Love from a Medium’s Perspective

What is love in the physical world?

We feel it in the flutter in our chest and the quickening of our breath. The love when we connect with others is a part of every human life. Love extends to animals and the beauty around us.

We can feel pain or loss when we are away from loved ones. So, for example, you may ask how these feelings can be correlated with love. Therefore, appreciating our complete understanding of all love around us creates a deep sense of love for all that is. In doing so, we start valuing and loving ourselves.

Each of us has a uniquely personal journey. Love has to start with us. When we fully appreciate our role in this journey, we can truly begin to feel the love we send to others on a deeper level. I’ve found that most people send love to others, expressing it by caring, showing appreciation and affection, and being encouraging and supportive in ways we have never done for ourselves. So many of us have felt that if we continue showing love to others, we will eventually start feeling more love for ourselves. I did this for many years. I thought that if I show others love, appreciation, and caring that I would like to receive, I would eventually feel more love for myself. All this time, I had hoped to find this love. However, in the end, I never felt I had found it.

When I started openly communicating with those on the other side, I started understanding, experiencing, and feeling love and acceptance of myself, which in turn helped me experience a whole different and more profound level of love and compassion, which I was able to share with others.

People come to me for information on their loved ones after their passing. They are looking to see if the love passes thru the physical veil into the non-physical. People fail to realize that those on the other side of the veil are reaching out to show and share their love. They send messages in songs, words, feathers, butterflies, birds, coins, a thought, a touch, feelings, memories, and more. The other aspect I did not expect to discover was that those on the other side are reaching across to help heal challenging relationships experienced here in the physical world. These may be difficult situations that include emotional and physical abuse that those on the other side played a significant role in creating. Those on the other side work on changing the energy that those left behind must deal with. They are working with us to help heal the heavy hearts and to fill said hearts with love by reaching out to us.

Don’t get me wrong, some on the other side are unapologetic, but many others see situations from a new perspective. They are looking to help change what they could not in life. My perspective on what happens in death to those that passed is very different than what it was. As I understand more about them and their lives, my love and compassion for them and everyone here in the physical world expands. I hope that sharing the knowledge I receive from them is enough for you to feel a more profound expansion of love than you ever thought possible.

Caring and sending love to you is the most important thing you can do for yourself. It feels counterintuitive to so many of us. We learn to care for and about others before ourselves. We learn this from families, school, work, society, religions, etc. Those on the other side have shown me time and time again that we need to love and celebrate our uniqueness.

Therefore, it’s important to find ways to celebrate and talk to yourself in loving ways every day. The compassion you show to yourself is amplified energetically out to the universe and is available to all those trying to find love and compassion for themselves. This energy expands the world we live in with the possibilities of a new world.

  • Think of the world you would like to live in.
  • Know it is possible.
  • Know that you are the one creating it with your personal power and belief in yourself.

This is our chance to show the world what love can truly do to change it. I can see that we are already making a difference and will continue to speed up the process with our love sent into the universe.


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