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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of GroupTarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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My clothes still smell of campfire.

Frolicking in the woods with Beltaine in the Grove festival was marvelous. There is a reason why it is one of my foundation events and a yearly commitment. So much good energy, with good people, on well stewarded land.

I received some truly magickal gifts this past week. Physical and mystical.

A drum, hand made – the first one skinned by our newly chosen May Queen (open to all genders) – answered where to truly, deeply, plant “home.” As a regular traveler and one who intentionally divides my time between places, this is a soul centering gift I cherish.

The tick bite was a less than cherished gift, however the keen eyes of a Moving Through the Majors teaser class – have you registered yet? – and clean extraction, were deeply cherished. I was quite surprised at my body’s reaction to being bitten and the extraction. I finished the class taking my own medicine – no big fun modern dance movements for me! I taught from my camp chair and it was lovely.

The last magickal gift I received, which I will share here, is Courtney Davis’ The Celtic Tarot, which gives us today’s card.

Four of Swords.

Mmmm… my meditation card… Which reminds me, I haven’t done my morning meditation yet. I’m going to pause and do this first. It’s the free gift for everyone who joins GroupTarot’s mailing list, which you may do here. Ahhh….. For me, the Four of Swords is a meditation card. Knowing and trusting different facets of yourself do weave together, strongly. At their center is the swirling vortex of all you are, your cosmic self, galactic, swirling galaxy all of your own, self. Like the vessica piscis (the overlap of a Venn diagram) of all your foundational principles, philosophies, values. Meditation and self reflection help get to the center. The swords, like in some Morris Dances, frame the glowing center. How do your philosophies and values frame your glowing center? Do they? If they don’t, how can you change your thoughts and practices to reflect the core you? Normally, pips decks and I have a quiet relationship. I remember traditional Pamela Coleman Smith illustrations and share with those insights. This is the first pips deck I’ve used where there’s more. And I love it! Because from that glowing center between the four interlocking swords, spirals out a galaxy. From getting to the true center of your vision and values, swirl out everything else. Like a galaxy, it may take millennia to form and you may not witness the fruits of your intentionality, but seven generations ahead – and hopefully more – will. Weave your worlds, your loves, your b.e.s.t. ideals, together. See what’s at the center. If you like it, keep it there and continue radiating. If you don’t like what you find, you get to make a change. As one of my teachers Gabriel Halpern says: Change your thoughts, change your words; Change your words, change your actions; Change your actions, change the world. But it all begins with your thoughts.

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Tomorrow, May 25, 2022, is World Tarot Day.

I’ve been asked to speak at Portland State University on Queer icons past & present to celebrate the vessica piscis of tarot and their Pride week. It is free, online, and open to the public. I hope you can join! 7-8pm Pacific. Register here

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Every month with the exact New Moon, Kate facilitates a New Moon Group Tarot reading.

In addition to shared community and seeing how your individual path aligns with the group’s, every month donations received are shared 50/50 with different b.e.s.t.* organizations. You will be invited to donate through Venmo or PayPal at completion of the session. All events are Live Captioned for Deaf/HOH. Register here

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