Five Easy Tips to Start Your Day Fresh (includes A.M. Meditation audio)


We human beings truly do create our own reality. That’s why it’s important to begin each day with a fresh slate! What was not possible yesterday might very well be an open door today. But how will we notice if we’re running on yesterday’s leftover energy?

Here are five simple tips that can help you reset your energy and get invigorated for your brand new day.

1. Turn on Your Immune Function
Most of us start the day by brushing our teeth, but did you know that brushing your skin is equally important? As the body’s largest organ, it matters that we wake up the skin each morning with dry brushing before a shower. This helps move the lymph fluid, which is a crucial component to our immune function. It only takes about a minute!

Here’s how:
a. Get a dry brush with a long handle
b. Brush your skin from the feet up, and then move everything toward the heart. Use moderate strokes: a little redness on the skin is okay.

2. Kickstart Your Digestion
No need to skip or replace your morning coffee, but consider having a cup of hot water with half a lemon squeezed into it beforehand. And, if your digestion has been particularly sluggish, or if you had a heavy meal or alcohol the night before, add a pinch of cayenne pepper.

3. Feed Your Brain
Did you know that the brain is nearly 60% fat? So, it’s important to feed it good, healthy fats first thing in the morning. Think eggs, oils, nut butters, and avocados.

4. Exercise Your Creativity
Just as important in a daily routine as exercise for your body is exercise for your curiosity. Spend a little time in the early parts of your day reading or listening to something that inspires you, challenges you, or stimulates your creativity! Perhaps try an episode of Kelly and Brian’s podcast, Being Curious!

5. Nourish your Soul
Before your day even has the potential to get away from you, spend just 5-10 minutes doing some simple breathing exercises or an inspiring meditation to get you centered, grounded, and more fully present in your body. Try the intention-setting one below, which is about 10 minutes.

Listen to Keri’s A.M. Meditation audio

Download Morning Meditation MP3 audio file

While we can’t control everything that happens in a day, we can direct how we begin it. Following these simple tips, you’ll be more mindful and aware of the decisions you make as you go about your day. And, you’ll be less likely to make snap decisions, and more apt to respond in positive and effective ways – even to difficult situations.

Now that’s a good morning!


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