Do Angels Show in your Hands?


“For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all ways.”
– Psalm 91-11

This is the handprint of a well-known U.S. psychic. Today’s science says that our little blue world was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, that dinosaurs first appeared 230 million years ago, and that Homo Sapiens have been around for at least 100,000 years.

However, Christian logic using the Bible and counting the generations descended from Adam and Eve claim the world is actually only almost 7,000 years old. So, which is correct?

Christian mysticism says truth has many levels and layers. It can be true symbolically, figuratively, metaphysically or literally. In fact, theologians say truth has seven levels of manifestation, and one branch of truth may necessarily contradict another, and even the pope has said that creationism and the opposite big-bang theories need each other.

The earliest written records made by man were on varnished leaves in India and are about palmistry and angelic beings. The Quran at 22.75 says, “Allah chooses messengers from angels and from men, verily Allah is the all hearer, and all seer.”

At the same time as Michael Angelo was painting the Sistine Chapel, Trithemius (1462-1516), a German Benedictine monk, polymath, chronicler, lexicographer, and skilled occultist, wrote in his book, De Septem Secundis, about the seven angelic ages and cycles of time. William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was also writing about the seven ages of man, which I have described in my book, “50 case histories in modern palmistry”.

The number 7 has many similar mentions in the Bible. Dante Alighieri’s famous book “Dantes Inferno” shows the seven realms or various planes of existence. The American prophet Edgar Cayce had his first angel visitation at age 14, and the angel said to him, “Thy prayers are heard, and you will have your wish. Remain faithful. Be true to yourself. Help the sick and the afflicted.”

The book of revelations describes 7 angels, the word angel means a messenger and what these angels represent.

The seven sacraments of Christianity, were originally designed to enhance the seven chakras and their application to daily life, not to dull them as they do today, and this was to coincide with the seven major planets of astrology, the seven days of the week, and the seven types of hand.

Since ancient times, the planets have ruled the seven main areas of palmistry and in traditional Christianity, each planet has its angel guardian. According to Trithemius, the first era and also hand part was governed by Orifiel, the spirit of Saturn. The second was governed by Anael for Venus, then Zachariel for Jupiter, Raphael for Mercury, Samuel for Mars, Gabriel for the moon, and finally, Michael for the sun. John Dee, the Elizabethan alchemist, believed it was possible to contact and communicate with these angels in a language called Enochian, and mystic William Blake actually painted them into his art works.

The Christian mystic Emanuel Swedenborg claimed to have been to their planets astrally and seen them, and British occultist Wellesley Tudor-Pole was said to have brought these angels on to Britain’s side for Churchill in WWII.

Ancient Hindu tradition says these angels live between earth and the moon, and Soviet cosmonauts claimed they saw them.

To find your own spirit guide, this is what you need to do:

  1. Inside the lifeline is another small line traveling down the same path just inside. This is called a Mars line, or a line of protection. It strengthens the lifeline and gives cover from illness and danger for that part covered by this line. It has been seen as a guardian spirit or even a deceased relative watching over us. The line shown here in this illustration travels right up to the Jupiter (index finger) mount. The Jupiter finger is thick, showing that its owner will be brought to prominence
  2. These little upright lines – especially with a long little finger – tell of the spirits giving healing energies. The type of hand will tell how this will manifest, but this one gives someone eloquent communicative ability in these areas, this is seen with counsellors.
  3. The palm center is ruled by Mars and should have a hollow. These hollows show minor chakras. If they are deep, it tells of spiritual energy, and if a small cross appears here, this is known as a psychic cross and shows you have good intuition. The bigger and clearer the cross, the more this is so.
  4. The Fate line coming from the part ruled by the moon gives imagination, visualization and creativity as the fate line travels up to Saturn, the finger of fate.

The bone structure shown comes way back in the past from the Neanderthals. They were the most intelligent of the early humans and very intuitive. She will be pushed by spirit to reach out to show more of her abilities up to the age of 58, when she takes it easier.

So this coming period shows she must work to fulfil the gifts of destiny, take care of her heart, and be open to what her angels bring.

Further Reading:
The Angels of Mons by Arthur Machen
Heaven and Hell by Emanuel Swedenborg
Dante’s Inferno


T Stokes “Happy Palmistry”

Whole lives read from emailed hand photos.




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