Tofte Sunrise


It’s cold outside as I prepare myself in the darkness.
Staying in bed would be so much better I think.
It can wait, the sun will come up again tomorrow.
Then a voice comes to me, why are you here?
A part deep inside stirs, it knows why.
Now I move with purpose and determination.
Will it be worth it? Will I make it in time?
The air is cold and calm as I stand on the shore.
My skin is growing numb, but I barely notice.
I see the first glimmer and glow as it begins.
I’m ready, I think. I’m ready to see it.
But seeing is only part of the magick.
Moment by moment it reveals itself.
It is much more than I could have imagined.
The beauty of nature, given freely for us.
All we need do is accept and witness.
The Grace and Love of the Universe.

– Dwight J. Raatz




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