Who was Gregori Rasputin?


“History is written by the winners.”
– George Orwell

Like many people in history what we know about Rasputin is mostly just hearsay and largely false, and the recent opening of several Soviet Archives, including info from Intelligence Archivist Vitroli Mitrokhin, and the papers of Constantin Volkov we now have to rewrite what we know of both the man and the period.

History is a lie commonly agreed upon

Voltaire Rasputin was born on 21 January 1869, the day of the Astrological cusp and the feast day of St Agnes the patron saint of rape victims, a crime he was accused of many times. Said to always be mentally far away he was seen as a ‘Strannik’ or mystic who was rumored to be part of a cabbalistic black magic group, but this has never been proved. He quickly gained the nickname of the mad monk, and people in his hometown largely avoided him. There is a saying based on the Holy Quran which says “a man is never a prophet in his own land nor a healer in his own village”

Rasputin was known as a wandering healer, not really the behavior of a black magician and became famous for his ability to stop the bleeding of the Czar Nicholas son who had Haemophila, the disorder where once you start bleeding it does not clot. Whether he really was the queens lover is doubtful as she was always surrounded by servants who did not corroborate the gossip, but he advised the Romanov Government on many aspects and he did keep urging to stop the bloodshed of WWI.

“By their fruits shall ye know them”
Matt 7-16

What we do know is that he was a remarkable healer, and was known to often meditate deeply. The Russian mystery schools teach that certain meditations can concentrate energies in specific chakras, and this explains his occult abilities. His influence on the Romanovs to stop the war, meant foreign agents would kill him but he foretold his own death and said if the Romanovs allowed this they would all be dead in two years, which is exactly what happened.

The British royal family begged to take in the Russian royals, but Communist forces forbad it, and stole the Romanov fortunes in the banks of London and Paris, and brought on the Russian revolution.

Incidentally, Rasputin’s heavy protruding brow shape is usually seen with an active third eye, his wide ear axis with his cranial configuration and skull shape are a genetic throwback, to the Neanderthal era who were said to be very psychic.

Whatever else Rasputin was a man of peace, another man with strikingly similar views and features is Vladimir Putin, both were rebels who got into trouble, both did not like conventional school parrot fashion teaching, and both loved horses but what is interesting is both have the same energy they say the eyes are the mirror of the soul and they both have those same eyes. Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet said when Putin comes he will stop the planned w w 3. U.S. Intelligence informs us both men have almost identical DNA So is the Russian leader a reincarnation of Ras-PUTIN? Russian Czarist expert, Maureen Ritchfield, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Dublin, cites further evidence of a connection between the two men.

“Most Russian historians agree that Rasputin’s real last name was probably also Putin,” says Dr. Ritchfield. “Rasputin was such a strange man, the people of the czar and czarina’s court would tease him constantly, or ‘razz’ him. The word for razz in Russian is ‘ras.’ Over time, he simply became known as Razz -Putin, or in the Russian, Ras Putin, and eventually Rasputin. So you see, we have a direction connection.”

Putin’s promise to defeat the illuminati bankers, echos Rasputin’s promises against the whole banking system, people are waking up and fighting Monsanto and Illuminati wars of plunder and the control of the EU. An astonishing poll by a British newspaper asked who did they think was the world’s best politician, the winner of the poll was shockingly Vladimir Putin as he is seen as the only word politician not owned by the banks. Two pupils of Rasputin were also healers and mystics, Gurdjeff and Ouspensky. Both carried on the traditions of Rasputin’s spiritual teachings until their deaths.


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