Starcodes: August 12-18


Starcodes for the week of August 12–18, 2022

Do enjoy these lingering, often sweltering, summer moments. Get sick of the heat while enjoying arts festivals and farmers markets. Socialize under this most extroverted Leo Sun and let Summer perform its magic renewal. But in the middle of those festivities, take a few moments to plan ahead this week. Mercury is now in its own sign of Virgo where it encourages our minds to think fast, see what needs fixing, and helps us plan our future efforts.

This will be important in the months ahead. Before fall really kicks in, we do return to summer’s lazy sociability August 27 through Labor Day weekend as Mercury relaxes into friendly Libra. The first week after Labor Day weekend will be an important time to connect and put our teams together. Our work efforts slow down September 11 through October 3 as Mercury retrogrades. We’ll be able to implement our blueprints, revise earlier work and refine plans already in motion but could find it challenging to organize or agree on new work. So let’s take some time between sips of iced tea to brainstorm and outline work for the fall this week, make blueprints to guide efforts next month.

But first, the summer magic can glitter gently through this weekend. Fireflies- actual fireflies or metaphorical ones -soften the night as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and opposes Mercury. Tell gentle stories and be near water as much as possible. Dangle those toes in wild water. Our hearts soften and compassion encourages us to reach out to people victimized by fires, floods, or other recent upheavals.

Start that future planning on Sunday and kick it into high gear early next week as the Moon enters willful Aries while the Sun opposes serious Saturn points out what needs to be done, and Mars trines intense Pluto to help us focus. It will feel good to use our muscles and engage important work, and it will keep that extra willpower out of trouble. If ideas collide and an argument starts to go off the rails, step back, way back, and let emotions calm down before trying again.

On Tuesday, look for new information which changes our perception of the situation as Mercury trines change-making Uranus. This is a good time to apply for job, give notice, brainstorm new projects etc. The lazier summer vibes return under a stabilizing Taurus Moon Wednesday and Thursday, peaches and rowing berries begin to ripen as Venus trines Jupiter. Reach out to a new friend and instigate a picnic or spontaneous dinner gathering. Dream together and percolate creatively all on those about the months ahead.

Friday, August 12: Yesterday’s full Aquarius Moon still resonates this morning and keeps our eyes on how our group, family, or community is doing. Deal with potential early morning grumbles as the Moon squares Mars, then check on community and laugh with friends. Our moods can soften and sensitivities heighten as the Moon enters Pisces midday, tears come closer to the surface. We may need pull in for some self-care or go stick our feet in the lake. Nurture, don’t push this afternoon.

Moon square Mars 5:06 AM, Moon enters Pisces 12:44 PM.

Saturday, August 13: It’s a dreamy, slow, off-schedule day. It could be hard to organize and get out the door as the energy drifts, moods wander, but it could feel delicious to just hold still. Because we’re feeling unusually sensitive we may become unusually aware of the world’s wounds and woes. Evening brings twinkling fireflies and sparkling conversation as the Moon sextile Uranus.

Moon opposed Mercury 1:01 PM. Moon sextile Uranus 7:49 PM.

Sunday, August 14: After a sensitive, fuzzy-thinking, potentially inspired or gossipy morning as the Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, the day becomes an action movie as the Moon enters fiery Aries midafternoon and active Mars trines intensifying Pluto. At any crossroads, work towards healing. Engage serious thought, serious action; it will feel good to use the mental and physical muscles but consider safety first. Watch the headlines for public plot twists.

Moon conjunct Neptune 5:58 AM, Moon sextile Mars 8:52 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:10 AM, Sun opposed Saturn 10:11 AM, Mercury quincunx Chiron 11:41 AM, Moon enters Aries 2:42 PM, Mars trine Pluto 3:27 PM, Moon square Venus 9:53 PM.

Monday, August 15: Instigate, greet, meet. Let’s boldly go where we have not gone before as the gutsy Aries Moon conjunct expansive Jupiter. Honor acts of heroism, just stay aware of others’ needs and don’t take up all the oxygen. We laugh easily, argue quickly, and fires start with a spark, so instigate with care.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:59 AM.

Tuesday, August 16: Speak up and discuss sensitive things with authentic clarity as mental Mercury trines change-inducing Uranus. Listen for incoming information which shifts understanding, use this moment to look at the past with fresh eyes so healthy changes can be made in the future. Slow down and enjoy the summer’s sensuality tonight as the Moon enters earthy Taurus.

Moon sextile Saturn 5:13 AM, Moon trine Sun 8:47 AM, Mercury trine Uranus 11:46 AM, Moon square Pluto 2:18 PM, Moon enters Taurus 8:22 PM.

Wednesday, August 17: It’s a great day for dreaming, but not a particularly good day for practicalities as the Sun quincunx Neptune. Enjoy sybaritic moments, find something to celebrate or dream up under this tactile Taurus Moon as Venus trines Jupiter. Let people know they are loved, cared for appreciated and watch them bloom. Create connection, pose questions, but don’t bother trying to change minds; people can smile and still dig in their heels.

Moon square Venus 9:53 AM, Sun quincunx Neptune 11:56 AM.

Thursday, August 18: Let compassion and affection warm the heart this morning, then let this warmth help deal with logistical or bureaucratic difficulties midday when people get persnickety as Mercury quincunx Saturn. Work around those difficulties but don’t ignore; look for hints of some previously unknown flaw that now needs fixing.

Venus trine Jupiter 2:02 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 8:19 AM, Mercury quincunx Saturn 1:05 PM, Moon square Saturn 1:33 PM, Moon trine Mercury 1:37 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 7:48 PM, Moon square Sun 10:36 PM, Moon trine Pluto 11:31 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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