Sailing the Seven Seas of Life

An Essays From the book – The Joys of Live Alchemy by Michael Levy

When we arrive into this world, we enter as a ship that navigates by the forces of nature and propelled by the power in the invisible auras of Spirit. It takes a few years for us to launch our ship with a self-propelled man made motor. During this process, we are taken to many shipyards for a refit to our intellect’s knowingness. We are trained by man-made ideologies and our natural awareness starts to go down deep inside the “Davy Jones locker” within us. We are taught to accept a new identity that will become the captain of our ship. We have to pass many tests of approval by our Admiralty of mis-guided intellects. Once we believe we are qualified to be our own pilot and navigator, we set out to chart our voyage of a lifetime.

As we sail along on the sea of life’s journey, we stop at many ports of call to pick up passengers and cargo. Some of these passengers become permanent guests in our lives. Some come for a short trip as they were sent to us to fill a need. Our thoughts advertised we were in need of advice and guidance so they came along for that part of our journey, for they knew the waters we were sailing. They steered us clear of dangers and helped us weather passing storms. Then they went on their way. Some died of a sickness or old age, but their souls stay with us for guidance, as long as we know where they are located in our inner sanctuary. They are the angels that we asked to help steer our course. We still have our trusted physical crew all around our ship, and we have to be aware that we need to treat them with love and respect or else we may encounter a mutiny.

We should always be on guard, for there are dangerous sharks and pirates in these waters. Many are after our cargo of money and treasures, whilst a few wish to take the joy out of our lives. The stock market is a vast ocean of scurvy forces that lie in wait to ambush us when we have lost our direction. There are many other unknown, hazardous ships, we will encounter on our travels and many fly the flag of friendship from a distance, but when we get up close, they hoist the skull and crossbones. Our lookouts fell asleep and we were attacked because impostors penetrated our vigilance. Enemies posing as friendly sailing vessels, in the seas turbulent cross currents of information. And so, we battle the storm and survive, but each battle leaves its scars on our vessel.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Once we journey beyond our half way mark, we suddenly get the feeling we might be heading in the wrong direction. We start to understand the real enemy is within our own ship, and the pilot we have so much faith in is an impostor. It is the same type of impostor that we have been battling in the other pirate ships, only this foe was planted in our thoughts for many years and has grown in stature and strength. So much so it thinks it can control the ship in heavy raging seas, even when it knows the ship is aging and does not have the power it once had. When it realizes it does not have any real power, it wants to abandon the ship as it begins to sink. It wants to forsake the vessel and allow it to crash on the rocks of worry and anxiety.

The captain of our ship is a wimp. A false-hearted scalawag, with no care for anything, except its own importance. It is a stowaway, which dresses up in a captain’s uniform recognized by society’s elite and panders to their whims. That is why we believed it to be so real, for we have all been flying the wrong flags, because our captains are nothing but sophisticated, adulterated, decoys. The real captain named Soul is still onboard but held captive in the deep recesses of our vessel.

Captain Ego needs to retire and become a quiet member of the crew.

The time has come to unlock the chains of imprisonment and allow our authentic, trusted captain to gain mastery of the controls of our ship. To escort us to safe waters, where we can float on a tide of supreme bliss. Each day we will set out to achieve new goals and visit places beyond distant horizons. We will still encounter many storms along our cruises but with a steadfast captain at the helm, we will never fear any assault on our peace and tranquility. We have a twenty-four hour watch in the crow’s nest. Our finely tuned awareness is enjoying the true order of command.

We have turned off the old worn out motor and we are sailing into the sunset with Spirit’s forces supervising our sail.

Within our life span, everyone will sail the seven seas. We come into this world as a newborn baby and some of us leave within a day or two. We have still sailed the seven seas, only we did it in a pure vessel and in super fast time. Others may sail for over one hundred years. The time-scale is not that important. The quality and value of time spent joyfully is important.

The seas are the same for everyone. Only the time frame is a little longer for some. In cosmic terms, there is little difference in a second or a hundred years. The first taste is the banquet. The first sail is the experience of a lifetime. So we sail the seven seas of life, until the time comes to set our ship adrift. We then sail into the infinite calm waves, in the imponderable galax-seas of eternity. Until that day comes, let’s sail our charter on the authentic sensations of love and joy. Only Spirit can award us with a true captain and navigator. Allow each moment to become a soul-filled adventure of unsurpassed bliss.


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Michael Levy
Michael Levy's philosophy of life is living each moment in the realms of joyful love. He is an international radio host and the author of 17 inspirational books. Michael's poetry and essays grace many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health and wellness maintenance, stress eradication, wealth creation and development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry. For more about this author, visit


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