Starcodes: July 22-28


Starcodes for the week of July 22-28, 2022

The Sun joins Mercury in Leo and heralds the rich and abundant mid-summer Leo season. It calls us to step out of the house and join the festival- as safely as we can with Covid still wafting through the air. Leo rules the heart and the hearth, so this influx of Leo energy encourages each one of us to be a hearth-fire for our community, to shine and enrich the lives around us. It can bring out our inner Lionheart and add extra bravery and generosity, help us see the light in one another. Our we could just act out or laze about—it is up to us.

Leo encourages us to take our space in the world, shine in performance and negotiate for what we need relationship. Add romance and panache every summer moment. If we can’t add that extra touch of panache, some will add a touch of Greek tragedy or Shakespearean plot twist, anything to create interest. World events may play out as if they are a blockbuster summer movie, though we can hope not just a disaster movie but an adventure with heroic endings. How can we heroically save our ecosystem? That is the disaster so clearly leaning in right now.

Leo can make us want to speak in hyperbole, exaggerate to make a point. But the point may be true and needs to be expressed. Watch this play out in the headlines, the heat gets hotter, the drama more intense, politicians speak in overblown generalizations and take performative stances. Look for the truth within or underneath the story.

Shadow Leo energy feels that any attention is good attention, so let’s watch what we reward with our focus; ignore the obnoxious. Conversely- some will react against the grain and become more self-conscious, particularly now with Venus in more introverted Cancer and Mars in pragmatic Taurus. Some of us will need more privacy than ever- it will be our idea of self-indulgence. That Venus and Mars placements can also help us stay connected to the people we love and add resilience to our relationships when we garden our connections with love and shared joy.

This weekend buzzes. Friday begins under a grounded Taurus Moon as the Sun enters Leo, but the conversation picks up late tonight as the Moon enters verbal Gemini and communicative Mercury begins to trine expansive Jupiter for the weekend.

Early next week could bring introspective moments but also potentially melodramatic concerns about the future as Venus squares Jupiter, listen carefully to those exaggerated feelings, they are telling the truth, but know that the volume control or timing may be off.

Expect some conflict midweek as Mercury squares Mars and Uranus, step away from any ego battles and just get to the point. Take notes of the plot twists towards the end of the week. Look for hints of surprising new storylines.

Underneath the summer heat could be a growing discontent that pushes us for some major and minor changes for the better, peaking in early August as activating Mars moves closer to discontented Uranus conjunct the North node, a point of faith which calls us forward.

Image by Štefan Štefančík from Unsplash

Friday, July 22: Creature comforts soothe and ground us this morning, keep the pace steady and make solid progress as the Taurus Moon squares competent Saturn. Our attention expands as the Sun enters Leo this afternoon though the mood grows thoughtful; priorities shift and deepen as the Moon trines Pluto. Tonight, the energy tends to wild and talkative as the Moon enters Gemini.

Moon conjunct Uranus 12:13 AM, Moon square Saturn 10:18 AM, Moon sex tile Neptune 1:45 PM, Sun enters Leo 2:06 PM, Moon trine Pluto 5:44 PM, Moon enters Gemini 11:10 PM, Moon sextile Sun 11:57 PM.

Saturday, July 23: It’s a great day for summer fun, so take in the sights, enjoy a show, or stage a protest. The verbal Gemini Moon helps us find the words, explore, and juggle many things vying for our attention, Mercury trine Jupiter and can open minds and expand their repertoire. We just need to remember to listen as much as we speak.

Mercury trine Jupiter 11:52 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 4:38 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 5:35 PM.

Sunday, July 24: Get centered, make connections and tell the story. Our attention and brains can feel scattered, we could waste our time on silly distractions or use this mental versatility to explore beyond familiar patterns. Try something new. Tonight we could feel tired, but may have a better take on some recently rocky situation as the Moon trines Saturn.

Moon trine Saturn 10:26 PM.

Monday, July 25: Expect an odd bout of introversion; deal with strangers early in the morning before the Moon enters intimate and self-protective Cancer. We may feel unusually emotional, our emotions can feel almost maudlin or cartoonish, but authentic in contents if not size, as Venus in Cancer squares expansive Jupiter.

Venus squares Jupiter 12:13 AM, Moon square Neptune 2:14 AM, Moon enters Cancer 11:53 AM.

Tuesday, July 26: Gardening, and all its nurturing metaphors, furthers. Critique may not be useful, but every word of valid encouragement nourishes. Tongues sharpen as the Moon conjunct Venus in sensitive Cancer while Mercury squares Mars. Nasty comments may feel temporarily satisfying but could add to the drama and create a mess to clean up; just use this aspect to cut to the chase and get to the point. Take notes of what’s wrong and how it is wrong while the mind is pointed but consider discussing it later when our defenses are softer.

Moon square Jupiter 5:35 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 8:54 AM, Mercury square Mars 1:13 PM, Moon sextile Mars 5:57 PM.

Wednesday, July 27: Let this day be for healing, telling stories about people, places, and species who are no longer with us. Think about what’s missing and let the feelings flow to promote healing. Get the splinters out rather than re-wound. Give people room to reminisce without trying to fix them as Mercury trines the healing asteroid Chiron and the Moon opposes Pluto.

Moon sextile Uranus 1:36 AM, Mercury trine Chiron 10:55 AM, Moon trine Neptune 2:58 PM, Moon opposite Pluto 6:54 PM.

Thursday, July 28: Look for some great stories, performances, operatic events, and potentially some amazing ego grandstanding. Expect lazy spells and operatic events. Let us be centered in ourselves, but not self-centered; honor others in their personal exploration under the Leo New Moon at 11:55 AM MDT. By coming back to ourselves, remembering what helps us feel alive, vital and empowered and commit to changes which help us all shine on this new Moon.

Moon enters Leo 12:35 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 11:55 AM, Jupiter stations retrograde 2:37 PM, Mercury square Uranus 3:15 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:03 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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