Musings about the Other Side


I was lying in bed. The light was on. The day had mostly passed. My elbows stabbed the bed while my hands held something I was reading. Then it happened.

At first it was some distance away. It felt like a sphere. The sphere was not physical as I could see it with my mind. It appeared to be a swirling cloud but smooth like steel. There was no color but its surface consisted of undulating, blurry dark lines. It quickly moved close to me touching my body. It seemed the size of the moon. I was surrounded with a feeling of peace and tranquility. Then it was gone.

This was about 1975. I pondered this event and during conversations with trusted people I would mention it with the hope of gaining some insight. One evening while working late, a fellow programmer, Ben, shared a similar experience. He was sitting on a workbench in a garage while a friend was working on a car. Ben slid off the bench to stand up. While slipping to the floor, he found himself spread eagle hanging near a flaming ball of fire. The ball was huge like a planet or star. When his feet hit cement he was back in real time. He had no idea what it was about.

I am an atheist but believe we exist in a vast spiritual universe. My thought is that we are an extension of some greater spiritual entity; perhaps the term over self works. This led to experimenting with contacting ones over self. One day a close lady friend agreed to be a part of the experiment. After running over some of the techniques locating one’s over self, she suddenly claimed she was in contact with hers. She described it as a huge soft pillow that wrapped itself around her. She then felt cozy and very serene. Days later she claimed she could pull it in with but a thought.

As time passed, the over self concept became a serious study. The conclusion was that our sprit bodies are mechanical extensions of an over self. The idea is that the over self experiences the physical through this mechanical aspect, us. Part of this is that the over self is the seat of conscious thought. The mechanical aspect is much like a robot. When this robot encounters situations of deep thought, data processing switches up to the over self. Part of this is also that the over self manages our lives. This bred the thought that the over self is the agent that gets us into trouble.

The thought then appeared: if it can get us into trouble, maybe it can get us out of trouble. A plan was developed. The first rule was to avoid direct contact with the over self. The idea was that if one is advanced enough to sense the over self one, could use its power. However, the goal of the over self is to experience life as a unique entity. If one behaves as if you are a team, the over self would no longer experience that individualistic lifestyle. The team aspect would disappear. That is, the indiscriminate use of such power cannot be. Essentially; you are on your own.

But there is a second part of the plan. Charge ahead with life. It appears the over self is encouraging that. However, is the over self responsible for what happens? So, we come to the third part. If one gets into deep water, ask for help. This is the deal; avoid all contact unless there is extreme duress.

I have kept to the plan. This game called universe is full of adventure and pitfalls. The adventures have been fun and most of the pitfalls were resolved on my own. But two slammed me on my face. In each of these, life was bearing down on me with great force. I addressed my over self directly, “This is to much; stop it.” Whatever the duress was, it disappeared.

I suspect there are others out there that have a different interpretation of all this. So, I call this my musings.

Now, you may wonder how contact with an over self was attempted. Here is one you can try. Find a quiet safe place to sit. Close your eyes and say to yourself with some conviction expecting an answer, “Where am I?”


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Al Schneider
Al Schneider graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit with a BS in Physics in 1969. Most of his life was spent as a professional programmer concentrating on industrial and scientific applications. His first love in life is the study of quantum physics. Other pursuits included religion, magic, karate, sword fighting, skiing, and golf. He has published many books on magic deception and some on computers and new age information. Two books of distinction are New Age Quantum Physics and Reincarnation A-Z w/o BS, available on Al has lectured at many magic conventions and at Embedded Systems Conferences on computers. He is now retired, living in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.


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