Elon Musk, Man of the People?


“Cometh the hour, cometh the man”
– Sir Walter Scott

Elon Reeve Musk was born on June 28 1971. All of Elon’s names in numerology add to three number ones, this is remarkable and his birthday too adds to a number one. When the name and birthdate are the same it magnifies the vibrations e.g, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The first number or the beginning of everything in the Biblical story of Genesis in Hebrew is Yom Hechad, which means the first and most important.

  1. The Destiny line starts early and from the Mount of the Moon
    in ancient Hindu palmistry we learn that this means a person who has been here before and is back on a mission, what that is can be determined from the rest of the hand.
  2. His headline is widely separated from his life line, this infers a person
    who can be rash impatient and impulsive but always an independent thinker who as is said in ancient Tibetan palmistry “must always plough their own furrows” they do not take orders well, this very wide separation is often seen in ASD conditions (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) and Elon claims he has Aspergers, these people are often geniuses in very narrow fields, but are not good mixers with other people as Thoreau said “they only march to the sound of a distant drum” and they seem to have been born old. This separation usually infers an estranged or unhappy childhood, and later these folk often become rebels in what is known as “later life fightback”.
  3. The head line ends in a large fork, this in medieval times was known as the sign of the Fish as it is forked like a fishes tail, The fish was a sacred sign in several religions including Christianity and this is accepted as a sacred sign, and is often seen in those who can put themselves in others shoes and see things as they do, authors actors counsellors often have this, the down side is it makes them very indecisive. This is all confirmed by the Destiny lines formation, which is one deep unbroken line. Early Destiny lines from the Moon give us creative thought, it is a mark often seen with entertainers, public favourites, etc but as the moon waxes and wanes so do these peoples fates in life, up one minute down the next they experience both great highs and lows, Elon is born under the sign of Cancer the crab which increases the Moons influence.
  4. But the sun line under his third finger highlights his great success, this line is strong and deep, the sun or Apollo line must always be read alongside the Destiny line.
    I cover these 2 formations in depth in my book 50 Case Histories in Modern Palmistry, in brief it means that these folk are tools of fate, they feel they are living on a railway line and can stop at various stations but cannot get off, they are held to their destiny. Political correctness has crept in with Astrology and Palmistry like everywhere else, and destiny and karma are replaced with “possibilities”. Shakespeare spoke of the 7 ages of man, and on a rough average we have a pre-destined task approximately every 10 years, but how we get between these tasks is free will, the hand tells it all.
  5. Elon in 1995 co founded his first company Zip2 this shows in his hand at (5) and Tesla cars in 2004.
  6. Nicola Tesla was another genius who like Rudolf Diesel and Harry Grindell Matthews were murdered for their patents, Elon will not buy a house or stay long in one place, he is outspoken and has said he will back free speech and this at a time when any kind of freedom is being suppressed, the world is being changed and Elon knows non conformists risk everything.

There are 4 kinds of bone Negroid Caucasoid Australoid and Mongoloid the hand like the skull can tell us much and Elon’s heredity is Caucasian these were the most intelligent and forward planners according to Hans Eysenk, and most likely to buck the system especially with the open head and life formation. The evenness in height of the first or Jupiter Finger to the third or Apollo finger is an auspicious marking often seen in Caucasian hands.

Looking ahead he hits big problems with authority in 4 years time, this is the time to curb his rashness, as the chickens could be coming home to roost. The American Medical Assoc. tells us the closest organ to the brain is the human hand, and the world famous Maudesley Psychiatric Hospital in London is where Prof. Henri Rey studied disturbances in gate and gesture of the troubled, the hands show better than anywhere the thinking process.

New born babies and those about to die let the thumb fall into the hand, the thumb held crooked in half as in the picture is both an anxiety signal and someone wanting to keep secrets, it is an ominous marking a man does not get to where Elon is without help from the big players as George Carlin said, “its one big club and you ain’t in it”. Time will tell if Elon is the man we hope he is.

Just remember the motto…
“if something looks too good to be true, it probably is”


T Stokes “Happy Palmistry”

Whole lives read from emailed hand photos.
[email protected]   www.tstokes.co.uk


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T. Stokes
T. Stokes, Holistic Palmist, has many years of study under such masters as Mir bashir, Cyrus Abayakoon Chun Li PO and David Brandon Jones, and healing masters Harry Edwards, and Abe Solomons, and psychologists Henry Rey Joyce Mc Dougall and Hans Eysenck have given him a deep understanding of the human condition. He was a lecturer in paraspiritual studies, metaphysics, and eschatology. He writes for magazines worldwide and is author of "50 CASE STUDIES IN MODERN PALMISTRY."


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