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Calling all health freedom advocates! You are invited to join an exciting Health Freedom Congress, where leaders of many health freedom organizations from around the country will gather together with other health freedom advocates to discuss the many issues impacting health freedom. This is the 13th US Health Freedom Congress hosted by National Health Freedom Coalition, designed to promote collaboration in the surging movement for health freedom.

Meeting September 23rd and 24th at the Hilton MSP Airport Hotel in St. Paul, MN, this Congress will start with a Meet and Greet Thursday evening the 22nd. The attendees join and work together for two days, culminating in an evening Health Freedom Awards Banquet and a Keynote Speech by Scott Tips, JD, General Counsel for the National Health Federation since 1989. Friday evening will be the premiere screening of the feature-length film: Anecdotals by Jennifer Sharp. – A compassionate exploration of the nuanced vaccine debate. A Q&A with the filmmaker will follow the screening.

US Health Freedom Congress

As a Congress Participant, you will:

  • Observe the Friday morning Congress Circle proceedings, discussions, and passage of resolutions.
  • Participate in Friday and Saturday Open Space activities with national and state organization leaders and other attendees. Open Space is a communication activity used at meetings by organizations all over the world to bring diverse individuals together in a self-ordered environment that fosters creativity, empowers collaboration, and creates meaningful outcomes.
  • Dialog about effective tactics and strategies to protect our freedom to choose in areas such as: agriculture and food freedom, health practitioner rights to practice, health choice and right to refuse, unconstitutional mandates, parental rights, mercury in dentistry, genetic modifications, EMF health issues, geoengineering, and more.
  • Share organic meals and connect with fellow health freedom advocates and leaders.
  • Attend educational and social evening events including the Friday Night Health Freedom Music and Film Night and Health Freedom Awards Banquet.
  • Develop collaborative relationships.

The Congress is unusual in that citizen advocates mix with strong national leaders in “Open Space” dialogues to strategize together on moving forward for health freedom. Topics will include right to refuse vaccination and other restrictions, right of healing practitioners to practice, organic and regenerative farming, electromagnetic frequencies, GMO labeling, mercury-free dentistry, and many other topics.

US Health Freedom Congress

US Health Freedom Congress

National Health Freedom Coalition, host of the Congress, is a non-profit based in Minnesota. “We all want to protect the right of people to have what they need to be well, and that sometimes means fighting for our right to choose our own healing path, our right to have accurate information, our right to decline treatments, or to avoid toxic substances,” says Diane Miller, JD.

Cost: $275 for entry to all events, Thursday – Saturday, including Awards Banquet.

If you cannot attend the full Congress, tickets are available to the Friday Night Health Freedom Music and Film Night ($30) and Saturday Night Awards Banquet ($75) separately.

For more information and to register: Visit the US Health Freedom Congress website or contact [email protected] and 608-295-3827.


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