Starcodes: April 22-28

Starcodes week of April 22-28, 2022

Use this week to prepare the ground and get ready to plant seeds, seed ideas, sprout new loves and fresh initiatives in the weeks ahead. May 1 brings a most fertile New Moon in Taurus to nurture any new beginning.  So let’s prepare the ground.

Though it may take extra attention to make sure we get anything completed this week, as we could feel foggy, like a mist floating over swiftly-melting spring snow.  This intuitive and creative mist allows our wandering imagination to visualize those new initiatives, stimulated by a sex tile between Mercury and Neptune on Sunday and conjunction between heart-centered Venus and Neptune on Wednesday. We can dream big but have to make sure we notice when we’re dreaming and when we are awake.

This week ends on a competent but moody note on Friday as a determined Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and encourages us to get real and look at some unpleasant truths. It may be time to move soil or rebuild the flower bed or read the contract and see what needs to be renegotiated. Deal with some fundamental issues and clear the ground for new growth.

Over the weekend a sociable Aquarius Moon encourages us to take this gardening metaphor into our community relationships. Mercury squares Saturn and can help us organize, build, or ask tough questions, help us organize our thoughts and put them in the form. It’s a wonderful weekend to have long philosophical talks and do what’s needed to reconnect and reconvene. Prepare the ground for a new social life arising, just avoid a tendency to try and manage others when under stress.

Early next week the planets ask us to look inwards as the Moon joins Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces. We may need to feel our way through a conundrum or catch up with some emotional needs within or with beloveds. We can feel easily overwhelmed or get lost in our dreams unless we deal with one thing at a time. The veil between the worlds thins. It’s a good time to meditate, pray, or listen for messages from our muse or from beyond this world. The intuitive realm may feel a lot more real and vivid than concrete reality so let’s kick in our common sense to stay safe and grounded while we explore this realm

this will be an important time to keep our eyes open for those who are being victimized or martyred. We don’t have to buy into that paradigm for ourselves but need observe and empathize with those that are honestly facing an impossible situation. We could become acutely aware that people are dying, being killed, their spirits are leaving this earth, and have to ask ourselves what can we do about it, and how can we support those spirits.

We move into a more proactive stance on Thursday as the Moon enters vivid Aries, and now those dreams need action. This Moon encourages us to set limits and dig out weeds, throw some muscle into all preparations. Just let everybody find their own way to that future as we that Aries moon can build in a knee-jerk reaction against anything that is not our own idea. Then get ready to plant those new metaphorical and actual seeds the following Sunday, May Day.

Image by Eberhard Grossgasteiger from Unsplash

Friday, April 22: The mood is competent with occasionally spacey moments. Good things happen when all parties agree, but let’s not run with the ball until we’ve confirmed we’re on track as the Capricorn trines Mercury and sextiles that imaginative Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. The evening brings darker clouds, the world can feel rocky as the Moon conjunct Pluto; stabilize one another’s feelings and make no unnecessary decisions.

Moon sextile Venus 4:42 AM, Moon trine Mercury 9:13 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 2:37 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 5:57 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 9:52 PM.

Saturday, April 23: Once we get going, we can put in steady work to dig in the garden, transform our surroundings, do steady work with a group, and get to know one another in a gentle process as the sociable Aquarius Moon squares the sun and Venus approaches Neptune. But it may be hard to get momentum started, we may need more time just to be a puddle. Restlessness, potentially irritable if our nerves just need a rest- tonight, a desire for differences as the Moon approaches a post-midnight square to Uranus.

Moon enters Aquarius 12:16 AM, Moon square Sun 5:56 AM.

Sunday, April 24:  We may feel painfully aware of what needs changing in this world as Mercury squares Saturn and sextiles Neptune under that Aquarius Moon but could get easily overwhelmed or passive in response. Dream big, but don’t get lost in the dreams. The logic and resiliency is there for us to tap into. Take one step forward and believe those goals are possible. Camaraderie feeds the soul, so be the person to start a conversation.

Moon square Uranus 12:34 AM, Mercury square Saturn 7:49 AM, Mercury sextile Neptune 4:36 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 5:33 PM, Moon square Mercury 6:33 PM.

Monday, April 25: Be present. Stay grounded if there’s a lot to accomplish; the Moon enters Pisces and can otherwise leave us floating. Tend human resources and connections, witness peoples’ concerns. Float ideas rather than push for efficiency. Tonight brings more focused energy but also the potential for a defensive irritability as that Moon conjuncts activating Mars around dinnertime.

Moon enters Pisces 4:13 AM, Moon sextile Sun 5:08 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 6:51 PM

Tuesday, April 26: Small kindnesses further. Soften the heart, but not the head as Mercury sextiles Jupiter and the Pisces Moon conjunct Venus; choose to be compassionate but pragmatic. Though the world can feel too much with us, we’ll want to feel safe enough to love and to take creative risk. Let optimism expose new options. It’s a good day to practice divination, to meditate, visualize, and utilize those in realms.

Moon sextile Uranus 5:39 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 10:49 PM, Mercury sextile Jupiter 11:11 PM.

Wednesday, April 27: This could be a spiritually strong morning, Venus approaches a conjunction with Neptune the Moon, Neptune, and Venus all conjunct early this morning in Pisces. It can bring intuitive flashes and great dreams but can also lead us into wishful thinking and delusion. Let it bring us closer to hearts and closer to our intuitive awareness. The mood changes by midday as the Moon enters Aries. Where our sensitivity has been abused, expect kickback; where we have felt safe- we can create murals. Be brave enough to love and to support one another.

Moon conjunct Neptune 12:01 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 5:07 AM, Moon sex tile Mercury 5:34 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 7:35 AM, Moon enters Aries 10:09 AM, Venus conjunct Neptune 1:11 PM.

Thursday, April 28: Let go of any trivia, remember what matters, and speak important truths as Mercury trines Pluto. Rein in obsessions. Look for a decisive moment, an ending creating a beginning; whether we clear a closet or clear an illusion, we can create room for new possibilities.

Mercury trine Pluto 6:04 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 11:50 AM, Mercury semi- square Chiron 12:39 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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