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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

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Blessed Beltane for all who celebrate!

And happy just barely waxing moon. Last night, I went out to have a planning conversation about Beltaine in the Grove Festival coming up May 19 – 22. I’ll be there offering readings and a workshop on Tarot Movement which is a teaser for my upcoming class series – Moving Through The Majors. Get deeper knowledge of the Major Arcana by literally placing them in your body. It’s a great way to strengthen your practice, and get into your body in an accessible, fun way. Registration is open!

Now, in between different Beltane celebrations (May 1, 2 and this year 5 are our dates) is a potent time to sow seeds of literal and metaphorical love.

I hadn’t thought that I’d be up for Card of the Week this week as I am just back from Beltane SW and getting Conscience (or the Traveling Moth) ready for our next journey, but I am out of the desert forest earlier than anticipated, and I very much wanted to see what Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding has for us.

For Card of the Week we are given,
Dancer Six
Born of Joy

I know I can use some more Joy right now, especially after learning about the leaked Supreme Court draft that wants to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Even though I have no chance of being forced to carry an unwanted child as I have no uterus, ovaries and the like, body autonomy and the decision to have a family of blood are deeply important to me. It’s part of why I love physical workshops so much and have been dancing for over 30 years.

As you may remember, this is a newer deck for me, and this card rarely comes up in readings. Interesting to think about… are we bringing enough Joy to our world? Which can definitely be challenging in the midst of war, an ongoing mass extinction event, and a pandemic shifting to endemic, during late stage capitalism.

Dancers are Water/Cups, so this is Emily Carding’s adaptation of the 6 of Cups, the childlike wonder card.

What is really popping out is how much this Fae child is floating upwards on a geyser of water that is contained by their community below. They are watching this wavy blond haired beauty with care, love, curiosity, protectiveness.

And the flying up on water – on love, healing, joy, empathy, compassion – child, has some uncertainty. Their bluish eyes are looking up and to their left. So there is some looking to the past, some stiffness in their body – which makes perfect sense as they need to not fall off of the water geyser – and not really knowing what comes next, just that they’re going with is, flying on the hopes, dreams, support and work of their community.

During this Beltane and May Day season – full of Pagan and workers rights community – may you be born of Joy, even if there is fear. Fear of leaving your community, of heights, of success. May those fears wash away.

May you find joy in others successes that you support, and may you find Joy in flying, when it is your turn to be supported by community.

Do drink plenty of water. Always a message when cups and their equivalent, come up.

And, given the Supreme Court possibility – remember it is currently a possibility! Your works and actions and Joy can effect a different outcome! One where all children born – as there is definitely a birth/ejaculation energy to this card – are wanted and desired.

Consent in all things.

Finding and bringing Joy even in the midst of challenges.

PS ~ This will be shifting to a quarterly forecasting to differentiate it from mailing list that receives Card of the Week every Sunday. It’s a lot giving two different, yet to similar offerings.

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