The Edge Interviews Mindfulness Teacher and Author Shelly Tygielski


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Don’t miss this inspirational interview as Shelly Tygielski speaks with Kelly Wagner and Brian Mariani, co-hosts of The Being Curious Show with Kelly and Brian.

Listen as Shelly describes a seminal moment in her life when she was diagnosed that she would be blind by age forty. With a sense of urgency, she decided to “see the beauty in the world” before losing her sight. Her journey began with studying Buddism and eastern philosophy, learning mindfulness and how to tap into universal energy.

Shelly discusses with The Edge how the ‘toxic positivity’ movement has lost its way and how we need to adjust our lens to better see our place in the universe. That topic leads to into Shelly writing her book Sit Down to Rise Up, which is available on her site at

What are you curious about? The Edge brings together a community that celebrates consciousness, enlightenment, the mystical dimension and the pursuit of wellness and wisdom in unique ways.



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