A Favorite Local Small Business seeking Help from the Community


Psinergy Natural Health and Psinergy Tech are looking for help from the community in a potential legal battle. Two years into their 5-year lease plus 1-year extension, the building they are currently in was sold. Psinergy has been in our community almost 14-years and has worked with thousands of clients offering, on one side, natural health services like Colorpuncture, Traditional Naturopathy, and more. The other side of their company, with a 5-star rating with 126 reviews on Google, offers computer repair services for individuals and small businesses.

The two owners of Psinergy, SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT and André Thomas, you may recognize from the various expos over the years. SchaOn has been a light in building our community and was the Community Outreach Manager for the Edge Magazine from 2011 to 2013, and currently also a Columnist with the Edge.

“At this point, it feels like the property owners are trying to do a ‘constructive eviction’ on the tenants that have longer leases as they refuse to work with us on the construction noise, toxic paint fumes, and now suddenly while they were working on some electrical things, the HVAC (including A/C) no longer work in our section of the building.” said SchaOn. “We’ve attempted to utilize protections in our lease to attempt to get the landlord to work with us. Their response was to send us to their lawyer. It’s now clear we need to hire our own lawyer and likely take them to court.”

“It’s frustrating being a small business, with small business values and ethics and having to deal with other companies that seem to be only out for themselves. Our only protection is a piece of paper that we have to take them to court to have any value.” André said. “These last 2 years, while tough, we were making it through it, barely. The worst part is knowing and seeing the clients SchaOn works with, and at this point, he’s having to reschedule many of them. And some of them, he is working pro-bono with!”

To find out how you can help, go to: https://gofund.me/83205cd7

To find out more about Psinergy Natural Health, go to https://www.psinergyhealth.com, or for Psinergy Tech, go to https://www.psinergytech.com


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