Starcodes: June 3-9

Starcodes for the week of June 3-9, 2022

The astrological energy swirls and eddies like a stuck steam engine this weekend, and then began to level out but keeps it strange push on history all week. The craziness is not going to slow down just yet, but we could begin to see progress later in the week.

This swirling energy is caused by two contradictory forces- one pushing us out and trying to hold us still. Mars in Aries is in an ongoing conjunction with Jupiter which keeps the heat on and keeps that adolescent martial energy simmering. For the weekend we still spin in circles rather than create momentum as Mercury and Saturn both appear to hold still. On Friday morning Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde the will take a few days to build up speed, and Saturn stations to turn retrograde on Saturday until mid-October.

Think of all the gunshot our poor country has experienced in the last few weeks. That Mars – Jupiter conjunction has been within orb since May 14 – when the mass shooting went down in Buffalo, Mars joined Jupiter in Aries May 25, the conjunction was exact May 28, the day after Uvalde Tx, and it stays in orb for the next two weeks, heating tempers and add fuel to any conflicts. We hope that as Mercury turns direct, people’s ability to think will improve and less mistakes will be made. Hopefully we can get to the heroic part of this aspect rather than its explosiveness.

Mars in its own sign of Aries brings that adolescent impulsive energy, quick to fight, to rebel, or to leap into heroic action, magnified by the conjunction to expansive Jupiter. Mars conjunct Jupiter every few years, but with both in Aries less often: most recently in April 2011, June 1975, January 1940.

That fire is stoked over the weekend by an extroverted Leo Moon which adds more panache and daring. We can really want to get out and mingle, protest, engage the world but there still may be some roadblocks as Mercury and Saturn want us to contemplate instead of act. The faster we try to move, the more our efforts can snag.

So let’s have a good long talk with our inner adolescent. We need to give it a worthy job. We can tap into that raw energy and passion use it to rebel against the world’s dysfunction. Help our inner Mars work with Saturn, who symbolizes our responsible voice, the parent within. With Saturn retrograde and strong in its own sign of Aquarius while Mars flashes in Aries, we can expect generational tension between family members, or between our own inner generations. Particularly towards Tuesday when Mars semi-squares Saturn. Guns are ruled by Mars and control by Saturn, so expect this to keep gun action and debate on the front burner.

Monday through Wednesday the Virgo Moon can leave us a bit high strung but encourage us to get organized and start on the next chapter. Use the next few days to straighten out misunderstandings, hurt feelings, wrong orders, or any other recent communications or technological snafus. Reconnect, get work going. Make hay while the Sun shines. Take advantage of the Moon in more sociable Libra from late Wednesday through the end of the week to collaborate for love, work, and political change.

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Friday, June 3: Morning could be tumultuous as Mercury begins to turn direct. The Moon opposes Pluto and hidden information and opinions surface. Stay centered. Take care one another, and don’t run with any particular emotion as the world could look very different in a few hours. The mood shifts midday as the Moon enters expressive Leo. Tonight brings a sense of relief, a desire to gather or act out as the Moon trines Jupiter, just drive safely.

Mercury turns direct 2:01 AM, Moon trine Neptune 3:04 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 4:43 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 9:14 AM, Moon enters Leo 12:37 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 9:09 PM.

Saturday, June 4: Get out and about. Continue to prioritize safety first as Jupiter still excites Mars but notice a shift in energy. People are more ready to explore and socialize then they have been all spring. Performance arts sing, county fairs shine, competitions spark, and demonstrations have impact. The understanding and work around generational tension or questions about chains of authority. If working on the foundations of a wall, building, or proposition, go carefully and revise on Monday.

Moon trine Mars 4:15 AM, Moon square Venus 4:46 AM, Saturn turns retrograde 3:46 PM, Moon sex tile son 5:22 PM, Moon square Uranus 4:46 PM,

Sunday, June 5: Tend to responsibilities but keep the heart open; we can bond as we work if we invest in camaraderie. Just watch for dueling egos in the late afternoon as the Moon squares Mercury, make sure words and actions align. Graciously express gratitude rather than grandstand and expect applause.

Moon opposed Saturn 3:03 PM, Moon square Mercury 5:12 PM.

Monday, June 6: Catch up. Look for work bypassed in the last few weeks under an efficient and nervy Virgo Moon. A Venus-Neptune semi-square can distract us with romantic fantasies or a sudden creative urge that may speak to us with a worried voice. Allow room for both, the industrious need to get work done and that imaginative if high-strung voice. Notice new romantic or creative sparks but stay present.

Moon enters Virgo 12:21 AM, Sun sextiles Chiron 2:44 AM, Venus semi-squares Neptune 3:29 AM, Moon trine Venus 10:05 PM.

Tuesday, June 7: Turn frustration into creative problem-solving. Work and impulse, responsibilities and desires, old and young mindsets can feel at odds as Mars semi-squares Saturn. Break the illusion of this dichotomy and find a way to honor both the voice of Mars and the voice of Saturn, help them find creative ways to work together. The debate on gun control heats up but could spin its wheels for the moment. Watch for mechanical failures and intergenerational tension; untie the knot rather than pull it tighter.

Moon trine Uranus 8:26 AM, Sun square Moon 8:48 AM, Mars semi-squares Saturn 1:18 PM.

Wednesday, June 8: Look for some practical magic as the Virgo Moon forms a grand trine -as it trines Mercury and Pluto all in practical earth signs early this morning. This can work like Drano to dissolve obstacles, so choose some recalcitrant problem or urgent issue, focus and apply resources and determination. The Moon then enters friendly Libra. People may be unsociably distracted early on but appreciate company tonight.

Moon opposed Neptune 12:44 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:55 AM, Moon trine Pluto 6:08 AM, Moon enters Libra 9:22 AM, Moon opposes Jupiter 6:25 PM.

Thursday, June 8: This morning, half our psyche could crave confrontation, the other craves peace as the Libra Moon opposes Mars. The day softens and we become friendlier, more coordinated, ready and needing to make new contacts and further fresh plans. Collaborate, check in with associates. Check in on friends and relatives that have been lonely, we all need connection.

Moon opposes Mars 6:18 AM, Moon trine Sun 7:56 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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