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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of GroupTarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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Good afternoon friends.

Have you been able to get some good rest and meditation time in? Maybe shifted some of those eggs to not be all in one basket?

Maybe it’s been the Sun.

Maybe it’s because I was outdoors very infrequently last week.

Maybe it’s because my mom and I had a lovely conversation about the silent auction she’s organizing for the New Mexico Native Plants Society.

Maybe it’s noticing how little we’ve done with our front yard and she really needs, wants, and deserves some attention.

Whatever the cause, plants are on my mind.

And Nature Spirit Tarot by Jean Marie Hertzel is calling to share, giving us:
Queen of Wands

Mmmm… back to Fire.

Be your fiery, bold, brilliant, radiant self.

Trumpet your beauty and accomplishments!

Remember, depending on the crystal, they may be charged and tuned to the Sun as well as the Moon. Come chat with Amy Zing Gray about this at the Montavilla Street Fair on Sunday. We’re sharing a booth and she’s bringing her amazingly potent wands to sell.

Part of why Card of the Week is being sent so late today, is because I wanted to wait until I got home to double check the book. What kind of bug is this???

It looks a lot like a mosquito, and that does not feel like a Queen of Fire to me. They do love blood however, but given their proclivity for being squished and zapped, this feels ill-fitting.

However, I cannot double check the book tonight after all – Jean does a fantastic job of giving all the animal and plant correspondence – as the book is hiding.

More likely it’s on Conscience.

Regardless, this is also a good reminder that Queens are human and fallible. Even though they have earned power and status, they can still get things wrong, be forgetful, tired. Being the Queen doesn’t make you all powerful, it means that you’re keenly aware of your, and your community’s strengths and limitations. That you have vision and energy AND the ability to delegate, look at the bigger picture, remember the needs, wants and desires of your circles, and make meaningful, sustainable, timely connections. You’re willing to fight for your vision and the world you’re co-creating.

Maybe sometimes you have to go for blood – although I really don’t think this is a mosquito – but if you do it’s out of legitimate need. Mosquitos can’t help that their food is blood, anymore than we can’t help that we breathe air no matter how much a fish might look at our gill-less bodies oddly.

This week, this card invites the question, are your actions fueled by intentionally bringing about the world you’re working for? The one of your dreams, fantasies, and desires?

If no, what’s one thing you can do to change?

If yes, great! Keep it up!

About the Author/Deck –
To purchase this deck – Check your local brick and mortar first! You can also check out Inner Traditions, friends of The Edge.
Recommended Reading – Here’s info on NM’s Native Plant’s Society. Check to see if you have something similar in your area!

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