Starcodes: July 1-7

Starcodes for the week of July 1-7, 2022

Both the chart for our country’s birthday/solar return and the fallout from recent headlines point to tensions within our country this year and underline how important it is to keep conflict productive and honest.

Pluto is exactly back where it was when our country was born – this weekend Pluto is squared by Mars and the asteroid Eris, known for discord. When Pluto was at this 27° of Capricorn in 1776 – the USA was just beginning a formative war for independence. Over the next decade the country worked hard, through conflict, to form our democracy.

We birth our Constitution a decade later on September 17, 1787 (yes, the Constitution is a Virgo- picky, pragmatic, with integrity, mutable) when Pluto was well into Aquarius. Our Constitution is a powerful vision statement but can be interpreted so many ways. We struggled to figure out how to form a better government and a more perfect union. In this next decade, instead of tearing us apart, let the debate help us forge a more perfect union. Starting with this weekend.

So feel that tension, both that personal and political tension, and find a good use for it. Be muscular. Speak up. Make a difference. But avoid unproductive confrontation, no matter how tempting, because we will still have to clean up the mess.

We can expect a wide spectrum of events and feelings, thoughts and messages this week. Emotions could run high as this holiday weekend begins under a dramatic Leo Moon and as Mars in impulsive militant Aries, squares Pluto, Lord of death, rebirth and empowerment. We need to talk process dialogue, transport, and move as Mercury – in its own verbal sign of Gemini, forms a confusing square to imaginative Neptune, and trines competent Saturn. All under a self-protective but picnic-loving Sun in Cancer.

This combination adds panache to life and sparks to the debates over land, sea, and Internet. Play, but play safe, with those fireworks and feelings.

The Moon enters Virgo on Sunday as Mercury quincunx Pluto. We can get deep and edgy, but need to stay in the moment rather than think we know where everything’s going.

Feel a shift on Tuesday as the mood gentles and we can get back to our personal agenda when two planets change signs. Mars leaves feisty Aries and enters calmer, stubborn Taurus while mental Mercury leaves restless buzzing Gemini and enters thoughtful, self-protective Cancer, and these two planets form a cooperative sextile. Tuesday through Thursday a friendly Libra Moon asks what creates balance in our life and ecosystem and fairness in our relationships and our legal system.

Friday, July 1: This could be both the best and worst of days. A sociable, emotional Moon in Leo helps us appreciate summer’s bounty, art festivals community gathering, though we may play our emotional hand a little too wide. Underneath the beauty, Mars squares Pluto and can spark conflict and rage or bring out our brave adventurous hero. A gauntlet is thrown down.  Enjoy the flow but take everything with a grain of salt and put safety first; watch out for unexpected explosions of temper or fireworks.

Moon trine Jupiter 9:49 AM, Moon sextile Venus 3:58 PM, Mars square Pluto 8:13 PM.

Saturday, July 2: Have a vision and make it so. Express with panache; engage picnics and protests, county fairs and debates under the extroverted Leo Moon. Ask clarifying information; our perceptions can be off-base but we are generally agreeable as Mercury in nervy Gemini trines and coordinates with competent Saturn while challenging confusing Neptune. If people are in a difficult mood from recent events, show signs of inebriation, or the weather turns wild, prioritize safety first. But otherwise – dream away. Have a vision and make it so.

Mercury trine Saturn 4:38 AM, Moon square Uranus 6:21 AM, Mercury square Neptune 2:52 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 7:54 PM, Moon sex tile Mercury 10:42 PM.

Sunday, July 3: The vibe is more subdued but edgy as the Moon enters Virgo early this morning while Mercury quincunx Pluto. Let the nervous system catch up, solve a mystery, share fears, hopes, and a dark sense of humor. Watch for a suspicious, resentful patch later on; instead of sulking, speak up and work it through – whether in politics or love. We may feel the need to analyze life events but let’s use a light touch with issues close to home. It furthers to connect grounding traditions and with sources of support and nurturance.

Moon trine Mars 3:58 AM, Moon enters Virgo 6:31 AM, Mercury quincunx Pluto 8:13 PM.

Monday, July 4: Our country – love it and criticize it; expect to hear all sides expressed. Romanticism and pugnaciousness can add fireworks to disagreements during the day and add glow to the fireworks tonight. A moment of spontaneity around dinner time creates an opening for fun and understanding as the Moon trines Uranus.

Moon sextile Sun 7:03 AM, Moon square Venus 9:37 AM, Moon trine Uranus 5:22 PM.

Tuesday, July 5: Feelings sensitize, tempers may show less flame and more determination as Mars enters earthy Taurus. We probably aren’t feeling very open-minded or objective and would rather talk with people who agree with us as Mercury enters Cancer and the Moon enters peaceable Libra. If we feel romantic irritations as Venus semi-squares Mars this evening, let’s try to open our heart and accept that our individual peculiarities and timings may be different than those around us. Find equilibrium and let the summer’s bounty renew resilience.

Mars enters Taurus 12:04 AM, Mercury enters Cancer 12:25 AM, Mercury sextile Mars 12:36 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 7:45 AM, Moon trine Pluto 12:03 PM, Moon enters Libra 4:24 PM, Venus semi-square Mars 7:13 PM, Moon square Mercury 7:20 PM.

Wednesday, July 6: We’ll want to satisfy our innate sense of what is fair, equitable, and beautiful while Venus sextiles Chiron, and get edgy where it isn’t so as Mercury semi-squares Uranus. Anxiety can nudge us to offer unsolicited advice, but it will just be heard as criticism. Praise wherever possible. Expect some awkwardness or discomfort around dinner time as the Moon squares the Sun but it can even out and fresh beauty seep in as the Moon trine Venus towards midnight.

Moon opposed Jupiter 7:12 AM, Venus sextile Chiron 11:17 AM, Mercury semi-square Uranus 12:19 PM, Moon square Sun 8:14 PM, Moon opposed Chiron 10:45 PM, Moon trine Venus 11:53 PM.

Thursday, July 7: Let’s take a moment and create beauty to share or allow ourselves to feel good about something recently accomplished, a completion or insight, a new relationship or understanding. Encourage good work and ask elders for advice. Soften the heart during the day to prepare for deeper work – or awareness of work yet undone – as the Moon enters Scorpio tonight.

Moon trine Saturn 1:17 PM, Moon square Pluto 7:03 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 11:14 PM


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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