturn and Mars conjunct in Aquarius. It’s a good time to reach across generations and work together creatively, reach across the aisle and collaborate. Celebrate differences and find commonality.

Tuesday through Thursday we could grow more aware of the people closest to us as Venus enters sensitive Pisces under a verbal Gemini Moon. Tears may flow more easily, both of sadness and laughter.

Friday, April 1: Flares, flames, and overtures weaves together with a lazy streak and a few socially awkward moments as the new Moon in Aries launches new cycles and Mercury semi-squares Venus stirs up the emotional landscape. Late afternoon we can momentum if we keep our goals clear as the Moon sextiles Mars and Saturn. Rather than dance on old scars, let the evening bring a healing moment as the Sun conjunct Chiron. Commiserate, share wisdom and appreciation, be a safe sounding board for one another and so free the energy to go in a more positive direction this weekend. Then brainstorm those new beginnings.

Moon conjunct the Sun 12:24 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 1:52 AM, Mercury semi- square Venus 3:48 PM, Moon sextile Mars 4:07 PM, Moon sextile 8:03 PM, Sun conjunct Chiron 8:56 PM.

Saturday, April 2: Count to five before spouting off or leaping as impulse control is low with our sense of adventure high as Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Aries this morning. By afternoon the Taurus Moon takes out a bit of the heat, adds a tad more common sense, encourages appetites and offers an opportunity for heartfelt connection. It furthers to engage the arts tonight through music, exhibit, food, friendship; to soften the Mars energy, feed Venus as she semi-squares Chiron.

Moon sextile Venus 4:23 AM, Mercury conjunct Chiron 7:42 AM, Moon square Pluto 7:51 AM, Moon enters Taurus 10:50 AM, son conjunct Mercury 5:10 PM, Venus semi- square Chiron 11:10 PM.

Sunday, April 3: Bring diversity to the situation- combine efforts across generations and step across the political aisle. Changes need to be made, but it takes unusual collaborations to make it happen. Work in the garden or the wood shop; build or move rocks and earth as the Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus. Help make this world a better place in one small tangible way.

Moon conjunct Uranus 11:46 AM

Monday, April 4: New growth and fresh responsibilities push out some old habits or understandings; they weren’t wrong before but need to shift now. Balance old and new, action and discipline as Mars conjunct Saturn. Check priorities and appreciate what matters around dinnertime as the Moon trines Pluto then engage lively conversation tonight as that Moon enters talkative Gemini.

Moon square Mars 5:08 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 5:28 AM, Moon square Saturn 5:57 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 8:36 AM, Moon trine Pluto 5:59 PM, Mars conjunct Saturn 7:51 PM, Moon square Venus 7:52 PM, Moon enters Gemini 9:03 PM.

Tuesday, April 5: We have so much to do while Mars conjunct Saturn and asks us to meld our drive and our discipline, but we still need moments to process feelings as Venus enters Pisces. Stories pull at our heartstrings, compassion calls us to take action. Hug often, but ask permission first as people need support but feel easily imposed upon.

Venus enters Pisces 9:17 AM.

Wednesday, April 6: Meetings can be productive if we keep the discussion brief and to the point as the Gemini Moon forms flowing aspects with the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn. Tonight, we realize what we’ve overdone or may want to overindulge as the Moon squares Jupiter and Neptune; avoid excesses but bond over laughter, depth, and good food.

Moon sextile Venus 6:31 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:56 PM, Moon trine Saturn 6:25 PM, Moon square Jupiter 6:40 PM, Moon square Neptune 8:53 PM, Moon trine Mars 9:14 PM.

Thursday, April 7: Make progress on longer-term projects under a sane and competent Mercury-Saturn sextile. The mood is generally levelheaded though people can get touchy, reactive if their emotional toes are stepped upon as the Moon enters deep-feeling Cancer. Be considerate around unexpected flickers of insecurity. Tend feelings, artistry, compassion, and issues of social justice.

Moon semi-square Uranus 5:54 AM, Venus sextile Saturn 6:37 AM, Moon enters Cancer 9:30 AM, Moon trine Venus 2:19 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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