Starcodes: July 8-14


Starcodes for the week of July 8-14, 2022

Be Rembrandt. As the weekend begins the planets resonate with the chart of artist Rembrandt Van Rijn. We may feel haunted and opinionated with a mischievous twinkle and an unusual access to our creative flow. The vital sun and expressive Mercury now in introspective Cancer, artistic Venus in versatile Gemini, and the Moon in broody Scorpio all mirror his chart.

Reinvent a form of art. Invents a new storyline for life. Create a new trajectory for our nation’s progresses. It will take great creativity to turn this country’s political boat in a good direction and turn the trajectory of our aching ecosystem towards health. It could take great creative efforts on our part to make the most out of our personal life in the face of these challenges.

That has to be the twin vision, express creativity at home with an eye on how we can re-create our world’s future. Enrich our life, sculpt our garden, and creatively respond to problems in the moment with kindness and safety. Bring that creativity into the kitchen and into loving relationships.

The Scorpio Moon can invoke an artistic moodiness over the weekend, people will need both time alone and time deeply connected. While we can work together on a common goal, many people won’t want to talk about it too much, don’t want to hear gossip and may not want to process a lot. Our emotions can run deep but we might not necessarily want to talk about it. Let sleeping dogs and grumpy people lie still. On Sunday the Moon enters expansive Sagittarius and brings a breath of summer. It gives us room to break routine, ask tough questions, talk to strangers and laugh together.

On Tuesday the Moon enters Capricorn and waxes full on Wednesday, inspiring a new determination- what is that determination for good, bad, or determine depression, it is up to us. This is an important time to look at our bucket list, our goals or vision quests, look at the direction which beckons us, and make sure we are, however circuitously, heading in the right direction. Capricorn highlights our need for work that matters, which can feel the opposite to our present Cancerian need for renewal and homeland. But let’s explore how they are two sides to one coin; a safe home base supports our work in the world.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Friday, July 8: The day is stubborn but tender, calling for a minute alone or within. Let people surface from their inner world and interact on their own time. Old physical or emotional wounds can tweak at the edges, but the present situation offers a chance to break old patterns and find a fresh, more healing approach. Offer one another some radical acceptance as a first step forward while the Sun squares Chiron.

Moon opposes Mars 3:06 AM, Sun square Chiron 7:22 AM Moon square Mercury 11:31 AM

Saturday, July 9: On this creative and haunted day people get cranky when they feel uncertain, emotional, or when they bump into sharp edges. We could all use solitude but would hate to feel isolated. Don’t ask people to work together, though it will flow easily if we choose to do so, we’ll resist being pushed out of our comfort zone. Pour angst into creative projects. Rein in controlling or humorless impulses around dinnertime as the Moon squares Saturn. Laughter returns later on.

Mercury square Jupiter 12:13 AM, Moon trine son 5:10 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 6:34 AM, Moon is square Saturn 5:04 PM, Moon trine Neptune 6:55 PM, Moon sex tile Pluto 10:34 PM.

Sunday, July 10: Encourage gentle fresh beginnings as the Sun sextiles change-inducing Uranus under an open-minded Sagittarius Moon. Look for hopeful shifts in behavior, new openings, and a willingness to experiment as the Moon trines Jupiter. This is a gently opening doorway, a possibility, it will not kick us through and ask us to try something we don’t want to try. But let’s give it a go and stretch our sense of the possible. Rest early if energy winds down tonight.

Moon enters Sagittarius 2:34 AM, Sun sextile Uranus 2:38 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:02 PM.

Monday, July 11: Expect a few funny or awkward moments this morning. Let’s take an opportunity to reach out to people we don’t normally connect with under the open Sagittarius Moon. Midday, our attention and moods wander, let’s let our feet wander also. Because our minds wander, we‘ll have to track it carefully if we really need to bring something to completion. Tonight, our grip on reality slips and we need time out, so consciously let the imagination wander as the Moon squares Neptune. If a decision is needed, confirm everyone is on the same page to avoid confusion.

Moon opposed Venus 3:11 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 5:47 PM, Moon square Neptune 7:42 PM.

Tuesday, July 12: The waxing Moon enters competent Capricorn early this morning, trines Mars, and insists we get things done. An ambient willfulness can make us twitchy. We’ll feel good when we make progress but can get depressed or demanding if we feel thwarted. Stay self-responsible and find worthy projects. Back up word with action. We will appreciate reliability. Enjoy trust built through responsibility, integrity, and competence as Venus trines Saturn.

Moon enters Capricorn 3:01 AM, Moon trine Mars 11:12 AM, Moon square Jupiter 4:07 PM, Mercury square Chiron 10:07 PM, Venus trine Saturn 10:27 PM.

Wednesday, July 13: People can get willful; don’t try to change others or be controlling about surroundings, instead make this full Capricorn Moon a high tide of personal effort. Take steps towards personal goals or find new ones. Mercury sextiles Uranus and encourages us to find a new way of thinking about or discussing the problem. Evening can drift into magical mythos or produce emotional misunderstandings as Venus squares Neptune. Speak to the archetypes. Focus on determination versus discouragement and check in on recently bereaved or lonely people tonight as the Moon conjunct Pluto- avoid dangerous situations and stay in the present moment.

Moon opposed Mercury 5:58 AM, Moon trine Uranus 7:41 AM, Moon opposed the sun 12:37 PM, Mercury sex tile Uranus 6:16 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 10:16 PM, Venus square Neptune 11:24 PM.

Thursday, July 14: The mood is less pushy and more collaborative as the Moon enters interactive Aquarius and squares activating Mars. People still may feel pushy and self-protective, no one wants criticism. Focus on the team first, before the work: connection and mutual respect smooth the way. Check in on frayed friends and help them feel a community of support.

Moon enters Aquarius 2:13 AM, Moon square Mars 12:38 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 3:29 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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  1. Hi why are Starcodes a week behind is everything ok w/Heather Re: July 15-21 2022 … Missing it for my planning of my spiritual week as it’s my bible ?


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