Are Synchronicities just a Co-Incidence?


Do you regard yourself as being in the hands of fate? Or in control of your own destiny? What is right for us in the eternal scheme of things is our Destiny. Fate is what happens when our hearts and minds have surrendered to lower forces and the fog that this surrounds us with obscures the forces of destiny.

I believe nothing in the universe happens by accident and everything is ‘meant to be’, but this does not mean that we are all doomed to be automatons, blundering blindly along waiting for death to bring the whole charade to an end. We all have a choice. We can choose what our minds receive from the Cosmic Field. And we can decide what actions will follow. And we can choose what we transmit back.

And sometimes, perhaps when we are tired of fighting our lone battle against a seemingly implacable foe, Destiny gives us a nudge to remind us we are not alone. There is a Higher Power in command after all and all we have to do is trust, and know it is so. The most personally dramatic reminders of this truth are presented to us through ‘synchronicities’ – those meaningful co-incidences involving people, places, events and objects that come into our lives at the exact moment to fulfill a personal need.

The word synchronicity was coined by the celebrated psychiatrist Carl Jung, who believed the traditional notions of causality were incapable of explaining some of the more improbable, and often insightful, coincidences.

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Implicit in his concept of synchronicity was his belief in the ultimate ‘oneness’ of the universe. He said this underlying connectedness manifests itself through meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained by cause and effect. Such synchronicities occur, he theorized, when a strong need arises in the psyche of an individual.

The sort of synchronicity that fills us with wonder and makes us feel that, perhaps, there is something in the guardian angel theory, is when we think of someone we haven’t spoken to for years and the phone rings and it’s them. Or needing a vital piece of information, a book falls open at the appropriate page. I had exactly this type of experience when I was researching for one of my books.

I was looking through a Reader’s Digest tome called How It Is Done, an illustrated compendium explaining the practicalities behind the marvels of everyday life. I was vaguely hoping I might find some story of synchronicity that I could add to my files. There was nothing. But as I idly flipped through the pages while listening to the radio I happened on a section about how film-makers create special effects. There was a picture of Superman, played by actor Christopher Reeve, with an explanation of the techniques used to create the effect of flying.

Sadly, as a result of a riding accident later in his career Reeve was paralyzed and had become even more celebrated as a paraplegic with an unquenchable spirit and a determination to confound all the medical specialists and, one day, walk again. As I gazed at his photograph as the invincible Superman his voice appeared out of my radio. He was being featured on the BBC Radio 4 program Pick of the Week talking about his recent battle against a virus which was attacking his immune system and setting back his determination to beat his paralysis.

While the Reader’s Digest publication contained nothing on the subject of synchronicity, it was as if some guiding intelligence was saying to me, ‘Why put up with an illustration second hand. Here’s an example of synchronicity personal to you.’

And this was also a reminder that the more you are tuned into the possibility of synchronicities in your life, the more they seem to happen. William Temple, when he was Archbishop of Canterbury, was discussing whether prayers that had produced life-changing effects, were merely co-incidences. He told his interlocuter, ‘You know, the funny thing is the more I pray, the more co-incidences seem to happen.’

Psychiatrist James McHarg relates how he was having lunch at his brother-in-law’s house when the phone rang. As he was nearest to the instrument he picked it up and a voice asked, ‘Is that Ward 2?’ Despite being told it was not a hospital the caller said he needed to speak to Dr McHarg urgently. The doctor then recognized the voice of a patient’s husband. ‘How on earth did you know to call me here,’ asked a mystified Dr McHarg. ‘I wasn’t sure of the hospital’s number, so I just dialed the first figures that came into my head,’ the man replied.

Occasionally synchronicities have no special significance except to prove that, if there is a supreme intelligence behind them, it has a sense of humor. It’s as if the Cosmic Joker is telling us to ‘lighten up, it’ll all work out OK in the end.’ An example of this occurred to a UK police constable Peter Moscardi. When his station’s telephone number was changed he gave it to a friend, not realizing that he had transposed two of the numbers.

While on night duty he found the door of a factory open and a light on in the manager’s office. While investigating for intruders the phone rang. He picked it up and it was his friend – ringing the wrong number he’d been given.

Jung believed that matter and consciousness – far from operating independently of each other – are, in fact, interlinked in an essential way, functioning as complementary aspects of a unified reality.

Tuning in to the Cosmic Consciousness seems to work. Try it. Walk in awareness and you’ll find that there is a Plan especially for you. In fact it is a constant awareness of a power beyond ourselves that integrates us into that power.


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Anthony Talmage
Anthony Talmage, through his many years of researching the metaphysical, esoteric, mystical, occult and paranormal, came to the conclusion that human consciousness has the ability to harness the power of the Universe. He puts his theories into practice as President of the Guernsey Society of Dowsers, specializing in healing detrimental energies.


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