The Power of Connecting to Our Pelvic Bowl for Divine Guidance


How energetically connecting down offers deeper divine guidance

One of the most helpful practices I’ve learned is developing a conscious connection to the pelvic bowl whenever I ask for divine help.

Many of us live from the neck up all day.

There is an incredible amount of stimuli the brain has to sort through and process. Most people make up to 35,000 decisions a day – many of them automatic/ subconscious. Even still, the brain has to decide what is relevant or urgent to you and this takes energy.

Being ‘in our head’ is commonplace for many people. It’s no wonder we experience an information hangover daily.

All of this attention to information takes us out of our bodies. We can feel unbalanced, spastic, or downright frantic.

And when we do sit down to connect, it’s hard to get rid of that ‘buzz.’

Here’s something that’s helped me quickly connect when I feel ungrounded: I immediately put my attention on my pelvic bowl.

The pelvic bowl includes your hips, tush, pelvis, lower back & spine, lower belly (or gut), reproductive organs, and genitalia. This is also the position of the root & sacral chakras since the sacrum is included in the pelvic bowl.

Traditional prayer has taught people to connect ‘up & out’ when asking for guidance. While there is nothing wrong with connecting this way, we miss a huge opportunity for more resonant guidance.

Here’s why we want to connect to the body versus the head when praying, asking for help, or seeking wisdom:

The body doesn’t lie.

Your body will tell you what you need to know, even if your head (or conditioning) tries to argue with it.

The body can only speak truth and you can feel it.

Think of a time when your body was almost pulling you in a direction and even if you were nervous, you felt calm because something just told you it was right. Maybe your head was screaming at you, but in your body, you felt a deep confidence.

This is the kind of guidance we can train ourselves to ‘hear’ better by connecting down.

This doesn’t mean we should ignore the rest of the body, but it’s a good place to start because it’s the most visceral and private part of ourselves.

For women, connecting down may bring up ancestral or cultural shame. We’ve been inundated with messages, rhetoric, and beliefs about this part of our bodies. Our sexuality and sensuality have been stolen by a narrative many of us were kept out of. Claiming what is already ours can feel a bit weird when we’ve been fed so many mixed messages.

But here’s the great thing about consciously connecting down and being more comfortable with this delicious part of ourselves – we hear ourselves more clearly.

Sexual energy and creative energy are the same things – sourced from the same spark or desire.

When we connect down, especially as women, we find a strength, power, and wisdom that was just dying to burst forth.

Divine guidance tends to ‘bubble up’ from below and will always be a simple, doable step. You may be told to rest your eyes for a few minutes, take a walk, or call a friend. Divine guidance will always make you feel calm, at peace, and give you a sense of relief.

When you connect with your pelvic bowl, send your energy down into the earth and feel the support reaching beyond the floor. Do a body scan and relax even deeper, letting all the tendons, connective tissues, and ligaments soften.

Anytime you feel out of sorts, lost, overwhelmed, confused, or just plain tired, immediately put your attention on your pelvic bowl.

Take a few slow and steady breaths in the nose and out the mouth to get centered and feel that ‘click’ of dropping from the head into the gut and pelvis. Allow the belly to completely soften.

As you practice deepening this connection with the body, you will feel your intuition speak even clearer through feelings, hunches, urges, and thoughts that seem to come from below.

The body doesn’t lie. You can always trust what it’s telling you.


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Elizabeth Gordon
Elizabeth is a writer and spiritual wellness practitioner. Her work is featured in Elephant Journal, Medium, Retreat Kula, Thought Catalog, The Mindful Word, She Rose Revolution, and Harness Magazine. Other interests include animals, travel, good coffee, yoga, books, copywriting, and quiet mornings.


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