Building a Life Plan and Why It Matters

EVERYONE has one amazing, precious, and unique life given to them – and we owe it to ourselves to create our fabulous life plan!

Your life plan is your road map for life, so the brain can stay inspired, motivated, reflective, and present as you journey through your days. They say “plan in decades, think in years, plan in months, so you can live in days”. So planning in decades is how we begin.

How old will you be in ten years of time?
What does that feel like?
How do you want to feel?

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Can you be your own role model in ten years, like Matthew McConaughey suggests in his Oscar-winning speech? Forever chasing the best version of yourself that continually evolves and flourishes each year?

The Life Plan was written for everyone to learn the basics, covering everything one needs to build a life with meaning and purpose. There are no limits in our lives, and we really can create anything we want to if we know how, have the courage to do so, and some structure to follow. Everything in The Life Plan, my clients know back to front, they know their answers, and they know their why and their purpose. When we know all of this, we can make the best and most informed decisions for ourselves moving forward.

Here’s how to start your own Life Plan:

Know your values: Define your top three values, the three words that define what is most important to you, and how they are your purpose for life. They are the boss, they work for you, and they give you purpose each and every day as you refine your habits to support your values.

Know your vision, where you are going: Where are you taking your life? Think about where you want to be financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in five years, ten years, and fifteen years of time. For example, I want to get stronger physically and mentally each year, so I invest in the practice of yoga, Pilates, diet, breath work, meditation, and journaling to support this.

Know your goals for the year: Setting three goals that you are emotionally connected to each year allows you to focus and create smaller steps to action and complete, resulting in a win for you. Three is enough, but mean them, love them, honor them, and take massive action steps.

Know your bucket list: Knowing what life experiences you may want in your life allows you to raise your vibration and have things to look forward to and save for in life. Creating a vision board of your dreams, hopes, goals, desires, and words of affirmation, brings your life plan to color and to life to visualize and manifest each and every day.

From here you can refine your habits, routines, and rituals to support this life plan moving forward. Knowing who you are without your job, is a job in of itself—a satisfying, deepening, and soul-nourishing exercise to do.

In my own life, I have a 20-year life plan running, I am 51 and always thinking of my 71-year-old self: What is my plan, how do I want to feel? The answers are right there in the mirror, a true self-connection with loving kindness that allows me to feel incredibly present each day as I feel so supported by my life plan.

The Life Plan book by Shannah KennedyA client of mine, Mary, came to me with no direction or purpose and felt a little lost, at a crossroad and had little motivation in life. As a coach, we shine the spotlight on the client and build a plan, a support structure, and a habit of gratitude and celebration. She changed her life through addressing all the points in The Life Plan. She clarified who she was, where she was going, and how she would get there. Excitement returned, clarity was there, goals were there to be realized, and she gained an incredible understanding of herself and built support structures, decluttered her life and habits, and started her plan moving forward.

The Life Plan is a book filled with all the tools, questions, prompts, and explanations of all the life and wellness skills we need to master in order to be the best versions of ourselves as well as to live a life of clarity, direction, and purpose. As the world is changing around us constantly, there has never been a better time to control the controllable, to work on the business of self, and create your own plan moving forward, with the open mind to adapt, change, and pivot when we need.


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Shannah Kennedy is one of Australia’s foremost strategic executive life and health coaches. She works to transform her clients’ careers, well-being, and lives. She specializes in executive strategy, transition, values, vision, overcoming burnout, and life planning for individuals. Her proven expertise enables clients to gain control of their lives in order to achieve their visions and goals and find happiness and fulfillment. She is a bestselling author, well-being specialist, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, media contributor, and a wife and mother of two. Shannah lives and dances with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression and is committed to living her best and most energetic life based on her values and commitment to authenticity. Visit for free resources, information, and to make inquiries for Shannah’s coaching packages and public and corporate programs.



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