Starcodes: April 15-21


Starcodes week of April 15-21, 2022

We may feel restless but easily distracted, our moods strangely wandering this week even though the Aries Sun encourages us to get things done. The two planets which signal our emotions, Venus and Mars, are now both in sensitive and receptive Pisces. Here they echo an ongoing Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces (both the modern and the traditional rulers of Pisces) which keeps our imagination flying all this springtime, keeps our dreams and spirituality close to the heart, but can also leave us occasionally passive, overwhelmed, floating or dealing with our illusions unless make an effort to stay grounded and on task.

If we find ourselves lost in this fog, it can actually improve our efficiency to spend time with our muse first, and then buckle down to work. Daydream, draw, pray, meditate, write a chapter in a novel or scan our seed catalogs.

With this ongoing conjunction between Jupiter-Neptune we also need to keep an eye out for wild weather. Moderate a craving for sweets this Easter weekend, and if reality begins to feel too gritty, wander and take a moment of safe temporary escape to help keep more difficult escapist habits under control.

This line-up in Pisces can allow us to feel vulnerable and so can help us empathize with those that are truly vulnerable all around the globe. Empathy is one of the Piscean-Neptunian gifts. May we empathize with one another, not get mad because they make us hurt, but enough so we open our heart.

The weekend begins under a waxing Libra Moon, full on Saturday and square Pluto. This opposition between Aries Sun and Libra Moon highlights both our willful need to express ourselves and our desire to invest in our relationships. We need to find a balance, a way to share our time that both honors our inner callings and supports our beloveds, rather than feel that as an impossible imposition.

The Moon heads in the Scorpio Saturday night. New information made push us to change our minds Sunday or Monday as mental Mercury conjunct transformative Uranus under that thoughtful, broody Scorpio Moon. Watch the headlines revenge moves and let any sudden nasty impulses wash through and release. Think through the consequences of our words and look carefully before leaping. Give that Scorpio Moon something worthy and fun to obsess upon instead.

The sun squares Pluto on Monday, the final tax day, and we may be painfully aware of money going out or perceive losses and dream of a better potential. Monday night the Moon enters up-beat Sagittarius and brings a sense of freedom and release on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Midweek the stars encourage a fresh as the sun enters earthy Taurus, calming down that spring energy and bringing in the earth the planting season. Late on Tuesday the Moon enters competent Capricorn and empowers us to work on those dreams, to dig in that garden of love, life, and vegetables.

Image by Eberhard Grossgasteiger from Unsplash

Friday, April 15: The mood is generally positive if disjointed under a sociable Libra Moon, though we could feel fuzzy or react to people’s opinions and needs rather than know our own mind as Mercury challenges Neptune and Jupiter. Consider saying less and observing more for the moment. When in doubt, stop take a deep breath and think through consequences. Watch for water damage or wild weather and interference on travel.

Mercury semi-square Neptune 9:31 AM, Mercury semi-square Jupiter 5:48 PM.

Saturday, April 16: If the 2:54 PM MDT Libra full Moon- square deep Pluto- tugs us in conflicting directions, it will be important to find a balance between what we want to be and do- and the expectations of the people around us. Though it may take some creativity, we can create room for both personal longings and the needs of beloveds. The evening could intensify as the Moon heads into broody Scorpio and trines Mars; take a moment alone if needed. People could get argumentative if they tap into some pain underneath. If may further to spend time together but not necessarily interacting: a good movie helps.

Moon trine Saturn 7:06 AM, Moon opposed the Sun 2:54 PM, Moon square Pluto 3:56 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 6:22 PM, Moon trine Mars 8:54 PM.

Sunday, April 17: Happy Easter, honoring rebirth in so many spiritual traditions. Bunnies and eggs promising a new year. We made Bunny hop between grief and creative connection. Mercury sex tile Venus and as and encourages us to speak from the heart, be creative, but let this be a tender place rather than place to poke people with expectations. Invite rather than demand.

Moon opposed Neptune 4:42 PM, Moon trine Venus 4:50 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 5:27 PM, Mercury six tile Venus 7:08 PM, Venus semi- square Pluto 7:42 PM, Mercury conjunct Uranus 10:51 PM.

Monday, April 18: Strong emotional undercurrents run under this otherwise competent day and remind us of the potential for loss. Twinges of age or responsibility tug at us as the sun squares Pluto early on. Though Venus sextiles Uranus and suggests we can change the course of fate if we keep our heart connected. Art therapy furthers; whether we doodle, paint, or garden– to spend time with our creative self can help us feel hopeful and connect to our resources. Enthusiasm and humor pick up later on as the Moon enters curious Sagittarius.

Venus sextile Uranus 1:14 AM, Sun square Pluto 9:14 AM, Moon square Saturn 9:30 AM, Moon trine Neptune 10:39 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:36 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:54 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 8:16 PM.

Tuesday, April 19: Restless bravery and extra mischief clashes with a sensitive tenderness as the wandering Sagittarius Moon squares Venus and Mars in Pisces. Notice any hidden fear holding one back from the great adventure and ask what would create a more dynamic safety. The sun enters grounded, fertile Taurus tonight.

Moon square Mars 1:29 AM, sun enters Taurus 8:24 PM, Moon square Venus 10:32 PM.

Wednesday, April 20: Take advantage of and ambient grounded flexibility and find healthy compromises and cooperation to make progress. Try on possibilities and talk about the future while we can look forward with less willpower and more sensitive pragmatism. The mood gets more willful towards the evening as the Moon enters determined Capricorn.

Moon sextile Saturn 11:18 AM, Moon square Neptune 12:19 PM, Moon square Jupiter 2:55 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 9:51 PM, Moon trine Sun 11:42 PM.

Thursday, April 21: Prepare the ground in the garden: build walls, rebuild flower beds as that earthy Capricorn Moon trines restless Uranus and sextiles active Mars. Take that metaphor into all work and relationships, it may not be time to plant new seeds but it is certainly time to prepare the ground and create new possibilities.

Moon sextile Mars 5:52 AM, Moon trine Uranus 9:18 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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