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One of my very valued skills is my ability to intuitively work with animals. I realize how important this skill is as I entertain many questions about my skills. Many people want to know how I do what I do, as well is it a skill that can be taught. Since I believe animals are an extremely important to Earth’s existence, I am honored that so many want to know how to work with these valued creatures. It doesn’t matter in what way they want to work with animals, just that others value working with them.

Since working with animals, in such a variety of ways, is important to me, I’ve really had to give careful thought and analysis of how I do what I do. In short, I’ve had these skills my entire life. What I do comes naturally. So naturally that being able to tell another just how to do what I do is challenging. I have to think about what I am doing, instead of trusting my process. Though my skills are natural, I’ve also increased what and how I work with animals by taking classes, reading books, and opening to insights. These are all things others can do as well.

What first came to me was I work with animals in such a variety of ways. My animal work includes spirit, loved, living, healing, angel animals, animals and Fae, pet or native, and more. I’ll tell more about the ways I work with animals and advise given through my work.

The work I do with spirit animals is usually helping someone identify their familiar, animal spirit guide, and animal guides and sometimes devise how to begin to work with them. I believe the animal guides around each of us, is similar to the other spirit guides we have to help us along our life path. Many of us have more than one type of spirit animal. Every animal has certain intrinsic and natural qualities that they share with us. One small example is the swan that represents grace, love, trust. As an animal guide, swan helps you live with a stronger sense of your own person grace and self-love. However, a black swan gives more depth to grace. This swan helps a person find grace not only in their-self but as well, in all other situations.

A more interesting and complicated relationship is our connection with our Familiar. Though we may have more than one animal spirit guide, we tend to have only one Familiar. Familiars are higher supernatural entities. It’s been a common belief witches have a cat as a Familiar. There are many other animals that have also been recognized Familiars, including: cats, dogs, rats, birds, frogs, toads, rabbits, horses, sheep, butterflies, dragonflies, and more. Familiars are high officials in a household because they are an intimate associate or companion with their person. It is believed Familiars are highly evolved spirits that chooses to embody an animal and the unique traits of animal. A Familiar takes one general form but may change form during the growing years of their person. Then often they take one form and remain in that form and essence once their person reaches maturity. In only a very few instances will a Familiar retain the ability to change form after their person has reached maturity. It’s important to know that a Familiar can easily shape-shift while their person is maturing, including shifting to human form. But after maturity, Familiars can generally only change between their permanent animal form to appear human then back.

Familiars and Spirit Animals are different. Often now, Familiars are associated with Earthen, witches, or pagan followers. However, once it was common for a person to have and identify with their Familiar. Identifying with a Familiar was personal and a symbol of that person, much like qualities and traits. It’s becoming more common again for individuals to embrace the idea of Familiars so to connect with another part this intimate part of who we are. Spirit animal guides and spirit animals help us connect and strengthen individual qualities, traits, as well as protect us, provide guidance, and strengthen our character. Any animal may be a spirit guide. The five most powerful are: dragon, tiger, snake, spider, and eagle. Most uncommon spirit guide is the unicorn. Instead of unicorn, a horse takes its place, because unicorn needs protection as the most endangered magical animal. And contrary to story fame, the owl is the rarest spirit animal because it represents universal wisdom, deep connection, and intuitive knowledge. Very few can handle the intense connection of an owl spirit guide. The most common use of spirit animal guides has shown up as the Chinese zodiac which uses spirit animals to represent its years.

I also work with Animal Cards sometimes as a part of a reading. For me the animal spirits help guide the direction and information to be given to the person receiving the reading. Each card represents qualities of the pictured animal. These qualities are one way to provide information, interpretation, and direction. There are many ways to obtain information and these cards are one modality in the many in which I receive information.

When I mentioned loved animals, I am referring to animals who have passed on, but often remain close to us or at least come back to share messages with us. The exchange with our beloved animals is like an exchange with a deceased person. However, one significant difference is animals usually find it easier to come back to share with us than do some people. It’s very normal and easy for animals to come visit us whether we are aware of their presence or not.

I’m also able to help animals who are healers have a healthier life. Healers trend to take on energy that is not their own. When they do this it’s like carrying burdened energy. It’s their work to help heal. A part of this healing it is removing limited energy. People healers have many techniques for releasing the limited energy from the person they’re working with. Animal healers have less skill at releasing this burdened energy. Therefore, it’s important for the person who cares for them to help release this energy. I have an herbal elixir and an energy brushing technique to help my little healer release the energy she’s absorbed. Another example is once the I worked with a woman who was concerned about her bird. After a conversation I learned the woman suffered from chronic illnesses and her bird was her constant companion. First, she needed to tell her beloved bird to not take on extra energy, then she used an herbal elixir in the bird’s water to strengthen the bird’s energy system. Within a couple weeks the bird was in much better health.

Angel animals are angels who have come down to experience Earth life as an animal rather than a person. They do this to gain wisdom about life from the experience of animal. Sometimes they choose animal form because animals tend to have a different life view, as well as a shorter life span. One such animal I worked with came as a dog. He came to both help his person with the person’s mission but also to gain an understanding about abuse. This dog knew it would have an entanglement with another to help learn about mistreatment. However, even though this was an elevated plan, the poor dog expected the dog attacker would quit when the angel dog backed off. Instead, the angel dog had some significant injuries to heal from while still offering support to his person. This dog decided to experience abuse while in this physical form. So, in its next life, it had this experience to refer back to with the unique knowledge and empathy of one who was abused without having to go through the experience again. To help this beautiful spirit I provide Reiki and other energy techniques. He also uses essential oils and elixirs to help on assist his energy and angelic spirt. It was equally beneficial for his Earth partner to understand his background, purpose, work, and support he offered.

Animals and Fae are natural companions. Cats often see faeries and friends. What I’m asked to do is help identify what their pet sees when they stare off or air play. I am also able to attract Fae back to an area by identifying what animals would benefit the area. Sometimes it’s an insect that’s needed to help carry Fae back to an area or a small woodland animal for Woodland Pixies. Nurturing area animals attract Fae. They are naturals together and easily coexist. By taking care of one, the other is often nearby.

And of course, I work with live animals. I am an animal communicator. In a variety of ways animals communicate with me. I’m asked to explain behavior, locate an animal, or any number of things. I’ve help find lost animals by asking them where they are or what they see. At times I’m not told this kind of information. Instead, I may be told why they left or when they will return or maybe what they need. Often, I’m asked to explain behavior. This can be more complicated. It might be from past-experience and encounters or a lack of understanding something in their current situation. Again, it may be an instinctual response. There are so many reasons for behavior. Animals cannot always explain why they behave as they are. My job is to gain some kind of understanding or how to help them. I do this in many ways. Sometimes I do hear words. Another time it might be a smell or feeling, either or both emotional and tactile. And other times the information I receive is by simple intuition, a sense of what is important and more importantly what will help the situation. Once I worked with a therapy horse once whose owner wanted to understand the horse’s behavior. The horse said it was here to work with certain individuals. This horse would decide who it would work best with and leave others to be helped by another horse or therapist. When the owner understood this the owner began to remember the horse went up to the most battered children and gradually gained their child’s trust. Even when the process was gradual it also seemed to be in a more expedient way than another might have been able to do. At times the communication is easy, while other times its more challenging.

My work with pets is conducted equally in person and remotely. As said the information I receive comes in a variety of ways. My working with animals is not limited to pets. I also have worked with animals in the wild or not tamed. Often working with wild animals is done by understanding the instinctual messages and trying to gain a small level of trust so they will share. If they are wild and rely on instinct, I don’t want to establish a strong bond or levels of trust because this may be harmful to their existence, trusting a person. I have gotten mice to leave a house by just a warning. But I’ll be the first to tell you this is seldom the case. I’d warn them that they must leave or face harmful consequences. Mice are very opportunistic and seldom leave when life is comfortable. Even though I know they most likely will not leave on their own, I think it’s respectful to give a forewarning before other things are tried. I have successfully called wild animals. Though I need to have a reason and explanation before I’ll call upon wild animals.

As I’ve said there are a lot of ways I work with animals. There is no one way fits all. But I feel most fortunate to work with a Master Animal Guide. She has helped me in so many ways. For example, once a cow was walking down a somewhat busy road. A friend and I were worried about the cow’s safety. We asked the Animal Master to help the cow get back safely inside the fencing. Fortunately, we watched as the cow seemed to walk right through the fence. About a minute after the cow was within the fence the farmer came and walked over to the fence. He scratched his head in what looked like disbelief that the cow could have gotten back inside the fence through a very small opening. We thank you dear Master for your help.

My advice for anyone who wants to work with animals, begin with trust that you can and will. Find your way. Do you want to help them heal? Communicate with them? Identify Guides and Familiars? There are so many ways to workload with animals. What are you drawn to do? Trust that if this is your way to work with animals, you already have some skill to do this. Develop your skills in as many ways you choose. Advisable and beneficial is to work with a teacher or mentor who will help you develop and further identify your skills, helping you along your path.

Whether you choose to work with animals or rely on another with these skills, to help an animal for you, do so with the utmost respect for the animals. Animals have wisdom, feelings, knowledge, and qualities we don’t. I love using my intuitive skills with animals as one part of my intuitive work. I’m honored to have such varied skills and talents to use to help animals. As well I welcome questions and willingly offer what help I can to support the connections that benefit animals.

How may I help you, the animal in your life or in whatever way concerning an animal or animals? Contact Michele Jacobson or one of the other skilled animal communicators listed in the Edge Partner Directory.


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Michele L Jacobson, PhD
Michele L Jacobson, PhD, is a lifetime intuitive, psychic, mystic, healer, and medium. Located in the Minnesota Twin Cities area, delivering information, messages, and healings, locally, nationally, and internationally, from the guidance of Masters, Angels, Guides, Esteemed Spirits, including the Faerie realm and animals.


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