Starcodes: August 19-25


Starcodes for the week of August 19-25, 2022

Get ready to talk, plan, and have great long conversations mulling the world’s progress over the evening meal. It’s a great time to deepen our connections or engage a summer flirtation, find new allies as well as plan and debate now with mental Mercury in its own intelligent sign of Virgo balanced by sociable Venus and the Sun in extroverted Leo.

We’ll only get ticked off if we can’t speak or feel unheard as the Moon enters Gemini for the weekend and Mars joins the Moon on Saturday. Also, although we may be feeling friendly and sociable, watch the subtle Virgo tendency to politely drift away from beloveds to avoid conflict, instead, staying there. Find the strength to be vulnerable, kind, and resilient- also strong Virgo qualities-to stay present and clear the air.

This Gemini-Virgo energy is nervy, curious, occasionally anxious, with a sharp sense of humor and urgency to connect. Mercury in Virgo can gleefully points out problems while making us a tad touchy to receive critical comments; we can dish it but can’t take it, even as a joke. But the mood can stay sunny where we can speak freely.

With the two emotional planets, Venus and Mars now in the extroverted and friendly, but not always realistic, signs of Leo and Gemini, we are encouraged to meet new friends, engage in summer flirtation or take an old beloved out on a date. Enjoy the new connections and get to know one another, but hold future plans until the new friendships have matured.

This weekend, take all that wonderful conversation and wild ideas with a grain of salt. Mercury opposes intuitive but sometimes confusing Neptune over the weekend, while this could expand our imagination and intuition it can also leave us floating in dreamland, with important details just beyond our reach. Keep an eye on the weather, construction, and other potential Neptunian transportation delays.

Notice a shift on Monday as the Sun enters Virgo and Mercury trines Pluto. We may feel fairly self -protective but our minds sharpen. We want to get to the point and get work done. Suddenly school supplies look good and a few leaves turn color, fruit ripens and hints of the oncoming season.

The change-making planet Uranus retrogrades on Wednesday and can stir the pot. Look for strange twist of fate and unsettled groundwork. As Uranus turns retrograde asks us to consider what changes we need to make and sends us back to prepare for those changes.

Don’t hurry towards autumn, mental Mercury enters friendly Libra on Thursday and brings back that summer sociability as well as a renewed urge for beauty, fairness, and justice, even if not a united vision of what that means.

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Friday, August 19: Our nerves can pour into our words, but those words could be brilliant as the Moon enters nervy and verbal Gemini. We can put pieces together and solve mysteries under an unusually incisive is potentially anxiety producing Mercury, Mars, and Pluto grand trine.  Watch conversations, jokes or unintentional asides for unconscious revelations of what people truly feel. Just go gently, as words have real impact. Deeper feelings underlie the witty surface as the Sun quincunx intense Pluto. Cradle gently any personal insecurities that arise but handle them responsibly rather than let them push and nudge the conversation as the Sun quincunx Pluto.

Moon conjunct Mars 5:05 AM, Moon enters Gemini 6:06 AM, Sun quincunx Pluto 10:09 AM, Moon sex tile Jupiter 9:51 PM.

Saturday, August 20: Use the easy if still nervy flow of communication to catch up with old friends, explore new territory and ideas. Feel important decisions percolating, go deeper rather than rush through the process because important information may still be obscured. Don’t let others enthusiasm or willpower push where the path is not clear.

Mars enters Gemini 1:56 AM, Moon sextile Venus 3:08 AM.

Sunday, August 21: Dream away this morning, unwind and let the mind putter. It’s a wonderful day for spiritual practice or to read a good book in the hammock as Mercury opposes foggy Neptune. Watch out for misunderstandings or confusion around travel arrangements; check schedules, watch for weather, and question assumptions. Tonight, the Cancer Moon calls for comfort, camaraderie, and reassurance.

Moon trine Saturn 1:03 AM, Mercury opposed Neptune 1:40 AM, Moon square Neptune 7:46 AM, Moon square Mercury 8:28 AM, Moon sextile Sun 4:06 PM, Mars semi-square Chiron 5:44 PM Moon enters Cancer 6:29 PM.

Monday, August 22: That sensitive Cancer Moon can make it hard to leave home this morning. Our thoughts turn to cozy, safe, we can savor any moment of free time. But mental Mercury trines focused Pluto and reminds us we have work to do, problems to solve, and can help us do so efficiently. The Sun enters Virgo tonight and encourages us to look ahead.

Moon square Jupiter 10:09 AM, Mercury trine Pluto 3:58 PM, Sun enters Virgo 9:16 PM.

Tuesday, August 23: People can feel pulled between staying cozy and looking to the past versus feeling antsy about the future. Assess what still needs doing in the summer atmosphere and brainstorm a good action plan. Instead of dithering, we’ll get so much more done if we timeshare between these needs.

Moon se tile Uranus 8:50 AM, Moon trine Neptune 8:25 PM.

Wednesday, August 24: We could feel discouraged or unsettled early this morning as the Moon opposes Pluto then enters Leo. Uranus the planet that likes to stir things up Uranus turns retrograde today and can unsettle our plans, cause technical difficulties and stir interesting plot twists After a brief moment to feel sorry for oneself the day moves offers opportunities to kill to laugh to expand and help one another. Let the Leo Moon generosity carry the day.

Moon opposes Pluto 12:16 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:40 AM, Moon enters Leo 7:09 AM, Uranus retrogrades 7:53 AM, Venus trine Chiron 11:30 AM, Moon sextile Mars 12:16 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:10 PM.

Thursday, August 25: This warmhearted, creative morning encourages affectionate self-care as Moon and Venus conjunct in Leo and Mercury enters aesthetic, egalitarian Libra. Beautify. Overflowing emotions can help us either appreciate the world or throw a hissy fit; keep the heart open to see others’ perspectives and share.

Moon conjunct Venus 5:50 PM, Mercury enters Libra 7:02 PM, Moon semi-square Uranus 8:44 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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