The First Wealth is Health


“The first wealth is health.”
– Thoreau

Here in the United Kingdom its Genital Health Week. Not long before that we had look after your heart week, eating well week, keeping fit week, social distancing week but never anything before on Genital Health.

Some years ago I was a student Counsellor and was shocked at how little Students knew on the care of the most intimate parts of their bodies. I remember taking a class and having to inform them that it was just an old wives tale that you could not get pregnant having sex standing up.

Urinary tract infections (U.T.I s) are infections of the bladder kidneys and urethra which are usually triggered by bacteria, and these U. T. I.s do tend to re-occur. In Interstitial Cystitis a chronic painful bladder condition the main issue is inflammation and its scarring, all U.T.Is are more common in women primarily due to the shorter Urethra. Symptoms are frequent need to urinate and an irritation or burning sensation even on an empty bladder, often accompanied by a cramping feeling in the lower abdomen, the urine will often have an unpleasant smell, if untreated more serious symptoms may appear such as fever chills back pain nausea vomiting or Diarrhea.

If you suspect an infection please avoid caffeine, alcohol, citrus, fruit juices and sugary canned drinks which are bladder irritants. Vaginal dryness and changes in the PH can be due to hormonal fluctuations, Omega 7 and Sea Buckthorn can help here.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are an area also needing much more education as some of the new variant diseases are non-curable, the bacteria parasites or virus that cause these infections are generally caused by sexual contact and may pass from person to person in blood semen or vaginal fluids, and what many do not realize is that people have no symptoms often for some years, if you notice any bodily changes check with your doctor immediately.

If I see any sign in any of the hands i read of problems in this area, I tell them to take cranberry juice 100-300ml pure juice with some black pepper and turmeric powder, you can also put in half teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda and add honey to taste not sugar, and see the doctor. Probiotics are a good thing to take last thing at night, Homeopathy as used by the Royal Family is gentle and Apis and Cantharis are excellent, Russian studies show Vitamin E and Colloidal silver can be sprayed on the area and give much relief.

New studies have shown that male circumcision where the protective cover of the penis is removed renders it much more liable to infection, and many countries are considering banning the practice primarily on health grounds, Female circumcision even more barbaric and is still carried out across the world often in secret. It should be said that in the UK there is a huge rejection of organized drug company run medicine the public know that drug companies are a business to make money, not get people better. The National Health Service was set up in 1948 where UK folk would pay in every week from their wages to a Government run health service, it was just after the war and British people said If Adolf Hitler could run such a Health Service why can’t we?

The problem was that mass immigration brought in what are technically called ” health tourists ” those who come to have babies complex operations etc while never having paid in to the system the system collapsed and the US based drug companies are taking over, Profit is all.

This Hand print sent to me for analysis and tells of several causes and indicators of genital problems.

  1. Girdle of Venus these many fragmented and broken lines above the heart-line tell of possibly a promiscuous outlook, these folk often have many partners in their search for experience.
  2. A Crooked Mercury Finger, Mercury the messenger of the gods tells of Communication from verbal to sexual, a sharp kink at the tip indicates early emotional molestation, this can infer a damaged later sexual infrastructure.
  3. Short index finger, this is the classic Inferiority complex, the low self esteem usually accompanies a need to boost ones self with sexual conquests.
  4. The gap between life and head shows the intellect is not engaged with the life energies, this is not a big gap, but it does give impulsiveness, so a person with this would lack caution in relationships these folk always get involved too quickly.
  5. Headline to Luna, this is a big Luna mount and this combination always means the person is not operating logically , they are imaginative creative and often at odds with the real world these markings in combination can mark the Genesis of Venereal disease. Remember the old saying “if one woman is not enough a thousand won’t be” This is a difficult hand with its many fragmented lines, and broken life line shows poor immune function and poor health, in the ancient Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine so popular just now in Hollywood the word Sehatyaab means good health, and here is is badly lacking, 6 The most important sign alas did not come through with the palm-print and that is the lines across the wrist at the hand junction called the Bracelets or Racettes in ancient Greece and Rome any woman with the top line broken, would be put to serve in the Temple rather like modern day nuns, as it told of gynecological difficulty. These markings tell of everything from period problems like Dysmenorrhea to infertility, particularly if the top line arches up toward the hand.
  6. At the lifelines end we see the square, the most positive marking in Palmistry, in Tibet this is known as a “Poi” and it means a safe place to land, or being safe in a box, ancient China saw this as an auspicious marking and even Freemasonry has adopted the square as very positive, the square wherever it is seen is protective and at the base to the lifeline always tells of a positive end to the life with emotional and economic security and is a wonderful marking.

I just wish I saw it more often.


T Stokes “Happy Palmistry”

Whole lives read from emailed hand photos.
[email protected]


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T. Stokes
T. Stokes, Holistic Palmist, has many years of study under such masters as Mir bashir, Cyrus Abayakoon Chun Li PO and David Brandon Jones, and healing masters Harry Edwards, and Abe Solomons, and psychologists Henry Rey Joyce Mc Dougall and Hans Eysenck have given him a deep understanding of the human condition. He was a lecturer in paraspiritual studies, metaphysics, and eschatology. He writes for magazines worldwide and is author of "50 CASE STUDIES IN MODERN PALMISTRY."


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