A Conversation with Empath’s Oracle Artist Konstantin Bax


Steve Wagner, editor of The Edge Magazine, had the privilege to interview painter Konstantin Bax about his unique artistic background and the evolution of his style. Konstantin’s painting “Last Spark of Love” is featured on the Aug/Sept cover of The Edge Magazine issue #344. Watch as he explains why he paints and what he hopes observers of his paintings experience.

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From The Edge Magazine Aug/Sept 2022 issue’s Letter from the Editor:

One of the greatest perks of my job is meeting truly amazing people. On this occasion, that amazing person is the wildly-creative Konstantin Bax. Normally I stay behind the camera, but this time I had to seize the opportunity to interview Konstantin from Hamburg, Germany via Zoom. The following are a few of my pre-interview questions and his thoughtful answers:

STEVE: How have your style and techniques evolved? I see such precision in your work…

KONSTANTIN: I am at a point where the balance between chaos and control, abstract and figurative elements is most important to me. Sure, as an artist your technique gets more refined over time, but for me it is the raw expression what makes a good painting. Sometimes you lose that, if you get caught up too much in the technical aspect. There you have the balance again. I want to evolve into a perfect balance of everything.

STEVE: Where does your inspiration come from – observation, dreams, intuition/messages from spirit?

KONSTANTIN: I have a very holistic worldview. Everything in this universe has potential to initiate a thought or a feeling in us, and therefore everything can be a source of inspiration. But if I would have to pin it down, it is the unknown which fascinates me the most. I connect with it when I create, and my paintings are mostly an attempt to catch a short glimpse into it.

STEVE: What is your creative process – concept/sketch to finished piece

KONSTANTIN: I always start with diving into the chaos of colors and patterns. The painting guides my decisions and somehow magically creates itself. Every painting makes its own rules, and that is something you can’t plan beforehand. That is the main reason why I paint, to see something manifest I couldn’t imagine before. It’s really a magical process and I think that I am addicted to it.

STEVE: Is the artistic process also a healing process for you, and do you feel your work heal others?

KONSTANTIN: I couldn’t exist without creating art. It gives me everything I miss wandering our well-known paths; magic, mystery and endless possibilities. The art I create are my windows to infinity. They remind me every day, that we live in an unfathomable world, much bigger than our imagination can grasp. It makes me extremely happy, that it seems that there are people out there who can see that in my art, and I am blessed that I can help them to remember their sacred journey, what we call life.

STEVE: Does your art give a glimpse into higher consciousness and/or other dimensions?

KONSTANTIN: Oh, I hope so. But to be honest, sometimes my paintings have a higher consciousness than myself. But they teach me to grow.

STEVE: What do you intend for viewers to take away from [and process as a result of seeing] your art?

KONSTANTIN: Sometimes I am very bored by our society. It is so shallow and empty sometimes. My paintings are a reminder that there is so much more out there. That we, as human beings, could be so great and deep, humble and respectful. Not only to others, but also to ourselves.

STEVE: Typically how long do your paintings take to complete, and when do you know they are ‘done’?

KONSTANTIN: I am looking for an inter-dimensional harmony, beyond the mere image. A painting is finished when that is achieved. Sometimes all fits together very quickly, sometimes my brain melts and years go by.



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