Recognizing and Embracing the Gifts of Your Ancestors


If you’re adopted or otherwise feel you can’t know your ancestors, this article is especially for you!

The intentions of your ancestors call to you – Hundreds of years ago they had to place some of their children in hiding for their survival but with the promise that one day the lines would be restored – that they would know the greatness from which they came.

That time is now. Recognizing and embracing the gifts of your ancestors has never been more within your reach. Through deep meditation and interactive meditation experiences, you can reach back to their visceral and tactile memories to hone and enhance your skills today.

Whether it’s a closet full of cowboy boots, a deep desire to run, or a love for needlepointing, the items, and pastimes that you’ve been attracted to since your earliest years are the best clues to your ancestors. While validation and proof may evade you in the moment, many of you will one day discover the connection to your gifts and talents are actually ancestral touchpoints.

Touchpoints are those amazing moments when your hands are moving in the same motion as your ancestors. They are the times you taste a flavor that they once savored, or an aroma your ancestor adored during their lifetime. This is just one reason people have such spectacular experiences when they return to the lands of their forefathers.

These days, you can take a DNA test, which will reveal at least some of your ancestral origins. While that can give you the beginning validation of the gifts and treasures within you, the clues are really in your daily life interests and activities.

As you come to any touchpoint – something you love to eat, smell, see, do, or experience, you are at least one layer closer to creating an interactive experience with your ancestors where more clues can be revealed.

For example, when you embrace a moment of loving the smell of sawdust, or the sound of the ocean, you are stepping into your ancestors’ world, activating your sensory responders as theirs were activated.

As you step further in, by sanding a piece of wood or dipping your toe into the water, you are stepping into one more layer… immersing yourself deeper into their world by activating your physical senses and mental and emotional responders.

Ask any mental health professional and they will tell you when you step into the repeat motions of an earlier trauma or trigger, your body is firing all kinds of responses. This is true for traumas, as well as for love, or reengaging any ancestral experience.

In my world of doing Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading, I get to look at the treasure map in your eyes. What it reveals is the unresolved traumas that you are most closely tied to. It’s an intricate weaving of human dynamics of physiology, evolution, epigenetics, and birth order.

It also seems to embrace a few dynamics that we might consider to be esoteric aspects, such as astrology, time and location of our birth, and even Human Design, that weave us back to the unique ancestors that we are most closely tied to.

While the ancestral eye map is continuing to develop on an academic level, it reveals many of the gifts that exist within you that are available for expression during your lifetime. For example, a marking at six o’clock in the right eye reveals a gift for technical, research, or curriculum writing. That same marking in the left eye reveals a gift for right-brain, creative writing, such as poems, children’s stories, plays, music, and spiritual or channeled writing.

The challenge is, what to do when you are tied to an ancestor who was an incredible swordsman, or phenomenal at whaling? As these skillsets become less used in our daily world, how can we embrace a gift that now seems to be redundant, as the British might say?

In fact, the Heritage Crafts Association publishes their HCA Red List of Endangered Crafts each year, where they reveal dying and extinct craft skills. While it focuses on craft skills that are becoming endangered and lost in the UK, it should be a good wakeup to all of us to give those hobbies a bit more attention and even to pass on what we have learned. Can you imagine things so common as watch making and flute making are now on the critically endangered list?

I was so blessed to have a grandma who taught me to cane chairs, to crochet, and to quilt. I picked up needlepointing on my own, only to discover many years later that my genetic birthmother and grandmother had been needle-pointers, and as I work my way back through the multitude of census records, and historical documentation, I find that I come from a line of milliners, making women’s hats.

Going back, I find more records of those who were beekeepers, keepers of fruit trees, and makers of paper, all skills, and pastimes that I thoroughly enjoy and excel at. For those of you who are growing up in your genetic families, look around to your cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, and others of your direct family to find the clues and weavings back into your ancestry. For those who are adopted, look to the skills, interests, and abilities that are unique unto you.

I’m not the only cousin in my genetic line who works with the eyes, and while we may not ever find exactly the documentation to tell us which ancestor set their intention for knowing more about the eyes or why, we can know that our commonality (particularly for something that is so unique unto us) is a calling to keep a practice, interest, or skillset alive through the lines of evolution.

How about you? Which gift of your ancestors calls to you?

What hobby or practice do you have, that you’ve always considered to just be a pastime that’s fun? What if you’re the last one? Who could have ever imagined they would be the last watchmaker?

This is the world of evolution. Personal evolution. An intricate and unique weaving of epigenetic patterning that declares, this is our skill. This is what we do. Is this still a valid gift in the times of today? Or, with the passing of time, does this skill need to evolve into something new?

What gift of your ancestors will you recognize and embrace today?

Your ancestors have waited your whole life for THIS moment – and you’re next!


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Amy Gillespie Dougherty
Amy Gillespie Dougherty created Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading as a survival skills program for teens and young adults, in an effort to reduce self-destructive behaviors and suicide patterns. She’s a results-driven innovator, speaker, and bestselling author with more than twenty years of experience creating impactful self-discovery, awareness, and life coaching programs. She believes the power of the ancestral pulse within us, guides us to become the best of our best. Along with being the founder of the non-profit, CLARA (Children’s Lives Are the Responsibility of All), she is the lead author of The Ancestors Within book series.


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