Hibiscus and What it Can Do for You


Have you ever really looked at a Hibiscus? The beauty of this flower is compelling. Most people recognize this flower as a tropical flower, in fact it is the state flower of Hawaii. In the summer I see hibiscus displayed on many patios and decks but there is so much more to this flower than just its beauty.

Hibiscus can be made into a tea to drink either hot or cold. Hibiscus is bitter so make sure to sweeten it up with sugar. There is also a powdered version that can be mixed with water. Lastly hibiscus can be used as an extract.

Did you know there are healing elements to it? Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins, and vitamin C. This means that this flower can boost the immune system and help fight against bacteria. Just as foods rich in antioxidants can help fight disease so can hibiscus. It also promotes a healthy liver by guarding it from some toxins, this is important as our liver filtrates our blood. Research has even shown that Hibiscus may lower cholesterol however, studies are still being done on effectiveness at this time. Do you suffer from inflammatory pain like arthritis? Hibiscus is an anti-inflammatory which means that it can help with pain control for some ailments. It is even said that it can lower blood pressure in some people.

If you are pregnant or suspect you may be, do not ingest hibiscus as this can cause a miscarriage. Also, high levels of ingestion of hibiscus can cause liver damage. Please be aware before consuming any herb to consult with your doctor to assure that it is safe for you. Remember herbs can be incompatible with certain medications.

On a spiritual level the hibiscus represents femininity. They are the symbol of the divine feminine. The hibiscus is sacred to Kali, she is a the Hindu Goddess. She represents empowerment. The style of the hibiscus represents Kali’s tongue according to the Hindu belief. Other magical properties for hibiscus include freedom, love, and of course divination.

Hibiscus is used in many different love spells as it is used to attract love and passion. The stunning crimson red color is used to allure your love to you. Hibiscus can bring on prophetic dreams, so drink hibiscus tea before slumbering. Try scrying with hibiscus water this will help empower your visions.

Litha is coming up on June 21, this is the summer solstice. This is the longest day of the year, the sun is at its peak. Hibiscus is associated with the sun and Venus. When celebrating Litha we adorn our altars with vibrant bright flowers. Hibiscus come in many different vibrant colors. This year decorate your altar with hibiscus. Make a hibiscus tea to use for your libations.

Enjoy more than just the simple beauty of the hibiscus this year. Really get to know and understand it.


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