Starcodes: April 8-14


Starcodes week of April 8-14, 2022

This week the stars encourage us to ask tough questions then make quick but well-thought-out decisions and act upon them. Mercury, who symbolizes how we communicate, move, and decide has been in head-strong Aries since the day of the Oscars, keeps the heat percolating and pushes us forward. This fire can help us break logjams of indecision or comfortable inaction, we just need to take a deep breath before we leap and think about the consequences of our impulses.

The weekend begins under a sensitive and thoughtful Cancer Moon dueling with that sparky Aries Mercury and sends us mixed messages: get started but stay safe. They encourage us to make clear family plans, but make sure any sudden decisions are really for the good of all involved and not just a self-protective reaction.

Mercury squares deep Pluto throughout the weekend and encourages us to feed our curiosity and get to the bottom of a problem or look deeper within our soul. He calls us to look under rocks and face the tough stuff. We just need to watch the tendency to think in extremes. If depression snags us it furthers to stay busy on a constructive project until the mood begins to shift. This heat cools down a bit as Mercury enters enduring Taurus late Sunday, calms down some of that feisty energy and replaces it with persistence.

This square can help us find the missing pieces, which is useful for last-minute tax preparations or writing term papers without too much fuss or fanfare, as long as we look for objective facts rather than what we want to see. We could also uncover some tough truths or find further evidence of war crimes in the Ukraine under some of those rocks- but still won’t have a clear picture. Let any unpleasant truth or ominous sound in the car engine inspire deeper investigation rather than a quick assumption.

Although Mercury square Pluto brings out the investigative reporter in all of us, it is important that we don’t jump to conclusions because we probably don’t have the whole picture. Throughout 2022 we deal with burning questions about the very nature of political, personal, and spiritual truth as expansive Jupiter conjuncts intuitive but confusing Neptune, an aspect that is exact this week.

Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches and here it magnifies Neptune’s permeability, magic, intuition, and imagination. This conjunction encourages us to have hope and return to our idealism. But it also makes it clear that international borders are an illusion, they are permeable by people, tanks, germs, and weather systems. We are one earth.

Neptune also symbolizes our relationship to water; we can become painfully aware of the sacred value of pure, healthy water. And it may come become more apparent to us that water- through the extremes of floods, droughts, and storms -manifests the leading edge of the climate change.

So it furthers to get a lot done as the week begins. The week ends as Mars enters Pisces and offers a chance to soften our anger and motivation, we may feel more sensitized and less aggressive, more willing to dream rather than act.

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Friday, April 8: The mood is brave, yet with the need for reassurance under self-protective Cancer Moon. Be ready to make decisions and step forward. Just make sure that the decisions being made are based in reality and not on reaction or wishful thinking as Mercury sextiles Mars and urges us to act on our thoughts.

Mercury sextile Mars 12:18 PM MDT, Moon sextile Uranus 12:27 PM.

Saturday, April 9: After a dreamy morning, work on or study something close to the heart, nest or domesticate. Beloved family could need attention and distract us from his purposes but if so, timeshare between those interpersonal demands and what feels important to accomplish, as both are important. If dinner time brings an awkward moment as the Moon squares Mercury, slow down the conversation and make sure everyone feels heard. Later, as the Moon enters Leo, we can either have a party or melodrama. Keep the hearts of warm.

Moon square Sun 12:47 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:36 AM, Moon trine Neptune 9:46 AM, Moon square Mercury 5:25 PM, Moon oppose Pluto 7 PM, Moon enters Leo 9:59 PM.

Sunday, April 10: On this contemplative morning, people may be impatient for attention or really hungry for connection as Mercury squares Pluto under a Leo Moon. We could need to contemplate a mystery, solve a problem, or accept a tough reality. Some situations are inevitable and discouraging, but we can see that in the big picture, in the Ukraine and in the climate, and probably won’t find the cause for this mood in our personal life. If moods start to wobble, don’t follow depression down the rabbit hole; instead stay present, work together to problems, and make no assumptions about the future. It will be easier to take a more levelheaded and enduring approach tonight as Mercury enters Taurus.

Mercury square Pluto 2:45 AM, Mercury enters Taurus 8:09 PM.

Monday, April 11: Settle in, settle down, and find a groove. Mercury in Taurus calls now for follow through with steady presence. Find a positive use for stubbornness, like waiting through the waves, follow through with steady determination. Around dinnertime tiredness can bring extra stubbornness as the Moon oppose the Saturn; rest rather than argue. Bond over something that which brings comfort and ease.

Moon square Uranus 12:25 AM, Moon trine Sun 5 PM, Moon oppose Saturn 6:49 PM.

Tuesday, April 12: We have work to do, but can be hard on ourselves as Mars semi-square Chiron the Moon enters Virgo this morning. If some old twinge resurfaces about how to express temper or conceive our ambition as Mars semi-squares Chiron, let’s choose how to respond carefully. Our perception is both subtly open, and easily confused as Jupiter perfects its conjunction with Neptune. Take some time to connect with spirit, with the inner world of the muse; step past illusion and look for inspiration.

Mars semi-square Chiron 4:12 AM, Moon oppose Mars 4:16 AM, Moon enters Virgo 8:07 AM, Jupiter conjunct Neptune 8:42 AM, Moon trine Mercury 2:54 PM, Sun sextile Saturn 6:14 PM, Moon oppose venous 11:27 PM.

Wednesday, April 13: On this somewhat socially uncomfortable day as the Sun semi-squares Venus, people can get grumpy or undiplomatic when they’re uncomfortable within. If rhythm and timing feel off, take a deep breath and know everybody’s feeling a little edgy and self-conscious right now. Laugh at foibles and let awkward moments become healing opportunities tonight.

Moon trine Uranus 9:15 AM, Sun semi-square Venus 10:06 AM.

Thursday, April 14: Don’t push today, the energy may be shifting it’s hard to find motivation. If so-tend to details, tender hearts, and personal health while the bigger picture reorganizes and begins to coalesce. After a somewhat persnickety morning the Moon enters more sociable Libra and encourages us to relax and seek beauty in our surroundings and in one another. Mars enters Pisces tonight, softens resistance, brings tears close to the surface and shifts our motivation. Consider taking action upon a dream.

Moon opposed Neptune 4:10 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 4:48 AM, Moon trine Pluto 12:11 PM, Moon enters Libra 2:45 PM, Mars enters Pisces 9:05 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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