Natural Growth to Enlightenment


People have long sought to live a life of Enlightenment, which is a state of transcendent, spiritual oneness with all of Creation, harmony of heart and mind, while having unbounded life’s creativity at your core. However at this point in mankind’s evolution it seems difficult to achieve. Fortunately there is a natural way to grow and directly experience a full state of Enlightenment through one of the most basic principles of Creation itself.

A Basic Principle of Creation

One Principle of Creation is that the Greater automatically gives to the Lesser. The part which has more fullness is able to give and uplift parts which have less. The sun by its nature gives warmth and light to everything around it, just by being itself. Being around people who are living a loving life naturally engenders more loving feelings within you. This principle also applies to Enlightenment. One who is a living embodiment of Enlightenment naturally brings greater spiritual growth to anyone who orients their attention to that person with an open heart.

What Enlightenment Is

To understand how this works spiritually, let’s first define what we mean by Enlightenment. At its core, Enlightenment means having your inner level of spirit infinitely expanded without limits. Spirit is the level of pure, silent being within you which is completely unmanifest. Think of it as the baseline of your awareness … no thoughts, feelings … just pure, silent, awareness by itself. Enlightenment is an experiential level of living … you literally experience oneself as infinite, Pure Spirit, united as one with the spiritual essence of all of Creation. You directly perceive the world through every sight, sound, and touch as that same infinite, Pure Spirit which you are. You are finally at peace and at home in the most profound way possible.

Your level of unbounded Pure Spirit then also purifies your personality to express that perfection as a fulfilled and Enlightened personality, with clarity of thought, fullness of loving emotions, joyfulness, inner peace, self-confidence, optimal physical health, integration of heart and mind, and harmony on all levels.

Gaining Enlightenment from Pure Spirit

An Enlightened person’s unbounded, transcendent level of Pure Spirit can be found everywhere, including inside you. So having the simple intention to orient your open hearted attention on their spiritual essence will effortlessly enliven expanded spiritual fullness within yourself too.

This only works however, if the Enlightened person is living a specific level called Omnipresent Consciousness, because then that person is also the embodiment of Grace everywhere. Grace is the transformative quality of Pure Spirit, with the unique ability to touch, expand, and accelerate your growth at your deepest level of spirit. This happens completely transcendent to even the most subtle level of energy. It’s not a form of refined energy. Grace is at the level of the silent blueprint of Creation before the vibrations of Creation even begin. That’s why it’s so transformative – it operates at the very deepest, silent, core level of your being.

How Grace Works

Grace works in two ways: Expansion and Purification. It enlivens the level of spirit within you and expands it to be infinite Pure Spirit, unleashing the maximum of life’s creativity to fulfill your desires. At the same time, Grace dissolves all the limits and obstacles within you to becoming Enlightened – past stresses, childhood traumas, the constrictions of karma, etc. This purifies the blueprint of your life, manifesting the unfolding of your ideal life.

Once you find someone who is the embodiment of Grace, then simply orient to their spiritual fullness with an open heart, and receive the light of their Grace. Like a flower in the sun, the flower is naturally nourished by innocently receiving the sun’s warming rays. Be open, fluid, innocent and patient. Accept Grace with an open heart, have an attitude of receiving, and let your transformation take place from the inside out. A higher and fuller level of life is being given to you.

How to Identify a Source of Genuine Grace

You might ask how do you know if a person or master has real, transformative Grace? First off, they should be able to speak in real terms of actually living Enlightenment as an all time reality, and not just a momentary flash. People in Omnipresent Consciousness, which is required to have Pure Grace, are rare at this time in human evolution. Ultimately if they are real, you will feel that orienting to them with an open heart will transform you at your very spiritual core, and you will feel expansion rising from within.

Become a Lighthouse of Pure Grace for the World

More expanded consciousness means you are encompassing more of the essential nature of Creation itself, so you will naturally have more to give. If you grow to Omnipresent Consciousness then you too will become the embodiment of Pure Grace, which automatically spiritually uplifts others. The world needs more beacons of Pure Grace to bring about a more fulfilling, harmonious, and joyous life for everyone!


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Robert Persons has devoted multiple lifetimes to studying, growing and living higher states of consciousness. Through years of direct cognition of the subtle levels of Creation and Pure Spirit, he has brought forth both the Grace and understanding of how to help others express their full potential through higher states of consciousness and Enlightenment. He founded Radiant Spirit International in 1998 to give others the benefit of what he has gained, and help others have more fulfilling, productive, and joyful lives in all ways. For more information visit: or email: [email protected] For a spirit awakening personal session visit:


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