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Numerology is always giving you insights about where you are in life so that you can be prepared to take advantage of opportunities and options to increase your joy. July is the 7th month of the year and the energy of 7 encourages you to take a “time-out” of your busy schedule to ask yourself a bigger question. The deeper questions, “Who am I? What is my Destiny?” need to be asked sometime. Now is the time when the energy is in alignment for you to receive a really good answer.

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Remember, the 6-vibrational energy for 2022 is inspiring you to heal your differences. One really good way to do this is exploring what differences you see yourself dealing with this year. Perhaps you long to be doing a career with more of a purposeful meaning. Perhaps you isolate yourself from being in a loving relationship because of a past challenging experience. Maybe you have been postponing starting a healthier lifestyle. Or maybe you don’t have a way to explore your spiritual path.

Healing subtle differences within yourself is a powerful way to feel good again. Way too often when challenging mental, emotional, or physical issues come up in life, we tend to push them into the closet. We say, “I choose not to deal with this now!” Well, these issues don’t go away. They sit there and fester just waiting for you to open the closet door. This July being the 7th month in a 6-vibrational energy becomes the energy of 13/4. This karmic lesson of 13/4 energy is about you facing the responsibilities of dealing with issues that may affect your healthily lifestyle.

If you are ready to do some self-reflection this month, the time is ripe for you to succeed with healing any issues that you have tucked away in the closet.

Here are a few ideas you may want to try as you start your journey of self-reflection.

  • Start by looking at what we call the Focus 4 areas of life: Health, Relationships, Career, and Spiritual.
  • Next ask yourself, is there one or more of these areas I am not happy with? What needs to happen for me to experience more joy?
  • Then it’s time to get in touch with your inner self by getting quiet, journaling, walking in nature, praying, or perhaps looking in the mirror and asking yourself “What needs to change for me to be happy?”

Once you have spent time with your inner self getting to the core of what needs to change for you to be happier, it’s time to get to work so that you can start making the necessary changes. If you know you are ready to explore a more meaningful career, look at getting a numerology reading. Your personal Numerology chart is very clear about showing you several key factors about who you are being in this life. Your Destiny, Heart’s Desire, and personal timing chart also become a strong influence in making your decisions.

Whatever area your self-reflection leads you to this month, remember that the energy is in alignment for you to make the necessary changes. Being karmically responsible this month aligns you with source energy for you to create more joy in your life.


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