Connecting with Life Experiences, Messages from Angels, UFO’s & Corina Saebels


As I was trying to figure out the connections and the patterns with my various experiences of having sightings of UFO’s, the connections with the SSP’s, and what all of this meant I had received a message from the angel Seraphina who had given me four clues to explore in order to connect all the dots for my experiences. Serephina had told me to look at UFO sightings for July 17, 2017 other then my own sighting of the green triangular TR-6 craft that had materialized above my house in the evening. I was shown a vision to go look on a worldwide UFO reporting website called UFO Stalker and indeed I had found another person who had reported having a similar UFO sighting to mine on the same day close to the time that I had my sighting. The message from Serephina was to pay attention to the signs connecting my various experiences together as this would show me the answers from the patterns of the events that had been happening in my life that would make the connections between the experiences to tell the full story. Next Serephina suggested that I investigate a woman named Corina Saebels who had seen sightings of a triangular grey craft in the sky several cities over from Surrey, BC, I was told that this woman has a unique energetic soul heritage and ancestry lineage of helping to awaken people and not to be afraid of their paranormal or supernatural experiences of what happens beyond the 3D world. The third sign that I was told by Serephina is that I am a powerful creator being and that I can energetically manifest anything that I would like to attract in my life so I had actually called forward the TR-6 to appear above my house in order to prove to myself that the SSP exists in 3D reality and beyond it in outer space. My other message from Serephina was to watch the UFO movie that had come out in 2018 about a gifted college mathematician college student that had a UFO sighting as a child and was now investigating several UFO sightings at US airports in order to find the patterns for communicating with the UFO’s and the beings that were sending him binary codes through frequency encoded messages in the math numbers.  Serephina said that I would find many of my answers from this UFO movie and indeed I did.

I have learned that Serephina is the angel that reminds us that the universe is full of potential opportunities so if we tap into the signs and the signals that the angels are sending us along with their wisdom guidance then we can reach those opportunities that are waiting for our soul to explore them on our life paths. The soul journey is never limited by anything unless we are limiting ourselves from reaching our highest potentials on the soul path within ourselves which actually reflects the external progress in our lives depending on how we chart our soul progression from within to our external existences. It we choose to turn things in life around to be happy and successful then we can make it happen as the universe offers us multiple variations of opportunities if we choose to see them and try something new that is right in front of us to explore.

Serephina is the angel that can show us happy changes that can occur in our lives as our universe is extensive and expansive. So notice the celestial energy that is behind the angel Seraphina as she is one of the angel messengers as with all divine beings but her energy is the divine creation that is supporting the universal consciousness and trying to guide you on your most optimal life path journey that she brings with her messages.

Let us remember that the divine is unlimited and Serephina is the angel of unlimited and even yet unimagined positive energy that is surrounding your home and family. When she sends us messages it is always for positive changes and blessings, so be on the lookout for those opportunities.

If we notice the pink and green coloring of the wings on Serephina then these are colors of representing the heart chakra and they remind us to keep our hearts open to the possibilities that heaven might bring our way something beautiful and unique for us to explore for happiness and success in life whatever that may be it starts with the message from the angel(s). I have learned that the change or blessing may not be exactly what you are expecting, so we keep our heart open to all possibilities. We also seek to find acceptance in the experiences that are coming our way as these experiences are reflections for us for what is yet to come ahead for us. By connecting with Serephina I have discovered that I can call on her for love and acceptance for myself and for others. She has taught me that there are no mistakes and no failures in life. There is only the love and acceptance of where you are right now on your spiritual journey. As you are exactly where you are supposed to be and you are worthy and perfect exactly as you are.

Here is the original messages that Serephina had shared with me in order to help me to make sense of my experiences and to continue to explore my journey of self-discovery in this lifetime.

Messages from the Stars

Tick tock goes the clock so the book will be written for your divine timing is now standing at your doorstep so you can follow the lead as the answers are in the stars and you need to go back to Mars where your journey began.

We your angelic teams have created new points of contact for you to explore. So connect the patterns of your puzzle pieces as the messages hold what you long desired to piece together. Start by going back to the night of July 17, 2017 the day of your darkest hour yet a great discovery in the sky. A warning of confirmation that the SSP is alive and well still working on abducting humans. You asked to see a TR-6 craft and your request was granted as it materialized in the skies above your own eyes this being no surprise to you who can manifest much as you ask for it so it is. That green triangular shape in the craft shielded by trans-warp technology as it popped into your line of vision.

As you follow the evidence of your many experiences whether friend or foe do not go blindly into the dark spectrums of your time traveling realities.  You cross time and space without boundaries like walking on air and crossing the hot fires of a ringing bell. Now you follow the coloring lines for the answers that you seek they are part of others evidence. Go and connect the data point dots.  Thereby putting the puzzle pieces together by examining those that came before you. Listen and hear to what went on with Corina Saebels as she was taken up on the grey triangular craft similar to the TR-6 yet different since it came from the greys. She had lost time from space as her body and soul was transported off world for hybrid beings.  Her soul numbers are transcending yours as you check back to July 17, 2017 when your SSP craft sighting occurred there was one other who saw the burning fires that night in Surrey flight so follow their tracking path for your evidence.

Honor the transcending soul numbers and research Corina Saebels as she has true experience with fables of the paranormal kind in this world. Her soul numbers of destiny are July 17, 1991 and July 27, 2003 this connects her to you for the open door of discoveries so have a look and step within the soul divine to connect the lines of heart and faith as the waiting is over the picture reveals itself in your life stories from July 17, 2017 in your TR-6 sighting in Surrey, BC and her abduction in Aldergrove, BC in that time of soul change you remove the desperate cage.  As you continue to watch the golden path follow the lines to that UFO 2018 movie and the numbers will make sense to you who seeks the truth.  Look for the messages of the repeating patterns as your answers are there in these entwining puzzle pieces.  Go put it all together for the better as this mission is yours to write your lasting journey. For your soul is never ending and this is just part of the light bending to find your purpose in life.  To shed light on the star travelers journey so link the puzzle pieces together. This will give you the answers to those UFO’s, ET contactees, ET abductees, and the experiencer that you are as the answers are never that far for your solace and closure of peace.

Keep reaching out with your intelligent mind and you shall find what you seek beyond your dreams in this waking world. So this journey of yours has begun going forward and reaching towards the stars as your path still leads to Mars. The answers are there to explore what you wish to no longer ignore.  So speak to us your guardian protector teams. Feel free to come forward and tell your story as the time is now and you are safe to express yourself as you travel the stars reaching towards Mars.

This is your time to shine truth on the light of the star traveler creation as life is your infinite expression of imagination. Yet what you experienced in the multiverse is not just a simple verse. It’s more than your imagination and not just part of your creation. It’s the uniqueness of you and all of them that came before you sharing their infinite wisdom of life experiences.  Gifting you their stories with the stars and the ever reaching Mars.

This is your reference point on a journey well-traveled with many mysteries yet to come so honor your time of discovery and fulfill your destiny of teaching then learning as this is your time to travel the stars going beyond the voids of time and space. As your life is open to live and freely embrace the beautiful chase of happiness and success, ever loving and free on your journey reaching the stars and coming home to Mars.


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