Starcodes: August 26 – September 1


Starcodes for the week of August 26 – September 1, 2022

Summer’s flowers slide towards dormancy and the fall plants come into their own, grain waves in the fields ready to be harvested. The natural world has a gift for us this weekend as the Virgo new Moon marks a seasonal turning point.

The symbol for Virgo is a woman holding a sheaf of wheat, once considered the staff of life. To utilize that wheat, that harvest, she had to sort the grain from the chaff, what to keep and what to release. All the ripening apples and golden grain now asks us what in our lives are we ready to harvest and sort.

This new Moon could be a healing time, time to take apart our lives, look at each piece, dust and polish, and put it back together in a new form. Now this Virgo new Moon squares Mars in Gemini and can bring out our brittleness. Virgo and Gemini are both nervy Mercury- ruled signs, and this weekend’s new Moon in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini and sharpens our tools and heighten our awareness, but it can also hone our critical edge and electrify our nerves. We may need to study the fine line between excitement, anxiety, and conscientious awareness. Before we act, let’s ask ourselves whether we’re working from our anxiety or from our curiosity.

To use the gift of this Virgo new Moon we need to work it with a spacious heart, and work on ourselves versus others. Engage our love, spaciousness acceptance, and excitement. If we find ourselves enumerating trivial things that bug us, let’s make sure we also list what we love. Catch our beloveds doing something right and share our gratitude. With Venus now in Leo, rather than corrected, we want to be loved and appreciated, treasured.

Friday dawns under a sociable waning Leo Moon then rolls into a thoughtful, nervy, potentially healing weekend as the Moon enters Virgo Friday night, and conjunct the Sun on Sunday. A square between aesthetic Venus and restless Uranus can make us a bit jumpy, creatively restless. But can make us want to leave a situation or walk away from an imperfect project, rather than stay in there and work it out. Engage patience, don’t see one flaw and walk away. Fix a painting rather than throw it out.

Early next week brings a softer, more sociable Libra Moon, let’s take our time and just enjoy one another’s company while we percolate over ideas for the fall. Prioritize repairing and nurturing relationships of all types.

Wednesday and Thursday some more complex emotions arise, expect to feel one of everything- appreciative, anxious, resentful, melancholic, sullen, investigative, and excited. Just let it flow and focus on actions that lead towards that best-case scenario.

Friday. August 26: Honor people’s needs to feel seen, and they become more cooperative. If we spend a few moments on self-care and what brings us joy this day, will have more resilience and grounding to head into the weekend. This afternoon’s mood is inefficient but potentially enjoyable, restlessness can make it hard to settle or concentrate as Venus squares Uranus and the Moon enters Virgo. Keep the agenda light tonight, allow room to talk and rest.

Moon opposed Saturn 12:54 AM, Moon enters Virgo 6:24 PM, venous squares Uranus 10:33 PM, Sun square Mars 11:27 PM.

Saturday, August 27: Early this morning the new Moon in Virgo can usher in a healthy turning point. Take a critical look at the garden, the closet, how the house is arranged, what the work entails, and consider making editorial choices. Watch an urge to suddenly change hair or something more permanent as aesthetic Venus squares restless Uranus. Experiment, but keep the changes light and reversible until they prove the right direction.

Moon square Mars 2:11 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 2:17 AM.

Sunday, August 28: Let’s not make others prove they love us through their work, but we can share our hearts and show we care through our efforts as Venus opposes Saturn. Watch a tendency to test love or withhold affection when feeling brittle, instead, be brave and step closer and share the heart. If we feel difficult midday, it could further to work on something joyful-something we love- together with our beloveds, but let’s not work on one another. Appreciate old things, antiques, as well as friends and family with whom we have built trust.

Moon trine Uranus 6:47 AM, Venus opposed Saturn 12:27 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 5:27 PM, Moon trine Pluto 9:08 PM.

Monday, August 29: Discuss new plans, considerations, social overtures; think about what brings life into balance as the Moon and Mercury conjunct in Libra. Consider social and interpersonal equity at work, balance what’s out of whack and watch work smooth out.

Moon enters Libra 3:44 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 10:10 AM, Moon trine Mars 1:49 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 4:59 PM.

Tuesday, August 30: Enjoy each other’s company on this potentially lovely day. Celebrate anything moving in a good direction as the Sun quincunx generous Jupiter, just don’t go over the top. Notice a layer of seriousness and responsibility, or just feeling our age- but in a potentially good way. Appreciate a growing sense of personal authority and wisdom tonight, and nurture that along.

Sun quincunx Jupiter 4:08 AM, Moon trine Saturn 6:12 PM.

Wednesday, August 31: Get agreement on short-term plans in this morning’s cooperative mood. Just clarify terms in the process to work around a confusing Venus- Neptune quincunx which can leave people thinking they understand when they don’t. Later, people can get huffy or withdraw in response to those miscues when the Moon enters focused Scorpio. Give people a moment alone or work on a shared goal this afternoon. If tented did to respond with a barbed staying, take a deep breath and consider how to be as truthful but with a little bit more compassion which may provoke less unnecessary kickback.

Moon square Pluto 4:43 AM, Venus quincunx Neptune 10:36 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 11:11 AM.

Thursday, September 1: On this intense and strangely competitive day as Mars sextile Jupiter, if we disagree, we dig in our heels. So instead, pose a question, get the Scorpio energy curious, and give us time to think about it. Arguments that’s start now won’t solve easily. But we can use this determination to tackle some long-range conundrums or solve a mystery. That Mars sex tile Jupiter can also help us clarify our ambition and have more confidence in our ability to get there.

Moon sextile son 3:19 AM, Mars sextile Jupiter 5:51 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 9:05 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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