Living Life as an Immortal Child of Spirit

I always enjoy watching a good movie. One of my old favorites is called “Highlander”. It stars Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert. The movie came out in 1986. It’s about a group of immortal beings who fight each over a fabled prize. This game has been playing for countless centuries. As each century goes by, the characters adapt to the new living conditions and standards that the ordinary masses live by.

Although it’s just a movie, it holds a deep underlying truth about this dream called life. Being born into a human body and viewing life through the senses, mind and body, we see an ever changing panorama of events playing out from cradle to grave. When you add in the perception of time, it seems that life passes by in a constant stream. With each passing day, these bodies subtly change. That is, not always in a favorable way but they change all the same.

Unlike a new car that we lease or buy and exchange for a newer model as they age and wear, these human bodies appear to our senses as the only vehicle we get to use for our experience with life. After it’s worn out and no longer useful, either we discard it or it ejects us. Depending on where and how we were raised, a large number of us were educated to believe that we are just these body vehicles and nothing more. If this were the case, it would indeed be a sad and short ending to this thing called life. The author was initially raised with this limited belief system. It didn’t feel right and left him with an uneasy anxiety as he would ponder this topic as a youth. Imagining being stuck in a coffin for eternity or being resigned to dark nothingness wasn’t a pleasant idea to consider. Many others who follow certain religious beliefs of being directed to heaven or hell at physical death, this isn’t a comfortable thought either as which route you receive seems to depend on whether you’re good or naughty during your life. Since the majority of people have been a combination of naughty and nice, it can leave each with an underlying fear of what’s to come at this phenomenon called death. Many people seem to keep themselves so busy so they don’t have to ponder this moment until it’s upon them.

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Fortunately for this author, he was introduced to a new way of thinking and understanding by God and his Guru while he was in his 20s. This new way of thinking was the opposite of what he originally thought to be true. It was so very refreshing and expanding to the mind and heart and filled him with joy at the idea of being an immortal soul having a temporary human experience. This information is not new to mankind; it’s been around for millennia thanks to the great seers and sages of India. Also, this sacred information is not limited to only a chosen few, its available to all sincere truth seekers.

Considering the emancipating idea of being an immortal spirit who traveled back and forth from this world to the astral world or heavenly plane and then back to earth in a new baby body was such a freeing concept that felt so right and true for me. There was no doubt and never has been since learning this truth many years ago. The idea is that upon physical death our spirits go to the astral plane for a rest and refresher. Depending on our karma, most go back to earth in a new body to work on the next lesson of soul evolution. For those who are highly evolved spiritually, they don’t have to go back to earth anymore. Also, there are a few Christ-like exceptions to this rule that have been living on this earth for much longer than the normal timespan of 70-80 years. They are called Avatars.

These great Avatars and Saints stand as divine examples of spirit or God. They are free against the ravages of time and change. They are deathless and can keep a body the same age if they wish or make it look younger or older at will. They are beyond human comprehension.

I used to visit my granny quite often for coffee and conversation during her final years. Even though she never spoke about it with her kids, we had a deep connection on the spiritual level. She told me she believed in reincarnation and seemed to be comforted by it. We had many such conversations. They were most enjoyable. I know we have been together in past lives as the bond we share goes beyond time and space.

I recall when she was on her deathbed. My mother and her sister were staying at her house and were taking care of her as she didn’t want to be in a rest home or hospital. She had a few strokes and didn’t seem conscious to them. When I arrived at the house on the final day, as soon as I had opened the door and said “Hello”, my mother yelled out that I had arrived. At that exact moment, my dear granny left her body for the astral plane. She had kindly waited for me as we had this deep connection. I wished her well on her journey from this world to the next. I look forward to seeing her again someday either in the astral plane or back on this earth.

Knowing there is continuity of life can be very comforting and even exciting to think about. I found out about this deep truth by the blessing and grace of God and my Guru. An enlightened Guru can see both the past and the future of this and other lives. This sacred knowledge doesn’t come all at once to a devotee but it can come with time, practice and by the grace of God. Having an immortal view on life is not only thrilling to ponder but can offer much peace of mind knowing that we have endless continuity of existence and are more than these temporary human bodies that come and go like today’s fashion trends. If we don’t rise to our highest goals and dreams this life despite our best efforts, we can come back to learn, grow and expand in another incarnation. If we were born into a sickly body this life, hopefully the next life will give us a healthy and better body to enjoy this dream of life. All things are possible in Spirit.

Our future has endless possibilities to grow and expand in spirit. Each soul along with every atom of this creation has been encoded with the perfection of God. All we need to do is to wake up through prayer and meditation to realize our infinite immortal nature.


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