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Intelligent Design

There is evidence of Intelligent Design all around us. Everything we observe is a thought made manifest. We sit in a chair, and someone thought of creating that chair. We drive down a highway, and the design and placement of every stop light and road sign began as an idea, a thought in someone’s mind. So, when we study the patterns of design in nature, we are essentially observing the thoughts of a higher mind, of the creative mind, of Intelligent Design. In doing so, we are guided to reconnect with fundamental truths about reality, which invite us to a deeper connection with ourselves and the family of Life all around us.

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The Patterns

The patterns of nature have been studied by humans since ancient times. The awareness of cycles, be they celestial or seasonal or biological, began long, long ago. We are effected by the cycles of nature every day, and these are just one way to observe patterns.

Spirals show up everywhere in nature, from our weather and solar system, to seashells and sunflowers. Spirals reveal a pattern of movement consistent with the vortex at the center of a toroidal field.

Toroidal Field
A donut-shaped field with a central vortex that holds every particle, creating boundaries and separation. The toroidal field for the body is called the bio-field.

Golden Ratio
The golden ratio mathematically calculates the spirals we see everywhere. It shows us the growth rate of the spiral and geometric ratios.

Fractals are patterns that repeat at different scales, essentially revealing the existence of the whole in each individual part.

Harmonics are patterns of division within a single frequency. They are a naturally occurring phenomenon and display a similar order to the geometries that structure creation.

Platonic “Solids”
Tetrahedron, octahedron, hexahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. These five shapes are the fundamental geometries of matter. “Solids” is in quotes, as the Universe is truly composed of waves, there are no solids. What we observe as shape is more accurately a relationship of waves held in balance by fundamental forces, i.e. magnetism, gravity.

Eyes To See

An awareness of these patterns gives one “eyes to see” the Divine at work all around us. As we begin tuning in to the Intelligent Design found in all things, we start connecting with the inherent order of the Universe. While the noise of the world around us may suggest an elevated state of disorder, the truth is that we exist in an orchestra of harmonic relationships. And if it seems as though things are chaotic around us, we are being called to shift our focus and retrain our eyes and minds to the Great Harmony inherent in Life.

Having eyes to see the patterns of Intelligent Design is like having a friend walking next to you calling you back to center, back to the harmony. But the choice of what we tune into is our own. Will we scroll through a social feed or flip on the news and tune into the divisive stories? Or will we focus on the harmony of the design all around us? We become what we focus on, it’s a law of physics.


The law of resonance, simply put, is like attracts like. Essentially, we vibe with similar vibes. So what we tune into, what we pay attention to, what we focus on is what we will experience. It also acts as a sort of temperature gauge to where we are at personally. If we tune in with chaos, our daily experience of life will naturally feel more chaotic. If we tune in with harmony, guess what… we experience more harmony. It all has to do with the waves we are receiving and projecting.

We are engaged in a never-ending feedback loop with the world around us. We both receive and emit waves and we can consciously select both. This does not mean “good vibes only,” however it does mean becoming more aware of the workings of the Universe, and more aware of our own patterns. In the same way we explored universal patterns, we too have patterns that have been programmed into us since the day we arrived on this planet. Our mindset and our beliefs are reflective of these patterns, and the beautiful thing is that we can rewrite our own patterns, if we so choose.

Let’s be very clear, rewiring your mind and rewriting patterns is not always the easiest thing to do, but the peace and joy that lies beyond habitual thought is worth all the effort. The first step is self-observation, learning to witness your own thoughts and recognize that you are not your thought, you are the consciousness observing a thought. Essentially, you are observing a pattern of your own mental wiring. Some thoughts will feel aligned with who you are, and others won’t. There may be some thoughts that you observe and think, “where did that come from?” Is it a reflection of familial conditioning? Cultural conditioning? Perhaps it came from childhood friends. Regardless, learning to observe your thoughts is the perfect place to begin taking an active role in the waves you send into the field, which has a direct effect on the ones you receive, remember the law of resonance.

The Power of Sound

So how does sound play a role in any of this? Well, it all comes down to order, geometry, and harmonic relationships. Remember, the Universe contains no solids, simply waves in relation to one another held in balance by fundamental forces. The high level of design we observe is revealing patterns of harmonic relationships inherent to the workings of the Universe. The patterns we previously reviewed are not only found in nature around us, they are written into each and every one of us, within us. Every molecule of our bodies correspond to a crystal system; the golden ratio is in our hands, arms, legs, feet; we have natural cycles, we are reflections of Intelligent Design, of universal geometry, of the Great Harmonic Orchestra.

By placing the body in a sea of waves that correspond to the crystalline geometries creating our Universe, we can help restore order and harmony to the biological system. Frequency is the language of the Universe, and every particle of your body understands this language. Knowing how it works makes no difference in its effect, but again, the key for sound healing is resonance, sympathetic vibration. Your body responds to the sounds, more specifically the mathematical ratios and order of harmonics. All that’s required is an open mind, the Universe manages the rest.

As order is restored to the physical body, energy begins flowing as it was designed to, and we as individuals are more supported in the transformation of our mental processing. The physical, mental, and spiritual bodies are all connected, so when we support the order of one, we, by relationship, support them all.

Sound is by no means the answer to everything, but it has potential to radically and profoundly shift our lives towards harmony and order, helping us to return to the truth of who we are, and restore Heaven on Earth.




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